Triangles of Light, by the Tibetan Master, DK

  • 2012


One of the most important works of bonding, spiritual association and service, is the so-called Triangles of Light.

Why define these mental structures as Triangles of Light? If any mental form is constituted by vibrant energy, and if light is precisely the result or effect of this vibrant activity that is projected and propagated through space in the form of different colors and shades, in the same way, the triangles to which we we are referring, because they are created with a mental substance of high vibrant content and magnetic essence, the light they give off expresses the high transcendence and spiritual content that their creators try to project and capture in the levels of reality where it is necessary for them to intervene and act

The Triangles of Light, are formed by three people, who freely and voluntarily assume the responsibility of constructing, as perfectly as possible, a mental structure in the form of a triangle, endowed with a great invocative and evocative power, of highly inclusive qualities.

These characteristics, give the triangles, the possibility of being a faithful instrument for the Universal Service, and in this way, to be able to be used both individually by its members, and to offer it to the Planetary Hierarchy for the diffusion of the Light and from Love to the entire planet, thus constituting a perfect means by which spiritual energies can be transmitted to Humanity and to the beings of all the Realms of Nature.

Any person of Good Will, whose intentions and objectives are altruistic and oriented towards Universal and Transcendent Values, can perform this type of Internal Work.

Why are Triangles of Light so important? Because they are a replica of the triune functioning that nature possesses in any type of activity. In any type of manifestation, there is always a source of energy, whether etheric, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, free and available for use. There is always a means, a channel through which any type of energy can circulate with greater or lesser intensity and with greater or lesser dynamism.

And finally, there is always an intelligence, a creative consciousness, that takes that energy, molds it and impregnates it with the qualities and attributes that in its projection must be put into activity according to the intention and objectives for which it was created.

This trina reality expresses it and is a consequence of the three universal aspects and attributes of our Planetary Logos, Atma, Buddhi and Manas, which from the most subtle planes of reality are permanently and incessantly sent to all planes and levels of His Body of manifestation, our world.

It was almost certainly that through the writings of the founders of the Theosophical Society and the books of Alice A. Bailey, when in the West we begin to hear about the existence of this type of esoteric work of the triangles, although presumably they "worked" before in certain circles of disciples and initiates of the Planetary Hierarchy.

Since they became known, the associations and links of the Triangles of Light, have been constantly increasing, building for this reason, from the highest etheric levels of our planet, an immense and increasingly wide Network of Spiritual Light, that is in constant process of expansion and that affects and drives Humanity to express Love, Peace and Harmony, in a global and universal way.

Almost all ancient and philosophies and great religions have 3, as a magical and perfect number, origin of the universe and everything that exists. This is described for example by the great philosophers of Ancient Greece, as well as in India with the Trimurti, and with their gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, and in Ancient Egypt with Osiris, Isis and Horus. We also find the 3rd trinity in our Judeo-Christian tradition, with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All these deities, express in some way what Ancient Wisdom has always been transmitting to Humanity, Atma, Buddhi and Manas in their purest and highest essence, the basis on which any type of creation is based, whether human or divine

To better understand this reality, and as the Sacred Scriptures of the East tell us and transmit, with the establishment of the Planetary Hierarchy in our world, several million years ago, the First Triangle was shaped in our planet in a “tangible” way. This event generated a Great Subjective Archetype in the form of a Triangle that was constituted by the main Lords of the Flame, Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, and three Kumaras or Esoteric Buddhas and three other Kumaras or Exoteric Buddhas, some Great and High Beings that coming from Planet Venus, they came to Earth to collaborate with our Logos in propitiating the important evolutionary leap of converting the instinctive and animal man that at that time inhabited our planet, in the self-conscious and spiritual man that we are today.

According to these Sacred Writings, this principal and primal Shamballa Triangle was configured by:

Shamballa triangle

Sanat Kumara (the Lord of the World)

3 Exotic Buddhas 3 Esoteric Buddhas

Each of these Three V rtices, Sanat Kumara, the three Esoteric Buddhas and the Exoteric Buddhas, express from the night of time, the Divine Attributes of our Planetary Logos, Atma, as the expression of His Will, Strength and Power, Buddhi, as the expression of His Love, Wisdom and Magnetism and Manas, as the expression of His Activity, Creativity and Mental Objectivity.

In an order and on a lower scale, the Triangles of Light are a replica of this primitive triangle, which has become the archetype of a whole System of Work, Training and Service that they synthesize in the Macro and Microcosm, the Triple Manifestation of the Logos on our Planet. For this reason, and as far as possible, the three vertices of these triangles should be aware and express to some extent, Atma, Buddhi and Manas, so that each of these three divine qualities and the corresponding energies, serve as a binder in the group integration of the three personalities and the fulfillment that must be put into conscious activity.

