A planetary message from the Hathors through Tom Kenyon A torrent from higher worlds

  • 2016

In our last planetary message entitled the Etherium, we share a sound meditation to help you get through the increasingly intense levels of global chaos, reducing stress and increasing consistency in your body and mind .

In this message we give you another sound meditation called A Stream from the Higher Worlds . The purpose of this unique help is to assist them in purifying emotional negativity and toxicity as well as psycho-spiritual contained deep down.

As your world enters a growing Caustic Node, there is a correlative increase in hostility and antagonism. This emotional toxicity is certainly so widespread that it can affect even the most spiritually advanced among you.

Before giving instructions on how to use this meditation, we would like to discuss a very important but complex concept. In honor of the brevity, we will do it in space as small as possible.

Dimensional Trends

When you initiate a strong emotional response and its corresponding ways of thinking, you have entered into a dimension of specific consciousness. This is a vibratory field of energy that exists independently of you, and is co-created by all sentient beings who are experiencing the same emotions and ways of thinking including you.

Take as an example two emotions: anger and hate. From our perspective, your group is experiencing extreme polarization. If you feel anger over something that has happened (as you perceive it), the neurochemical reality of your body changes. If this anger response is aggravated to hatred, then you have entered into a very toxic dimensional reality, and because of the interconnected nature of dimensional realities, you will be sharing the same energy with all the beings that are in the same emotion and energetic state.

We want to treat this very precisely. Anger has nothing wrong. In fact, sometimes anger is the right answer to a situation. Set a necessary limit. However, when it increases to hate, it becomes a toxic poison for its psycho-spiritual nature.

With the phrase Dimensional Trends, we mean that all human beings (and also many animals) have perceptual and emotional habits very deeply installed - hence the term "trend."

These tendencies can lead them to habitual emotional responses such as depression, hostility or hatred - to name only three “negative” emotional dimensions among the variety of human experiences.

The challenge of these Dimensional Trends is that they can dye your life with thought forms and emotional responses that are not characteristic of your conscious creation, but rather driven by forces ( that is, habits ) of your unconscious mind.

Some Dimensional Trends - such as the tendency to loving kindness, compassion and self-love - have positive effects. We will say more about this in future messages, but now we want to focus on the negative impact of Dimensional Trends so that you can detect them in yourself.

Dimensional Trends also resemble memes in that they can be contagious. If someone gets carried away by hate, for example, anyone who has a Dimensional Tendency to hate - for whatever reason - will be inclined to feel moved by hate as well.

From our perspective, his world has become poisonous and overflows with emotional and spiritual toxicity. The purpose of this sound meditation, A Stream from Higher Worlds, (A Stream from Higher Worlds), is to help them in a task that we see very important, which is to purify themselves of their own emotional and spiritual toxicity contained deep .

These impressions come to you from every negative experience of your life (as well as from all other lives). The complete history of your life / lives is encoded in the cellular memory of your body and in the mind and / or your energy field. This sound meditation uses the sound of a stream, as well as sound codes that we (The Hathors) have generated from the realms of light. This orchestration of elements was created to help them gently and deeply release the deeply contained emotional and psycho-spiritual toxicity.
This meditation has two aspects; The staff and the collective. We want to try personal use first.

How to work with this Sound Meditation

There are two ways to work with this sound meditation: passive or active.

The passive method is for when you are too exhausted to concentrate your attention. In this case, you simply listen to the sounds and music, allowing it to take you anywhere.
The active way of listening is the most powerful to work with this meditation.

Imagine that in your crown there is a diamond, above your head. You do not need to see this, just imagine it in any way that is natural to you.

When you hear the sound of the stream, perceive, feel and imagine a crystalline torrent of liquid white light entering your body from the diamond in the crown of your head. Allow this torrent of light to flow down from your head through your entire body, letting the torrent out through the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

Imagine that this torrent of light flows through every organ of your body, every cell and tissue, even through the same atoms that make up your body. You may find that it helps you relax when exhaling, making each exhalation more relaxed than the previous one. The central idea is to relax in that torrent and in the sound codes. They will do the job. You just relax and give permission to the torrent and the sounds to travel deeper and deeper levels of your being.

The meditation itself lasts 8 minutes and 44 seconds. If you have the space and time to do it, you can listen to it several times, one after another, for deeper purification, liberation and healing. Working with this sound meditation on a regular basis will help you, especially if you alternate it with that of the Etherium we gave before.

