A TRINITY CHAT - Adamus and Kuthumi - University of Pioneers

Focus on the calm. In this calm I invite you to feel your own love flowing from your hearts. In this calm, in this nonexistence, in this All That Is, your own-love and let it spread throughout the body and beyond. It is your being in your own center. It is you who pretended to be. I invite you to connect from the heart with all the people here, in this room, like a single heart beating together and finding calm together. In this stillness I invite you to open yourself to the words you are entering (much laughter).

KUTHUMI: Finally! My God Woman ...

PUBLIC: I didn't know they were coming.

KUTHUMI: ... they put me to sleep. I was almost out of here, jumping into the river or whatever is out there. Jesus!

PUBLIC: Sorry, Kuthumi.

KUTHUMI: Take a step to calm, stillness, yes, yes, yes and I want you to feel the good and the bad, and I want you to feel happy, happy, amazed, and let's sing a song together (much laughter). Are you ready?

PUBLIC: Hallelujah!

KUTHUMI: No, not Hallelujah, it's very of the last century, it's not fashionable anymore. They know the song, Relax.


KUTHUMI: Alright, I'm going to sing it for you first, and you're going to join me; It's my law, it's Kuthumi's law. So, here we go; I will do it for you. (Kuthumi sings):

Relax, do not do it

when do you want to get it

Relax, do not do it

when you want to come.

KUTHUMI: When do you want to come?

PUBLIC: When you want to come.

KUTHUMI: Yes! Good night Den Helder. They are a big audience tonight. Ah, I'm not singing, I'm sorry. I thought I was going to a presentation of Michael Jackson or something. Anyway, thank you for having me here, it is very beautiful what is happening in my chest right now. The beauty of you flowing from me, and I having the ability to make you well, as always.

I know I'm a strange duck in the lagoon, I admit it. But again, if you, all of you, and hello - by the way - If you all really allow yourself to be yourselves, what would you do? So let us start with that question. If you allow yourself to be here now completely (laughs) to let go completely - is it so funny? - Let all your judgments about themselves go completely. All the anger, the pains, the fears (laughs), what would happen? I guess someone is finding out (laughs) .. It's what I'm talking about, yes. I don't imitate this accent for nothing (laughs) Do you think it's my true accent? It is not. I have no voice, I have no language, I only have energy. The reason why I use this accent is to make them happy (laughs) That is myself, my self, Kuthumi. I'm very excited Imzaia that we can be here tonight, to have the opportunity for this conversation, especially when these two loving angels, and I could sleep with you in the blink of an eye, yes, when these two loving angels here are coming an agreement. Both are accessing, by doing so, an agreement that was made long ago.

PUBLIC: I was forced a little.

KUTHUMI: Forced? Maybe you should change the thing, dear.

PUBLIC: I'm kidding.

KUTHUMI: Yes, for the one (he points out) doing the bad meditation. We will not mention his name now. (He stands up for a moment and says something that is not understood) Ah, yes, yes, but then you have been putting it off for a long time, haven't you?

PUBLIC: Yes. And I think Kuthumi is my big favorite. He is a great guy; makes jokes. Sometimes rogue jokes. I like them.

KUTHUMI: Ah, yes, your favorite. I do know some jokes that have risen in tone - I also like them - he is totally the seeker, isn't that so? (much laughter) Two days of silence, and now this? (more laughter) Yes, it's wonderful.

PUBLIC: I am a totally busy guy, but I must confess that it is so.

KUTHUMI: Can we take this priest?

PUBLIC: So some issues come to me. That it is a favor to be here, to be sitting here.

KUTHUMI: I am very happy that you are here.

PUBLIC: Thank you.

KUTHUMI: Let's start with you.


KUTHUMI: Tell me about your life (lots of laughs); It is better than: how are you, because you could answer, well, bye bye.

PUBLIC: How much time do you give me?

KUTHUMI: Time is an illusion, dear. He believes in time (laughs).