There is, therefore, a continuous subdivision of a greater to a smaller scale and of spheres of manifestation as far as the reality of the triangles is concerned, which, as archetypes, serve as models of perfection. In order to capture the consciousness of the Creative Hierarchies, including Humanity, the design and operability of the Evolutionary Plan of our Planetary Logos. Thus, we have:

Hierarchical Triangle



Humanity Planetary Hierarchy

This Triangle that we can define as Hierarchical, carries in another order of manifestation, the same values ​​and attributes of the Logos discussed above, of Atma, Buddhi and Manas.

An evident proof that Humanity and Man are becoming aware of this new need for internal reorientation, we find it in the Great Invocation, that when it is pronounced and felt correctly, the Light, Love and Will of its statement, become by themselves in that Archetypal and Magical Triangle that is constantly trying to capture and make reality in Humanity to see fulfilled that part of responsibility that belongs to Man as a conscious cooperator of the Great Evolutionary Scheme of the Planetary Logos:

Triangle of the Great Invocation

The Center where the Will of the Logos is known

The Point of Light in The Point of Love in
the Mind of Logos the Heart of Logos
(Humanity) (Christ)

We can see, a practical example of the trine association of universal functional and energetic components, which influence and have their reflection (as is the case of Spiritual Healing), in the following triangle:

Healing Triangle

El Prana (Energy


The Patient Unconditional Love
The Energies in Action The Curator (Channel or Mediator)

If we make a deep reflection of this reality, we can observe that there is a clear and well defined relationship of qualities and attributes of Atma, Buddhi and Manas, with the Teacher, the Curator and the Patient. The fact that the curator is aware of this triplicity and is in tune with it, will revert to a greater supply of energy to be used in the healing sessions and greater efficiency in its results.

The internal preparation and personal training of the members that make up these triangles, makes it easier for group work to be more effective, since the common efforts made from the internal planes do not add up, but multiply, in such a way, that the force, the power and the area of ​​influence of the Triangle of Light, is expanded in greater opportunities and in a more effective in its results, far superior to the individual performance of each of the three vertices separately. The self-discipline of the three vertices, leads to greater purity in their lives, and a refinement of the channels (the lower vehicles), through which the Higher Energies have to flow, thus giving greater cohesion and consolidation of this mental structure, triggering in turn, the magical process of Alchemical-Spiritual Transmutation, which is generated in the auras and subtle vehicles of the three beings, making them more comprehensive and magnetic.

The mental form of the Triangle of Light, charged with the spiritual energies of the three vertices, can be sent to any part of the world where its presence might be necessary, such as mitigating or eliminating to some extent the negative effects of one of a war, or also to favor or strengthen the Universal Fraternity in any case or situation that is necessary.

The mental form of the triangle, like all those produced by Humanity consciously or unconsciously, has an Internal Form, Color and Sound that characterizes it, providing it with a “personality” that, with practice, is increasingly acquiring power and development, coming to act as an individualized entity, with life and self-consciousness, and to become a great "elemental entity."

The auras of the three vertices of the triangle, eventually merge and integrate into a common Aura, into a Group Macro-Aura endowed with great influence and power that gives rise to three important internal events:

? The first one affects the atomic-molecular structure of the periodic vehicles of each of the components of the group, where this Group Macro-Aura, triggers originating in the periodic vehicles, the detachment of atoms, molecules and particles more heavy, low vibrational frequency, which are quickly replaced by other lighter, more subtle atoms and more intense vibrant activity. This transfer and substitution of different types of energies, gives rise to that Magic-Spiritual transmutation that affects the set of minor (elementary) lives that animate and shape the bodies of periodic expression of the group, leading to important changes and transformations in life of relation of the members of the triangle.

? The second takes place as a consequence of the highly sympathetic and magnetic climate that reigns within this Macro-Aura, which triggers in the three vertices, subtle and magnetic related ties, which by their very nature, further strengthen this multi-personal union, becoming timeless and permanent. This reality, shows that in many cases, this type of unions and associations, are preceded by links established in previous stocks, continuing interwoven by karma for the monitoring and completion of this type of activities initiated in many cases in previous lives.
? The last event consists in the formation of a great Mental Form, a great Elemental Entity, endowed with a great power and dynamic-spiritual activity, created by the noble feelings and aspirations that constantly contribute and vitalize the three beings that make up the Triangle of Light. This powerful mental structure, which is the triangle itself, can be consciously invoked and put into action by any of the three vertices, so that it can perform any kind of help and service, wherever necessary.

One of the results that are derived from this internal work, are the psychological and spiritual changes that perceive or not, have an impact on the lives of the members of the triangle. In turn, to this greater development, it also entails a high degree of responsibility, since the special energies that are put into operation, should not result in a personal benefit, but should be oriented towards Humanity and towards all evolution in general.