Use of this Meditation for the benefit of the community

To those who feel aligned to impart a field of purifying and calming energy to the collective, we invite you to use this meditation not only for themselves but also for the elevation of all humanity and for the benefit of all sentient beings, since sentient beings experience benefit or harm from human emotions and ways of thinking.

The use of this meditation for the collective does not replace the work with it in oneself. This is because you can't give what you don't have. You must maintain some level of calm and clarity without toxic elements if you are going to serve the community in this way .

That said, here are the instructions to use this meditation for the benefit of collective consciousness.

Imagine the Earth in front of you, in the way you feel most natural. The perspective can be close or great distance. No matter. Imagine that a huge diamond is perched on the North Pole. At the beginning of the sound of the torrent, it allows a torrent of clear white light to descend from the diamond through the central axis of the Earth, flowing through and out through the South Pole. It allows the torrent and sound codes to move outward throughout the planet imparting a calming and purifying effect.

After completing the meditation, whether for yourself or for the world, we suggest you rest for a few minutes, if possible, in order to allow subtle energies to settle within your body and your mind. This will have very beneficial effects. So our suggestion is not to hurry out of meditation too quickly.

The World Sound Meditation

We are summoning a worldwide sound meditation, using A Torrent from the Highest Worlds as an instrument to introduce a calming and purifying effect into the community as a direct antidote of the poisonous psycho-spiritual toxicity that spreads on your planet like a plague.

The connection point for this meditation will be in New York on October 2, at an event called Los Torrentes Interiors: Worlds of Healing. The group that will meet for this one-day event will dedicate the last thirty minutes to World Meditation as we have detailed above.

During this sound meditation an extended version of Un Torrente from the Highest Worlds will be heard, and we (the Hathors) will take turns with Maria Magdalen to sing about these sound codes. This triad of sonic and psychic forces will generate the energies of planetary purification, healing and calm.

The reason why Mary Magdalen has joined us in this is by a simple and forceful fact. The domination and submission of women must end. The feminine must be elevated to balance with the masculine. The alchemical iconographic symbolism of the full Moon must be in equilibrium with the Sun. This refers to the internal symbolism of the psyche, and not to astronomical objects.

The energy of this first generation will last twenty four hours. This means that you can participate fully in that first energy at any time within that twenty-four hour period, wherever you are.

The second harmonic will last forty days. If you feel a deep call to serve the highest good in this way (and you have the strength to do so) we would ask you to participate in world meditation, when possible within your programs in that period of forty days.

However, do not forget during this period of forty days to first perform this meditation for yourself. In other words, purify yourself before performing this meditation for the world.

The third generation will be for those who are Adepts and Initiates or for those who are about to be. They will know and perceive by the power of gnosis (direct knowledge) when it is advantageous to perform the World Meditation.

For some of you, this action will continue for many months or years. Below are more details about the date of this World Meditation, including a link to the same sound meditation.

We hold, within the highest realms of our being, including the Aítos, the non-dual realm of our collective realization, and within the deepest realms of our hearts, that this action will benefit you and all living beings of your planet.

We bow before you, co-creators of your own destiny.

May the light of your own higher realizations illuminate your path.

The Hathors

August 15, 2016

Tom's thoughts and observations

I think the Hathors' instructions on how to work with this unusual sound meditation are clear and straightforward. Now that I have heard it many times, I think it is more effective if you focus your attention only on it. Avoid the temptation to do it in multitasking!

I also discovered that if I listened to this sonic work several times continuously, it led me to much deeper levels of purification and cleansing. One of the paradoxes of this sound meditation is that, although this purification can be quite deep, it does so in a deeply relaxing and nutritious way.

When the Hathors contacted me for the first time to generate this sound meditation, so shortly after giving The Etherium, I resisted a little. But they informed me that it would be a synergistic co-creation between them and María Magdalen . Intrigued, I asked for more details, and they told me that the purpose of A Stream from Higher Worlds was to gently cleanse and purify the body and mind of emotional negativity and deeply contained toxicity by providing a unique energy from the “highest realms of the light. ”They also told me that Magdalen would direct the recording process.