PUBLIC: Yes, yes, but what to say. I have been listening to all the Ekaraias and channeling for more than a year.

KUTHUMI: Yes, I do, I understand.

PUBLIC: Yes, you do.

KUTHUMI: Yes, I do know that you do.

PUBLIC: O God, my God!

KUTHUMI: The issue is if she knows.

PUBLIC: She knows, she knows, ah yes, ah yes.

KUTHUMI: Does she know that I know?

PUBLIC: But I, there is such a difference between listening to the Ekaraias and walking in them, I could say daily life. I would like to have a good real signal of how not to go back. There is an overlap with the Danish girl.

KUTHUMI: Yes, the Danish girl. Yes, Ekara's Lemurian sister, you mean?

PUBLIC: Yes. I just won a kick in my ass.

KUTHUMI: Well, honestly speaking the everyday you are referring to, and what we mean here, it just doesn't fit.


KUTHUMI: It is impossible to fit these realities because you see, one is a reality that is not real, that as you know the difficulty that I have once told are so frequent realities, without meaning I call it, and what you are entering when you have These kinds of experiences, you basically enter yourself. So the question would be, how can you and the outside world get married?

PUBLIC: Yes. I think it is totally difficult for me.


PUBLIC: It has to do with, e, eh

KUTHUMI: The boring nature of your work? Your job is a joke that you realize, yes?

PUBLIC: I'm kidding all the time. Yes, sometimes it is completely boring.

KUTHUMI: So why do you do it?

PUBLIC: Good question. It is a kind of insurance. It gives me money. With that money you can buy food for the family and that kind of thing.

KUTHUMI: So, you are of the belief system that to make money you have to be in a place that is boring?

PUBLIC: It could be said.


PUBLIC: But I am changing my belief system.

KUTHUMI: Or, yes, that's a good thought. (Laughs)

PUBLIC: Two minutes. It is a joke.

KUTHUMI: I don't think it's funny.

PUBLIC: Now, more than a year.

KUTHUMI: More than a year. It is funny. Why is it not working, what keep you inside the box?

PUBLIC: I think fear.

KUTHUMI: Fear, what?

PUBLIC: Fear of losing many things altogether. For example, the family, the immediate family.

KUTHUMI: So you have to pay your family to be with you? (Laughter) I understand. You say you have to make money to support the family.

PUBLIC: It is difficult to change patterns. Therefore, I don't understand the idea that you have to make money to support your family.

KUTHUMI: Take your time.

PUBLIC: Del - it is difficult to find the words in English.

KUTHUMI: Suppose.

PUBLIC: Yes, suppose, maybe I quit with family, with work, and that kind of thing.

KUTHUMI: Why so dramatic? My friend.

PUBLIC: It's scary.

KUTHUMI: It's scary. What is your passion?

PUBLIC: This kind of thing.

KUTHUMI: Do this kind of thing, you mean?

PUBLIC: Do this, yes; present.

KUTHUMI: And you haven't done it yet?


KUTHUMI: So, it's time for you to do it. I think you're very funny if you want (laughs).

PUBLIC: I know.

KUTHUMI: So what keeps you there when you know something is happening there? Some other place. Why don't you make the change? What could happen? What could go wrong?

PUBLIC: The mind is thinking many things that could go wrong. While the heart thinks that nothing can go wrong.

KUTHUMI: So why do you choose the mind revere idiot? (Laughter) I'm sorry to say it but it's that simple.

PUBLIC: I know, I know.

KUTHUMI: So, you come here, you sit here to ask me about a good way to integrate the other life, the daily life, with this information, already having the answer.


KUTHUMI: So, you're not looking for answers, you're looking for confirmation that what you want to do, the step you want to take, is a good step. Yes?

PUBLIC: A little support.

KUTHUMI: I'm supporting you. I am giving you everything. But you must laugh, damn it (laughs) ..

PUBLIC: I understood.

