Work with Ascended Masters (Spanish Translation)

  • 2017

Travailler avec les Ma tres Ascensionn s (In French in the original)

The Ascended Masters

Who are those we call Ascended Masters, those who have made their ascension? It is a group of beings, some terrestrial, others non-terrestrial, who have already completed their Ascension process. The Ascension process is the integration of the body made of light, the luminous body, into the physical body.

It is not a matter of accelerating your cellular structure until it becomes light. If you did that, you would explode spontaneously. The idea is to facilitate the terrestrial connection of your Light body and expand your cellular structure to contain the Light. Obviously, this can be done through crystals, and this is what usually happens when we work as healing facilitators. The idea of ​​healing is not only to be healthy and balanced in the physical and emotional body, but to become healthy and balanced in a multidimensional way, between the I AM Presence and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The integration of light into the physical body is a very important reality. The Ascended Masters have achieved this multidimensionality.

Many people are confused about the term Ascended Masters. First, the term Master does not refer to a hierarchical system. It simply means that a level of self-control has been reached. This awareness of self-control means that one is able to move through many dimensions within states of consciousness, attentive to all journeys while remaining fully aware.

Ascended Masters, as individuals, no longer exist. Now they are a collective consciousness of the Light. This collective consciousness exists in the ethereal fields, in a place known as Shamballa. Esoterically, they are known as Lord and Master of Shamballa. The energy of the consciousness of the Masters is a diamond that reflects the light of God. Each of the facets of this diamond reflects an individual energy, an individual Master. These Masters are therefore terrestrial and non-terrestrial. They have a wide range of knowledge, but the greatest experience they have in common is to transmit the energy of Unconditional Love and Compassion. They can help you bring love and compassion to your life and the lives of others.

The Ascended Master known as Saint Germain, was the inventor of the Reiki system. In other incarnations, it was also the magician Merl n, Francis Bacon, son of Elizabeth I, and the true author according to some of Shakespeare's works. Another of the Ascended Masters, Kuthumi, was San Francisco de As s, in a previous incarnation. It was also Shah Jehan, builder of the Taj Mahal.

Many of these ascended beings with whom we work have left their mark throughout history, especially in the last eight hundred years. It is easy to channel these beings. I personally have some favorite teachers I work with. These energies are known as Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Wotana, Kwan-yn, Saint-Germain, Djwhal-Khul, Vywamus, Merlin and Arthur.

I suggest, to obtain more information about the Ascended Masters, both individually and collectively, read some of Joshua David Stones' books, especially " Complete Ascension Manual " and " The Ascended Master illuminates the Way ." This will give you additional knowledge about the energies of the Ascended Masters, and will tell you how many of these energies can be beneficial in everyday life, for ourselves and for our environment.

TRANSLATION TO SPANISH: Eva Villa, editor in the big family of


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