As regards the recording itself… the sound of the stream in the background was recorded in a remote place on Orcas Island, where I usually experience the spirits of nature. The main voice heard is that of Magdalen, while the voices that accompany it are those of the Hathors. The core of this evolutionary catalyst actually comes from a brief sound meditation that was recorded during the La Espiral de la Ascensión workshop in 2015 . For me, this fascinating sound plot creates openings in my energy field for higher dimensional energies that are both purifying and healing.

As I find that the meditation is truly profound, I was stunned by the request of the Hathors and Magdalen to convene a World Sound Meditation during a one-day event to take place on October 2 in New York City, in the Symphony Space, called Inner Torrents: Worlds of Healing. (Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing).

When I decided to organize this event - many months ago - I felt that very powerful and healing energies would be released for the benefit of those attending the workshop in New York. But I never even imagined that the Hathors would ask to add their energy to this event, much less M (that's what I call Magdalen), or that their combined energy would spread to everyone.

In a subsequent dialogue it became clear to me that both the Hathors and M. believe that our world is so eaten away by negativity and hostility that we are on the verge of self-destruction. That is why they are joining forces - so to speak - to introduce an energy purifier and healing in the human community. They do this for the benefit of all sentient beings on Earth, not just humans. It is not an energy to impose on humanity, but rather an energetic purification, liberation and healing that all people can turn to. I consider this to be a very important aspect of the World Sound Meditation. As in other global meditations of the past that the Hathors directed, nothing is imposed on the individual or the community. Rather, a purifying and healing energy field emanates to everyone. All beings are free to take advantage of this beneficial energy for themselves or not.

In their message, the Hathors mentioned M.'s participation in this unusual sound meditation, but I would like to add some things to all that. Many of the problems that our world faces are a direct result of patriarchal culture and its domination of the feminine at all levels of existence - from the economic and social treatment of women to the inferiority perceived in many (if not most) of the world's most important religions and spiritual traditions.

On a symbolic level, the Earth is our Mother, and as a collective, humanity is violating it.

Our oceans are increasingly toxic, and the very plot of our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse, as an increasing number of scientists in world ecology inform us. While many of the physical challenges for life on our planet to continue are driven by physical processes created by mankind, here is a more subtle force. I would call it a philosophical-religious symbolic devaluation of the feminine principle in all its various forms.

However, it is not only the biological expression of the feminine that is devalued so much and in some cases even openly attacked. The internal and psychological expressions of the feminine also seem suspicious in our current patriarchal overview. With this I want to refer to the feminine part of our human psychology, which Carl Jung called the anima. The mood (inner female) resides in both women and men, in the same way as the inner male) or nimus, also resides in every man and woman. These are dynamic forces that affect our human decision making in very real ways.

In my opinion, until the internal mood and mood are brought to a balance within our human psychology, we will continue making unbalanced choices that discard or denigrate the feminine aspect. This antagonism against the internal feminine as well as external affects us and also other forms of life in dangerous ways.

Both women and the planet are suffering from an exaggerated cultural emphasis of the nimus (masculine principle), which is firmly rooted in our dominant philosophies, religions and socio-social systems. economic. But not only women suffer from this imbalance. Men also suffer because they are denied a whole range of human potentials, such as the depth of feelings and intuitive knowledge.

For those readers who are not familiar with la Mar a Magdalen who will add their spiritual weight to the upcoming World Sound Meditation, I suggest you take a look at The Mary Magdalen Section (original NT in English * see translation at the end) of our website to give you an idea of ​​how powerful this feminine presence is. This Magdalen is not the New Testament prostitute that many Christians believe she is.

If you are interested in more details regarding the ecological crisis facing our planet, as well as some fascinating information about the process of ascension in relation to what They call operations of increasing order go to the Articles section and click on The Spiral of Ascension Class Handouts.

Returning to sound meditation, A Stream from Higher Worlds is a subtle fabric of powerful energies for purification and personal healing, but also for the human community, if done with that purpose in mind.

Instructions for World Sound Meditation on October 2, 2016

The World Sound Meditation will begin on October 2, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Summer Time) that is midnight between October 2 and 3 (Greenwich Time). (Check the World Clock to determine the exact time of your region). The group in New York will be in meditation for 30 minutes. During that period, an extended version of A Stream from the Higher Worlds will be heard as I channel sounds from the Hathors and Magdalen. From New York, the energy will move quickly through the planet, and will last for twenty-four hours, which means that you do not need to meditate with the meeting in New York at the time we perform Global meditation They can do it at any time within this twenty-four hour period and still participate in the result that is intended, which is to introduce a gentle, purifying and healing energy into the human community.

