A New Feeling with Humanity

  • 2015

The Focus of Life

Life is like nature if you take care of it, it venerates your existence, it is like a river in it we find everything we need.

The awakening in the morning induces us to feel and vibrate with the heart, our soul helps us to continue with our path.

We are reborn with each sunrise as the FENIX AVE.

Brothers from my humble thinking, we need a tool; which helps us to survive in this Universe. A universe full of life in which we, our souls, bloom little by little like the seed that we transplanted here, our father / mother. From heaven they help us, and they honor our existence, they encourage us to continue our way, our mission of life. Of course, they want us to start feeling from the HEART .

As with the new energy that has entered, we must flow with it, without resentment, without anger, forgiving and having compassion . Feeling life fully, we will be one with heaven and earth, with our father and mother.

They remind us that they are here and now, and that they need us to continue this hard process of AWAKENING.

Let us work hard, but ALL UNITED, in the rebirth of a new humanity, a new world in which there is only love and compassion, because that is what we carry within.

Our being vibrates from now on in unity with the cosmos.

Love the universe and love everyone, because we are all ONE.

We deeply love you brothers, to live life fully, because she is like a river, it is time to flow with this NEW WAVE that unfolds all the energy of LOVE.

Author: Rosa DBL Dama del Sol

Message received on November 21, 2011.

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