KUTHUMI: Are you kidding? Should we go have a drink out there?


KUTHUMI: Come on, let's get out of here, yes. So, you know that you asked me the wrong question, not because the question was wrong, but because the person you ask is wrong. Because you see, because I have never dealt with such problems. I never considered for a minute that I would do it, when I was in your shoes, that I was not able to go with these things. That those things would not happen in my reality and that is why they happened. What is your reality? What are you choosing What do you want and why are you here? Two very important questions. One made by the mind, the other by the heart.

The mental question will never be answered correctly because it will always lead you to new things, things outside of you. The second question has a very easy answer. You are here to exist, to experiment and express. You are here to shout and sing; To dance and do all those things. Even if you go to work every morning. Yes?

PUBLIC: So far yes.

KUTHUMI: Until now? Aren't you coming back?

PUBLIC: I'm coming back.


PUBLIC: Yes, but I think many of these guys and ladies return to their daily lives.

KUTHUMI: Yes, why are you doing this, dear?

PUBLIC: I do it until I can definitely make the choice to get out of this.

KUTHUMI: What do you need for that?

PUBLIC: This type of seminars. Listen to the ekaraias, have some very good tips of a being called Kuthumi, for example. (Kuthumi laughs).

KUTHUMI: Who is that? That Kuthumi, mate. It's you.

PUBLIC: It's me, yes.

KUTHUMI: Yes, yes, we are coming to something. If you recognize me inside you, then, why don't you let me out, because I will tell you, that if you let me out of your heart every morning - since I am part of you, as you are part of me - since we are part of each other, you could make very different choices if I were beating your chest. You see, the first choice I would make is to make love to everything around me. The second choice I would make is to call my boss and tell him to mee over (laughs).

PUBLIC: He already does. (More laughter)

KUTHUMI: He's almost ready, I'll tell you. Yes Yes. Then I would call my boss again and ask him if he liked it, and if he didn't like it (piss on it)…

PUBLIC: He likes it.

KUTHUMI: Oh, do you like it? Well, but if he didn't like it, he would invite him to piss on me, so he could have the maximum experience; Oh yeah. Then, I would forgive everyone around me but first I would forgive myself because I would say, "Look, I have been leading this life, driving this illusion called life, and now I am finally ready to accept the truth of myself, and I am going to advance in that truth and nobody is going to stop me ”.

You see, that is the only answer one can always ask and the only question one can always give. Now think about the truth of those phrases. An answer you can ask and a question you can give. If you want the answer to what you asked me are those questions. You see it? You need to ask for the answer and you have to ask the question and that is the way to unite the two realities. Because you are looking for an answer in one reality while the other reality is the question. You must make sure that the reality in the question becomes the answer to the question asked that resembles the answer. Think about it and know that you are going to break it because it is said to you for a reason and you will be able to do it. That's what I wanted to give you, yes?

PUBLIC: Yes, fantastic.

KUTHUMI: I know, it's me, Kuthumi (laughs)

PUBLIC: It was me, El (laughs and applause)

KUTHUMI: And so it is, reverend; Yes! (applause) Thank you dear. So if someone else is ready to sit here ...

Thank you very much (a little hug) ah, a little hug, thank you very much. What can I do for you? How are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Thanks for the answers; Nice stone

PUBLIC: Good; I'm doing well.

KUTHUMI: You have a nice stone in your chest. What does it mean?

PUBLIC: I have no idea.

KUTHUMI: You have no idea. Let's start there. Why are you here?

PUBLIC: I have questions about a course I am doing to learn how to heal people. It is called Total Balance.

KUTHUMI: Total Balance.

PUBLIC: Total Balance.

KUTHUMI: It's an elaborate name.

PUBLIC: And I want to ask if the energy is still correct, if it still fits with what I am doing.

KUTHUMI: Well, you said you had no idea about her, that's how you started, right? Then, you look outside of you to find answers and, incidentally, if someone else wants to fill this chair please go straight to it.