If you decide to join the World Sound Meditation during this twenty-four hour window, I suggest that you listen to it twice for yourself according to the instructions given by the Hathors in the section entitled Working with this Meditation. Then, listen twice to the community, as indicated by the Hathors above, in the section entitled Using this Meditation for the Benefit of Collectivity. After doing the meditation four times - twice for you and twice for the world - rest for a few minutes (or more if you have time) to allow subtle energies to settle in your body / mind. Please do not listen to this meditation directly from our website, but download it to your computer.

At the level of consciousness in which this World Sound Meditation unfolds, there is no separation between us either in time or space, so that you can participate fully from wherever you live or whatever your individual circumstances. When you enter sound meditation, you will enter a sphere of being that transcends the limitations of bodily existence. For those who join us in this World Sound Meditation from far away places, I extend my deepest recognition and appreciation.

Finally, I think I should mention an important aspect of this unusual event. As you know who have worked with me, I usually perceive the energy before an event takes place.

Based on my psychic perceptions of this meeting in New York on October 2, I feel that when the energies of the Hathors and Magdalen come together, both during the event and in the World Sound Meditation, they will emit a powerful energy field that will be a deep experience and will change the lives of those who are physically in the classroom.

In other words, if they have the space and resources to get to this event in New York, I would seriously consider it.

* Mary Magdalen:

On a cold winter night in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2000, Judi Sion asked me if I could contact Mary Magdalene, a figure in which she (Judi) had been passionately interested for many years.

This intense interest was not simply Judi's curiosity , but a fascinating journey of her heart and mind that had led her to the central mystery of the Black Madonna, and her fervent (Judi) belief that the displacement of the feminine from the place which corresponded to him in the mythical pantheon of "God" had caused incalculable harm to women, their children (both male and female) and therefore to the world.

Several years before that night in Zurich, Judi had undertaken a kind of personal pilgrimage to Europe with her two daughters, to find out the mystery of the Black Madonna in the land where she was born. They visited sacred sites of the ancient goddesses, on a journey from northern Europe to Greece and finally to southern France - to a land where both the legend and the population still hold as true that Mary Magdalene lived, taught and healed in Much of that region.

Many years after Judi's pilgrimage to the “land of the Magdalene” in southern France, we were preparing to visit that region together after I finished teaching a workshop in Zurich.

The time had come. I finished the workshop and before going to sleep, Judi made her request.

After settling into a receptive state of light trance, I was impressed by an extraordinary feminine intelligence, possessing an elegant power that I had never experienced before. His words were mentally and emotionally shocking, and the air seemed to vibrate with the enormous power of his presence.

The result of our encounter with this magnificent being was The Manuscript of Magdalen (ORB); she insisted that her name be written without the final letter to distinguish herself from the misrepresented and defamed being that the Church gave us. This being, Mary Magdalen, calmly announced that she was the wife and also the tantric consort of Jeshua Ben Joseph (NT Jesus son of Joseph), known as Jesus.

For many reasons, this Manuscript was for me a turning point. In part this had to do with the way my vision of spiritual alchemy as well as tantric sex changed. But the Manuscript was also a key point in my understanding of relationships, specifically the potential for spiritual transformation offered by a Sacred Relationship.

Neither the book, nor my understanding of the place of the Sacred Relationship as a spiritual practice, would have taken place without Judi. She was an impeccable midwife of the Manuscript and a pilgrimage companion in this odyssey in which we now find ourselves.

Our intention in creating this section of Magdalen on the website is to offer a rich and interesting set of information, over time, for those who want the process of the Sacred Relationship.

I usually joke that the path of the Sacred Relationship (or Alchemical Relationship, as I prefer to call it) should have a prevention sign at the beginning ... something like:

Be careful who enters.

This path is not for the faint of heart.

Keep control and sense of humor always ready.

That said, I welcome you to the powerful presence that is Mary Magdalen and to this estuary of the feminine mystery.

Tom Kenyon

AUTHOR: Tom Kenyon

TRANSLATION: M. Cristina Cáffaro

SEEN AT: www.tomkenyon.com


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