Gold Spiral Activation Work next March 31, 2010

  • 2010

The next Remote Activation will be carried out on March 31 at 6:00 p.m. and at 5:00 p.m. we will begin the talk.

Gold Spiral Activation Work

It is a wonderful tool that the people of Lemuria offer you, at this very special moment in which the earth and humanity meet, to facilitate the path to ascension until you cross the portal that will bring you back home.

The new land is already here and it only remains that you make the conscious decision to travel this not so long road.

The activation work facilitates the reception of the three rays necessary to initiate this process provided that the Being of each has so decided:

The golden ray will allow the release of all those energies of domination that have trapped you and that you have accumulated over millions of lives; At the same time it facilitates the liberation of all past experiences that restrict your freedom by conditioning your current life.

The pink ray is going to penetrate deeply into each of your body cells filling the void that liberation has left and reminding you what your true essence is; you will feel again the energy of love that is the key that will allow you to cross the portal.

And the green ray is going to inform your cells of how a healthy body should be.

Once free of the energies of domination and the conditioning of past experiences, and once fully integrated the information that these rays have transmitted to you, you will be fully prepared to finally travel the path that will bring you back home.

My dear brothers, with Love we are waiting for you!


“Activation work for the year 2010: Accelerating the planetary reconstruction process”

Dear friends, we have been experiencing a few years of deep inner transformation that has led us to be reborn as the great and magnificent Gods that WE ARE.

The present year 2010 is a great year of EXTERNAL TRANSFORMATION and in this transformation we are already fully aware of who we are and what is our Great Mission in This cute blue planet.

For this reason, the work of Golden Spiral Activation is also placed at the service of those who feel that it is already time to implement our full potential to REGENERATE THE EARTH AND OUR GREAT TEMPLE: THE BODY F SICO.

It is the year of the great PLANETARY AND PERSONAL REGENERATION AND RECONSTRUCTION and for this we need to become aware of our great potential.

We will serve as a guide in this process and we will put at your service everything that the Universe offers us to carry out this Great Transformation.

Silvia, Mar a Esther and Mar a Jos .

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