Toth - Yushuda - The Christic Whirlwind of Solar Mysteries

  • 2015

Function: The emptying and filling movement of the Cup or container field, which is swirling or rotating Light Codes, creating critical rotary positions (CRP) on the axis of the crystalline particles of the Planet. This swirling movement is stimulated by what could be called " Cosmic Christ Consciousness ."

But first let's go back to the beginning of the story ...

The Sun-Stars are what Toth calls " The Living Lights ." In essence they are composed of many billions of “Angels” and other Luminous ones, to whom the religions of the Earth have given them several names.

The pulsating energy of the Central Sun of this Universe flows throughout the Cosmos. All matter particles respond to the Sacred Touch of the Pulse. This 'response' is an awakening of Being. It is not consciousness, not yet. It is a form of attraction TO consciousness. The Divine Song of matter to its "maker" (in this case to the Central Sun of this Universe), creates resonance paths that, in more complex material formations, become vehicles for consciousness.

When Souls are embodied in matter, they create cases of response to the Cosmic Pulse . The initial covers are not conscious, but sentient. They respond to the stimulus, but do not ponder or perceive what they do. However, due to the specific nature of the Human Being, he develops in his body centers that secrete chemicals that stimulate the brain to receive a refined awareness of the Self, the environment and the "other." At different stages, Humanity has been at different levels in terms of the percentages of the conscious and the sentient part. The Armic current of incarnations in the natural species of the "Human" in development that we see as the "first man" or primitive, was mainly sentient. The human incarnations from which Toth calls " Solar Races " and the "Nephilim" (2 different arrivals of Humans), arrived here already endowed with a complete set of "consciousness." There were some other smaller Human groups, also from outside the Planet, who were also quite aware.

However, the " Christ Consciousness " is a case of "response" to the Source that comes into contact with it and yet transcends the "local" (the Universal Central Sun); and responds by radiating its own beauty as a reflection of EVERYTHING. This is the CHRISTIC RAY that penetrates each Human Being and creates the Christic Cover. Even those Humans whom we see as "demonic" incarnations contain the Christ Cover. However, they are enclosed in a chamber of their own invention; But it's still there. Yeshua, the Christ Master, whose Christ Cover encompassed his entire Being, did not look at anyone without seeing and experiencing his Christ Self.

So now let's go back to Yushuda ...

This is a natural dynamic that emanates from the Central Solar Atom of all the planets that contain incarnated Souls and that have evolved to some extent as worlds of consciousness.

The Yushuda is projected from the Center of the Planet, called by the Central Sun of the Galaxy, which in turn is called by the Central Sun of the Universe. As this dynamic progresses like a gigantic clock, in synchrony with the movement of the Lunar and Solar layers of the Planet, it collects, in its "Cup" or container field, the dew of "Crystal" sparks of the Souls of the Planet. The “stem” of the Yushuda supplies these sparks to the Solar Atom of the Inner Earth . They are then sent out from the Atom of the Earth, back to the Cup; and they are reborn with new Light Programs that are "spilled" back to the Human Almic spectrum like a rain from glorious clouds.

The Yushuda is the main mechanism for what we call "Ascension." With its reception and projection, on this Planet it is the Grail of our first hour and the last; and of all the intermediates. Actually, writing or talking about it is well above my ability, so I have resorted to a symbolic illustrated book that has a much bigger theme, because I am simply not able to perceive or fully communicate what I think and perceive of it.

So here I leave you an energetic artistic representation that I feel can benefit your “Fundació Crà stica and help you get it out of your conscious experience. The central symbol of the mandala is my adaptation of one that was visualized by my old friend and colleague, William Buehler, which includes some of the basic functions that visionary Nicola Moss gave him. I've been working with Bill for many years, at times and not at times; so he has incorporated much of my work with Toth into his Sacred geometry / synergy formats; but in no way the formats are exclusively yours. Bill asked me to comment on what he calls the Ave-Copa format. That's why I wrote this article and made the mandala and energy template Yushuda .

Click here to see the Yushuda mandala

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodr guez R.
Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

AUTHOR: Maia Kyi Ra Nartoomid


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