The responsibility acquired by the members of the Triangle of Light, also includes the purification of the vehicles of cyclic manifestation, the instruments that the Soul uses to experience and evolve in the Lower Planes. Recall that the Subtle Bodies, the Mental, the Emotional and the Ethnic-Physical, are civic-elementary entities, which are integrated and combined in such a way with the Soul, which result in reality Physical and Objective that constitutes the Human Being as a whole. The eleviv-elementary Entities, which constitute the mechanisms of expression of the human being, evolve in unison with him, expressing the same as the consciousness of the human being, the virtues or defects, which are the result of the particular evolutionary level and evolution model of the Eleviv-Elemental Kingdom. Man as an Integral Being (the Ego plus his Periodic Manifestation Vehicles), through his way of Thinking, Feeling and Acting, sublimating and reorienting to these involuntary existences, orienting them towards a correct evolutionary and transcendent direction.

As can be deduced, in order to achieve the integration and happy result of the hidden work carried out by the Triangle of Light, it is necessary that the Periodic Vehicles (the distribution channels of subtle energies), be transparent and do not offer resistance to the Internal Circuit of Light.

Taking into account that the internal work of these triangles is to unite and combine common aspirations and objectives in a solidary attitude of learning, creation and emission of spiritual energies to all beings and kingdoms of nature, the result is the consolidation and consolidation of the Antakarana the Bridge of Light that unites the lower self of personalities, with the Higher Self, the Soul of the Triangle, and This, in turn, with the Soul of the Planet, a reality that takes place when one aspires to perform in a more conscious and intelligent way any Magic-Occult and Transcendent Work.

In these difficult moments of changes and conflicts that we can observe at all levels, it is necessary and urgent the collaboration of people of Good Will who with authentic disinterest and detachment work from the higher Mental Levels, to consciously and intelligently create thought forms endowed with a great Loving and Fraternal capacity, to be able to mitigate and cancel out the negative energies that both affect and house the Planetary Aura.

For this to come true, it is necessary to carry out from the Plane of the Mind a work of High Spiritual Alchemy, of creation of Images of Pure and Radiant Light, strongly dynamic and magnetic that express the Archetypes of the New It was, some mental forms, that generate the sublimation and restitution of the already existing, expired and crystallized forms that induce inertia and errors already transcended, by new mental models related to the current reality, such as the Triangles of Light, which fulfill with these requirements and that are an excellent way to collaborate with this great Planetary Regeneration Project.

The Tibetan Master, DK, in one of his comments, says, referring to this type of group activity:

... to make Triangles is to create the necessary substance so that when the answer is evoked, the planetary antakarana is constructed:

“Within the body of the Planetary Logos, humanity is slowly building what is called antakarana, being in reality, the connecting thread between the coronary center of Sanat Kumara and His heart center.

Reflect on these words. They involve a mystery, and I can do little to clarify it. As humanity builds or creates triangles of Light and Goodwill, they really invoke an activity of response from the Buddhas of Activity - of the one who acts through the will aspect and who does it through the love aspect existing in humanity, applied intelligently. ”(DK)

When the student is asked to make Triangles of Light, he is being asked to project a Triangle at the levels of light that he is capable of, which is similar to the projection work of antakarana, which is also a thread of light. It is evident that this work (for being an effort) will evoke the response of another Activity Buddha (there are three)…

In another of his comments, the Tibetan Master, DK, explains the importance of the subjective and objective union of at least three Triangles of Light:

… “When the individual awakens the heart center and links it to the heart centers of at least eight people, then, the Cardiac Center of the Planetary Logos will be able to secretly absorb the group thus formed by nine conscious people. Through the Heart Center Your Life will flow and the members of the group will contribute, with their share of energy, to the influences of life that circulates through the body. This information is of interest to those who have awakened spiritually and it will mean little or nothing for those who still sleep ”….

These comments of the Tibetan Master, express the interest and importance that the Planetary Hierarchy gives to this type of esoteric work

Regarding the union of three triangles, solidly and mentally linked to each other through the heart center of each of its members, and the energies that come from the Planetary Logos are poured into the triangles and the nine people in response to said union, demonstrates the enormous importance that this type of work has both for what affects the spiritual development of the people who integrate it as for the important planetary implications that derive from this reality.

It can be deduced, therefore, that the Planetary Hierarchy is very aware of this type of group activity, mainly due to the universal and planetary repercussions that follow from this fact. They support and promote this type of internal work so that there are more and more Triangles of Light "working" all over the world. This circumstance will provide all consciences and beings, but mainly Humanity, with a greater share of Light, Progress and Correct and Fraternal Relations, as well as Discernment and Intuition, which will help all Men to leave. of this chaotic situation in which we all find ourselves, and thus giving as soon as possible, the great evolutionary leap that frees us from pain and suffering and places us in the Spiritual World, that of the Liberated Souls where we can assume new expectations of service, more important and transcendent.

With best wishes.

From heart to heart.

Alfonso of the Rosary.

January 4, 2012

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