TOTH - Master builders and geodetic markers

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Toth tells me about the Master Builders, who says they came from the Solar Arc Clan. Star Beings of our Race. They established 33 geodetic markers on Earth . Sacred structures emerged from the emanations of these markers ... The pyramids of the Radius Pyramid and other monolithic constructions such as Stonehenge. Some had to be rebuilt throughout the eons, when our Planet was struck by disasters ... Some merely restored. But the geodetic markers remained. They are deep enough on the ground to have survived. They are some kind of imperishable objects that maintain the energy configurations necessary for these massive structures to meet frequently; and to help in its repair and reconstruction.

In the late 1970's I received some information about these geodetic markers and they even provided me with some symbols related to them. This is packed in a box and I am too weak to take them out; or if not, I would try to scan them and share them.

I have the following information about the Master Builders:

2010 06 22 -The Master Builders - Your Legacy

In the 1970s Toth gave me information about the 'Master Builders' of most of the main original ancient structures on this Planet. I say "originals" because most have been repaired or complemented in later years ... Some completely replaced where some of the originals were destroyed.

I immediately include what I wrote in the seventies, from my current Akashic perspective on the subject.

The order of the Master Builders was first established long before the Adamic generations on Earth. They arrived from the Blue Star Riguel through the Portal of Venus, the guardian of Planet Earth. The Master Builders are from the genetic clan of the 'Solar Arc'; His symbol is a lion, a creature of his World that would later be genetically propagated in Atlantis. The Master Builders lived on the surface of the Earth for many millennia. After this time they retired to the underground confines of the Planet, the Inner Earth, where until today a remnant of that Order remains.

They originally landed in the area of ​​the Earth that we now know as New Mexico, United States. It was there that they established their first set of structures and began the topography of the Earth and the mapping of its star coordinates around the globe. For what purpose?

The Master Builders had been sent to this World to prepare it for its future in the universal scheme of things ... As a point in the heavens through which star patterns could be used to regenerate entire world systems. Earth was not unique in this regard, as it was one of the millions of such "sites." However, each one is important in the “Return” set.

The plan of the Master Builders on Earth was to embed stellar patterns and cosmic laws in elementary structures, which aligned in space-time with the frequencies of the Earth Grids and the larger Universal Grids, with the Star Portals; and most importantly, with the specific Metatronic path that this Planet was destined to take to become a World System II.

So that they could sustain the uniqueness of their mission on Earth over the centuries, their will was that their cycles of incarnations be spaced according to certain units of time, creating a specific rhythm of rebirth.

When a child of the Solar Arc was conceived, an Elder or an Elder gave his life to re-enter as the child. So the same Souls were contained in the clan.

When the first "Earthly Human" came into existence through Adamic emanation, the Solar Arc clan began to mix with the Adamics; and eventually the pure clan was absorbed by the Adamic Race, as had been the intention.

The last of the Solar Arc, like Thoth Raismes, were known as "Solar Lords" when they toured Earth and guided Humanity for a period.

The Solar Arc Master Builders not only built on the Earth the structures of the "Living Law", maintained and rebuilt them when necessary. They also mapped and handed over to the Adamic generations the natural reticles and the Law Lines of the Planet; and created the first "man-made" reticles on Earth. These grids are created through intentional programming with the mind and energy bodies of a unified group of people. It is not as simple as it may sound, because to achieve it requires great clarity and knowledge.

The main task of the Master Builders was to create 33 Geodetic Markers on the Planet . These "markers" were buried very deeply in the field; and they are a form of advanced psionic device.

Together as a matrix, they continue to collect data in the many reticles of the Earth, natural and man-made; and in the structures of the energy templates. This information is then transmitted to a receiving station in the Inner Earth.

In the 1970's I received the following information about these Geodetic Markers:

Most places given as marker locations are not specific, but a general area. In some cases the nearest city in our current time frame may denote the location:

Places of the Tah - Cosmic Geodetic Markers of the Master Builders:

1) Alpha Node (TIK): Mesa Verde Plateau, Colorado, United States

2) Golden Circle (LA): Zion National Park, Utah, United States

3) Golden Circle (RE): Teton Mountains, Wyoming, United States

4) Golden Circle (ME): Mount Shasta, California, United States

5) Golden Proportion (RESHA): Big Sur, California, United States

6) Golden Ratio (MONTH): Baja California, United States

7) Descending Golden Plateau (HAMAN): Titicaca, Per

8) Ascending Golden Plateau (RHAMA): Lhasa, Tibet

9) Golden Goal (TU RA): Giza Plateau, Egypt

10) Major Reason (MU): Yucat n

11) Minor Reason (TAMEN) Stonehenge, England

12) Meridian Major (MU KHAMA) Pacific Ocean, near the Marquesas

13) Minor Meridian (ATLA KHAMA): Atlantic Ocean, near Bermuda

14) Rue Mark (RAS): Sahara Desert

15) Rue Mark (TAMEN): Gobi Desert

16) Northern Triangle (TUBA): Maui, Hawaii i, United States

17) Northern Triangle (TUKHAMAN): Atlantic Ocean, near the Azores

18) Northern Triangle (TUSOI): Iceland

19) Southern Triangle (MOLA): Angel Falls Plateau, Venezuela

20) Southern Triangle (MOSEH): Mount Kilimanyaro Region, Africa

21) Southern Triangle (MOPAH): Great Siberian Plain

22) North Polar Convex (HANUM): North Pole Region

23) South Polar Convex (HAVA): South Pole Region

24) Trigate (YANA): Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

25) Triazimuth (NIMH): Pyramidal Ensemble of Teotihuacán, near Mexico City, Mexico

26) Optical Star Union (TREGA): Jerusalem, Israel

27) Solar Bar (MECH): Between Springfield and Peoria, Illinois, United States

28) Solar Bar (TALOS): Memphis, Tennessee, United States

29) Solar Bar (EMPRE) Cypress Gardens, Florida, United States

30) Guardian Passage (TAS): South Island, New Zealand

31) Guardian Passage (NOTHING): Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

32) Guardian Passage (LAO): Denali Region, Alaska

33) Omega Node (NU): Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

The Legacy of the Master Builders in this now "Old Earth" may be coming to its conclusion, but his work here made possible the Ascension of the Earth to the New Earth Star. You may find that you have resonance with some of these places; If so, you have encodings found in the matrix for that particular geodetic marker. You could also work remotely with these geodetic markers, tuning in with them to stabilize the part of your Being that has traveled along the Old Earth, so that it can more easily make the transition to the New Earth Star. You could think of them as the 33 degrees of a Masonic lodge, except that they are the 33 harmonics of the Master Builders and the Etheric Temple of Living Light that they left on Earth as their legacy.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.


Channeled by Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid

TOTH - Master builders and geodetic markers

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