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  • 2012

Beloved all

We are at the end of an important cycle being absorbed in the cosmic memory each of the experiences, efforts and struggles given, making possible the evolutionary entry into a renewed and auspicious energy spiral of unsuspected and new opportunities referred to the rhythm of the solar pulse c Semic in which the whole plot of creation unfolds.

In the current position What is My Maximum Honor and Privilege to hold, as the Christ for this Earth! All eagerness in My heart is directed to actively serve the expansion of the Light of Christ in each one of you.

In the same way as he took those stones, when two years ago he wore the brown habit and was known as Francisco and rebuilt that little church of St. Damiano, today molding with the Rays of Light of my Being all those noblest aspirations of the aspirants and students of truth in the world to guide them towards the Path of realization through Divine Love, the Illuminated Wisdom and the Will to Good.

`` Raising their vision towards the heavens they will find the changes that take place, to receive the fruits of each success, of each detachment that they make in pursuit of the general and world benefit, thus that inheritance is enriched eternal of which we commune in every moment all Beings Ascended and Perfected in the Perfect Light of God.


This realization compensates each one of the stumbling blocks, pains, sufferings and obstacles that they go through daily as the necessary practice for the final graduation, bearer of the most excellent and Immortal plenitude and bliss.

Do not take my words as a numbing balm to envision a future that does not exist yet. My purpose is covered with a deep and revitalizing advanced, destined to inaugurate definitively! the entrance of the Kingdoms of Light to this beloved Earth, at the head of the Christ Maitreya and of all the Great Ascended Brotherhood.

Every planet in the cosmos fulfills its cycles through Great Initiations, being in all its aspects important expansions of enlightened consciousness. In these simple words you will find keys to meditate on each one, looking for a way to also expand that light consciousness.

I enter like never before this year in the atmosphere of the Planet How godfather of this year! To breathe into each one, the symbology of the five-pointed golden star, referring to the perfection and mastery of the quaternary, becoming the tip of the star as the cusp of the Higher Mind or the mind of enlightenment.

My blessings I discharge for all those noble and pure-hearted who warn the entrance of the Light with the greatest force they have ever contemplated and know how to channel it and complete it to serve the whole world unfairly.

The little wild flower

It is also loved by the sun

that covers everything,

so it never goes unnoticed

for the creative mind

not the slightest sigh

not the most subtle thought

of all his children on Earth.



 By Mirtha Verde-Bouquet | Saint Germain Activity Foundation | Santiago of Chile | December 27, 2011 

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