PUBLIC: I will go.

KUTHUMI: Ah; there she is again; Hi, so that's your problem. You think you don't know all the answers, but you really know them. So let me ask you the question, Total Balance, is that the way to go for you? Do you feel that it is the right energy?

PUBLIC: I think so.

KUTHUMI: Do you think so?

PUBLIC: I don't know and I think so.

KUTHUMI: You don't know and you think so. Let's go back to the stone. What does she tell you? Is the stone busy thinking right now? What is the stone doing?

PUBLIC: Being there.

KUTHUMI: It is just in a place of stillness. If you go to that space of stillness, do it, DO IT! (laughs) Are you there yet? Hi, are you still? I think so. Now let's do it seriously. Let's go to that place, let's be the stone; Let's be the stone together. Ah yes, we are the stone together and a song sings an answer. What is the answer? But to know her first you know the question. The question is, did I feel it coming out of your heart, and you are wondering who I am, yes? What does the stone say? What do you feel? There can be no wrong answer. What do you feel? Yes

PUBLIC: I am energy.

KUTHUMI: That is a thought.

PUBLIC: Is it a thought?

KUTHUMI: It's a thought; You're thinking. Let's go to the stone. You see it hangs over your chest all day, so it knows you very well. Yes? So he probably has an answer for you, otherwise he wouldn't be spending his time hanging around your neck. You know I would be in a river out there. Ah, there are two loving swans; Have you seen them? So the stone gave you an answer. They looked like two beautiful swans.

PUBLIC: I saw them yesterday.

KUTHUMI: Do you know what it means? Two, reflection, the energy of reflection. And then, three loving swans; Oh my God. That is trinity, dear. You have enhanced it. So the question about reflection has already been answered. Love, joy, freedom. If you can know that trinity and the stone is creating reality around you now, showing you this and, people don't do this often enough - incidentally - just ask; those silly questions and they want the answers and they don't look in reality and they see that the silly answers are already there. Do you see it?


KUTHUMI: But the answer has been given to you, so if you're already in such a state, yes, then why would you need any cause, even this one? You know we have an agreement with the channel, that we would not give anything to anyone. Only allowing to come to give the person an opportunity of self-discovery and self-empowerment; Yes? So, can you accept what has happened? Accept that it was your stone who gave you this reality? Yes? Now, can you do it every moment? If you can trust that your stone can do that for you; Would you have the ability to look around and keep your eyes open? Would you do it? Do it, because that's where the answers are.

It is happening all the time around you. And all we do is dance and every moment we turn to this reality and let ourselves float, that's what we do. Can you do it? Because, honestly if I look at you I see a very tense person, a person with problems to let go, to let go. Why? Ask the stone because she represents your heart. So ask your heart. Thus, all those who do, close their eyes and think that the answer will come from within. They do not come from within but from outside. Did you notice the swans, hell? Then ask your heart. I can see the answer, I tell you. Why are you insecure?

PUBLIC: It is a habit.

KUTHUMI: Yes, but see how you are sitting now. You are in front of a group of people and are turned on their side. So (she lifts the chair and puts it right in front of the audience; he applauds), do you see what I mean? I'll tell you why. It's because the people in your environment expect you to feel ahead. Do you understand what I mean? They want you to feel forward and the reason is because they want to give you, not a guiding position, but one of responsibility. You see it? It is true?


KUTHUMI: Well, I'm still good (laughs) .. So, the reason they give you the responsibility is because they don't want to take it for themselves. It's that easy. What you just did is turn it over and the next time this happens you will say, "Stop, in the name of". Yes? Because it is part of the trinity. You can make a song, dance, anything (laughs). Lighten the load, you know? But when you do it, and turn it around in the most loving way you can, you start sharing because that is what is blocking you. You need to start sharing. Share the energy, responsibility and even more the beauty that is in your heart. I know the songs in your head, as well as the places you create and I love to come to dance with you there, but you have to invite the world to come to dance in your head, because, believe me, the world that lives in your head is much better than the one out there. Yes? So please, trust you, start the process, okay?


KUTHUMI: Turn around, face the world and share responsibility, creativity and joy, but especially beauty. Done? And never forget this little thing if you leave this moment and forget everything else, never forget that the reality around you is a hologram that shows you exactly what you think - create - exactly. So if you create a question, nature will really give you the answer. It is an axiom and will always work, always. There has not yet been a question that has not been answered. Maybe some people don't find the answers because they are looking in the wrong intellectual place. But the answers are always around him. Right? Yes. Yes. And now, how about we hug each other? Come dear. Thank you dear. We will go dancing tonight; so: “hello, are you alone tonight?

PUBLIC: Alone at last.

KUTHUMI: Finally alone, no, not by much; there he is ...

PUBLIC: I knew I could come.

KUTHUMI: Yes, yes, yes, of course it could. Yes dear, I am ears and eyes and nose and mouth and hands for you. (Laughs) Let's start I listen You talk to Kuthumi.

PUBLIC: There are no words for this.

KUTHUMI: Let's start there. The word this, what is this?

PUBLIC: This is me.

KUTHUMI: It's you. Doing what?

PUBLIC: Enjoying.

KUTHUMI: That is wonderful. Enjoying what? This?

PUBLIC: Yes (laughs).

KUTHUMI: We're made! (laughs) Fools, human fools (laughs) Well, hello! I am very happy to see you here.

PUBLIC: Well, me too.

KUTHUMI: Greetings my dear.

PUBLIC: Yes, thank you very much. It is your business.

KUTHUMI: Is it your business? Are you here for your matter?

PUBLIC: She said she had to be here.

KUTHUMI: Really? Wonderful.

PUBLIC: Ah, yes, maybe I did, or maybe you.

KUTHUMI: What did I do?

PUBLIC: Did you ask us to sit here?

KUTHUMI: I don't ask for anything, I only give orders. So what are you doing here? Just sitting around doing nothing, okay?

PUBLIC: What do you think of pleasure?

KUTHUMI: Pleasure? What do you have in mind? (laughs) Do we have examples? You have no idea where you're going; no no no.

PUBLIC: You have no words.

KUTHUMI: Time to go.

PUBLIC: Without ideas, without anything? (laughs) Not even a dialect?

KUTHUMI: Nothing.

PUBLIC: Nothing.

KUTHUMI: But seriously you have no idea where you're going. Really, and that is a good place to start, neither are you, and that is why they are here together. So if you have no idea then you are creating infinity between you two. So what lies at the heart of that infinity? (Laughs) It's superior, darling (laughs)

PUBLIC: I don't know what it is.

KUTHUMI: I find myself surrounded by crazy people. (Laughs)

PUBLIC: Did you like it?

KUTHUMI: Do you know what that was?

PUBLIC: Did you like it? (laughs)

KUTHUMI: You just threw me half a kilo of caviar on top.

PUBLIC: Yes, we think you would like it.

KUTHUMI: They didn't even ask me to open my mouth. That is very hard.

PUBLIC: But you think you know them all.

KUTHUMI: I don't know anything, dear! To know something is not to know yourself; yes?

PUBLIC: I have a question now.

KUTHUMI: Finally (laughs). There is a reason.

PUBLIC: Last week we were here with the Lives in the Lemuria Series.

KUTHUMI: That, yes.

PUBLIC: That, and we were really together in what was called the Beauty Council. Yes, that beautiful I would like to ask you about that; Tell us something we could do together. Not necessarily us as people, but ...

KUTHUMI: ... as a group.

PUBLIC: The group does, to enhance beauty or to ...

KUTHUMI: ... Well, my dear, if you had not thrown half a kilo of caviar in my face I would have told you that what is in the middle of you two right now when you are creating the infinity signal of not knowing anything, and not knowing anything is existence . And that is what is between you two now. It is a pearl that they had in their hands back in the days of the council. They come to me, to the humble of me, even though I love to make jokes, to ask me about beauty. But what you don't realize, my loves, is that you are creating it right now. They still do not understand the power of the Council of Lemuria. It still exists today. We only reactivate it for you, but you are still creating beauty in today's world. They know, yes. And that is what is right there in the center of you should be in the Council of Joy.

PUBLIC: She is, ah yes, she is Joy.

KUTHUMI: He laughs and blows, doing shhhhhhhhhhhhhh (laughs).

PUBLIC: She is somewhat shy.

KUTHUMI: Really?


KUTHUMI: Ishhhhhhhhhhh (laughs) Is it? (Here Kuthumi plays with the words Ish and Is, as she says: "She Ish?", Meaning "is it"; but also refers to the Ish of Ekara's teachings) Everyone who comes here returns home with a deterioration of language

PUBLIC: I don't know.

KUTHUMI: You don't know?

PUBLIC: I finished. Yes.

KUTHUMI: She is made.

PUBLIC: It's the first time in your life, I think. (Laughs)

KUTHUMI: Mr. Magnetic Service you are naughty, very naughty, yes. Actually I must say that others are asking me to leave because they want to come, but I want to take a vote on this. (Laughter) What do they think?

PUBLIC: What is the vote?

KUTHUMI: The vote? If I stay or go.

PUBLIC: Stay, stay, stay, stay.

KUTHUMI: Well that's not a definitive answer. Am I leaving or staying?

PUBLIC: Go, stay, stay.

KUTHUMI: Come, some say I leave and others stay. (Laughter) I will listen to you first, because I know that someone else needs to speak to you, dear ones. But first I want to hear them. Are you ready?

PUBLIC: You may not know.

KUTHUMI: There's a reason why you came to sit in this chair and you know it. Deep down, you do, yes? Yes. I will tell you.

PUBLIC: She is a funny woman.

KUTHUMI: Yes, it is, but now it's about you. I tell you this, it is one of the first times in your entire career as a human being on the other side. That you're here trying to find out what's next for you while you've been doing it for many people. Always showing them the way, the way, always being there for them. And now I know that this is a celebration, this precise moment, not only for others but also for you, because for the very first time you gave yourself the time to take the gift of sitting in that chair and hearing about yourself. Always before this you led others, now it's about you. I know that many people would not understand this precise moment but I can tell you this. The soul that sits in front of me now has done brilliant things for many people on this planet earth and you probably don't always know it. All I ask is to give him your love, your heart and a big applause (applause). It was necessary, believe me. You are very humble.

PUBLIC: I fell infiltrated just a little. Also for Kuthumi, he asked me to infiltrate here.

KUTHUMI: -He laughs- Well, I just wanted to give you that, and I thank you for all the work you've done and I can't tell you anything about the work that is coming, but it will come, just take your time and enjoy now. S ? So, ladies and gentlemen, I have to go.

PUBLIC: (Laughs) But first you can give me a hug.

KUTHUMI: Yes, first I give you one.

PUBLIC: Thank you very much.

KUTHUMI: Or, thank you very much (laughs).

ADAMUS: So now, with Kuthumi out of the way, I'm ready to answer your questions dear angelic ways of life (laughs)

PUBLIC: My English is not so good.

ADAMUS: Well, mine is, so I will do it for both. I'm listening to you and in case you haven't noticed, you're sitting just hold Adamus (laughs) ..

PUBLIC: I don't know you.

ADAMUS: Neither do you; Yes, I know you, really well. I'm here because I wanted to take the step at this moment, right now, because I wanted to chat with you. You see it, even if you don't know me, even having thought that we haven't talked much, it's one thing. I have been a guide for you, a partner, many times along the way and this is one of the first times we have to talk, so I am very happy.

PUBLIC: Me too.

ADAMUS: I listen to you, and if anyone else wants to join us, please do so. Yes my dear.

PUBLIC: I feel like a generator.

ADAMUS: It's a generator, you say. Generating, what?

PUBLIC: Energy. Much, so much that all my house lamps go down. I do not know what my new but what I do, what I feel, is that the last year I was put in the flow of something.

ADAMUS: Umm; aj .

PUBLIC: As a wild river, I had to make many decisions from my heart and now I'm sitting in (laughs). Sometimes I think what am I doing here?

ADAMUS: Yes, that is a very good question because that is the exact reason why I wanted to talk to you right now. I have not always been a guide for you, I have not always been taking care of you, even though I am aware of many lives happening at the same time, hello - by the way - I usually do not focus on many people. The reason why you began to pay attention, exactly three and a half years ago, has to do with the fact that you have requested, at that moment at the soul level, you have asked for the ability to go higher, to start vibrating higher, to go to the next level, so to speak.

Even thinking you might not remember, you asked for it then, and we take these things very seriously. So even thinking that several of you may have asked for the same thing, they have not already received an answer, understand that we are in the spotlight, we are helping and assisting each of you who are trying to do this. The reason why I wanted to talk to you dear, is that after a very close observation I wanted to tell you directly that you asked the question at the precise moment of your life. You are generating a lot of energy, you say. Well, the reason is very simple, you are integrating more of your own energy pattern, which means that you are reaching a state where now You have the ability to go above everything you never knew. I am using many words here. The word I would use now in an old paradigm is ascension, but I will no longer use it here, I want to tell you that you are ready to move, to the next step. Yes?

Now you may not feel that way now because you may look at your life and say: “I still have many problems; I'm still insecure about myself. Yes, I'm still insecure because, what am I? ”What are you? What are these plants here? We are all one and the same thing, right? We are all God but sitting here talking to each other, realizing that we are, but not seeing it clearly and uncertainty takes a low key position towards the step you have the ability to take. So I wanted to have this opportunity to talk to you right now and let you know, if you're ready to take the next step, that's how we are and will continue to guide you, it's that simple. I cannot explain the rest of the process here. It is something that you are going to have to experience at a very personal and unique level. But we will be there, assisting you. Así que lo que sea que signifique, tómalo, no respondas la pregunta, sal de la silla sin decir nada más y pondéralo.

PÚBLICO: Gracias.

ADAMUS: Eso fue algo. Thank you.

Forma de vida angélica.

PÚBLICO: Hola, Adamus. Tengo esta pregunta como humano. Tengo un conflicto enorme con el sistema monetario. Elijo no ser parte de la sociedad, trabajar, tener un trabajo. No quiero ser controlado(a) por el dinero, pero cada día experimento escasez.


PÚBLICO: Desafortunadamente, y me impide hacer todas las cosas que en verdad quiero hacer…

ADAMUS: …quieres hacer, sí. Miremos esto, entonces.

PÚBLICO: ¿Cómo puedo llevarme con esto?

DAMUS: Sí, miremos esto. Así que has tomado una decisión muy brillante, dicho sea de paso, y si alguien más quiere unírsenos, estamos por aquí. Lo has hecho comprendiendo que el sistema monetario básicamente apesta. No es verdad, no es real, es sólo energía, nivel como lo expliqué antes de que escucharas todo sobre eso cortamente. Es una buena elección, salirse de estas cosas. El asunto sin embargo es, que si lo haces te vuelves completamente responsable desde una perspectiva del ser. ¿Cuál es tu acción? Así que la única forma de salir de eso es poniéndote en acción. Dices que el dinero te impide hacer las cosas que deseas hacer. ¿Cuáles son esas cosas, o la falta de dinero de eso? ¿Cuáles son esas cosas?

PÚBLICO: Ir a todos los seminarios.

ADAMUS: Sí, pero eso no puede ser una pasión. Tal vez una pasión, pero no la pasión de tu vida, ¿si? Háblame de animales.

PÚBLICO: No tengo nada con los animales.

ADAMUS: Lo sé. Pero háblame de los animales.

PÚBLICO: Amo al tigre.

ADAMUS: Canal del tigre. Mira, dado que no estás canalizando al tigre, te diré esto. A diferencia del otro que estuvo sentado aquí antes, pero aún una energía similar. Alguien listo para re-emerger, un fénix surgiendo de las cenizas de la vieja sociedad, vieja vida, aquí sentada esperando por algo que venga a ti.


ADAMUS: Te diré que algo viene a ti incluso mientras charlamos. Es la voz del reino animal. Puedes decir que no tienes nada con los animales y eso es porque no reconoces realmente de qué se tratan los animales. You see it? Sí, adelante.

PÚBLICO: Sí, sí. La semana pasada conocí al delfín (texto no provisto en el original________) y fui muy movilizada por los delfines. Sí, fue hermoso, mágico. Fue la primera vez que experimenté eso.

ADAMUS: Y por eso te lo hice ver. Literalmente porque has hecho una apertura aquí, ¿lo ves? No estoy diciendo que tienes que comenzar con seminarios sobre animales y que deberías hacer todas esas cosas. Lo único que estoy diciendo es que tienes que estar lista, si, porque hay una voz saliendo de ti. Y es una voz que es única dentro de la naturaleza. Es la voz del reino animal. No hablan en palabras, hablan en energía, hablan en sentimiento, hablan en geometría. You see it? La razón de por qué tu primer contacto fue con los delfines es porque ellos traen un lenguaje muy próximo a lo que los humanos harán en el futuro. Eres un puente a ese respecto; el punto es re equilibrarlo todo. Humanos, vida animal, vida vegetal, todas esas cosas.

En todo lo que está sucediendo hay la necesidad de un puente donde sea. Tú lo eres entre lo que llaman el mundo humano y el mundo animal. Es tiempo de que comiences a escuchar a esta voz porque no se trata sólo de ti sino también de la humanidad. Cuando recuperes tu voz, les podrás mostrar a otros cómo hacerlo; ¿si? Y creo firmemente que serás capaz de hacerlo con rapidez. Ready? Ahora hablaremos más, no hay problema, lo haremos, pero es tiempo de que entres en acción. Todos los que han estado aquí durante el seminario comprendieron que están básicamente en un período de transición, y así es contigo. Necesitas hablar con una voz diferente y cuando aprendas a hacerlo verás que otros necesitarán aprender esa voz también porque es una de las voces más profundas y auténticas que tú y cada humano llevan dentro de sí. ¿Comprendido? Y ve qué pasa cuando comiences a trabajar con este material. Pero todo lo que debes hacer es ponerte en acción. No puedes sólo dejar ir la sociedad y no poner nada en ese lugar. ¿Sabes? Necesitas poner acción aún cuando sea tal vez un concepto abstracto, pero necesitas poner acción en lugar de la sociedad, y entonces fluirás automáticamente. Te hemos dado, yo y los otros, una visión de eso y creo que tendrás mucha diversión a medida que explores esto pero no lo es todo. La acción es requerida por tu perspectiva para acceder a lo que deseas acceder. ¿Puedes seguirme?

PÚBLICO: Te sigo pero no sé cómo, cómo darlo, cómo hacerlo. Espero por la pasión en mí, pero todo lo que siento es como un saco vacío.

ADAMUS: Bien, entonces hagámoslo.

PÚBLICO: En casa, todo el tiempo.

ADAMUS: Bien, hagámoslo. Date vuelta. Lo haremos en silencio, no emitiremos ningún sonido. Pero ustedes, todos los presentes aquí, cuando cierren los ojos, sí, incluso aquellos que lo están mi

4 de diciembre, 2008


Canalizado por Jeshua B. Swanson

Translation: Sergio Hache

Edition: Anita Manasse -

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