All beings as if they were our mothers

  • 2016

This phrase is something strange, in fact it is not common to hear it, however, in Tibetan culture it is most natural, children are born with a very genuine understanding that they must see and treat all beings as if they were their mothers, this includes family members, close or known beings and strangers all.

In the West it is not so easy to understand it because, in some way, we are more accustomed to judge and see at all times the failure in the other or in those around us. Some rich coffee of friends in the afternoon focus on that in seeing the faults of others a point of view totally opposite to that of the East.

Love and respect all beings

But what does it mean to love and respect all beings as if they were your mother? It is simple to understand and complicated or hard to apply. When we see someone who assumes us of course that we think he is nothing like our mother or when our mother leaves us of course there is no warm or loving reference to see the other or around us.

at some point we have received love from someone

Actually if we are honest with ourselves, we have received love from someone's mother, our babysitter, our grandparents, our father, our uncles, from someone, because otherwise we would not be here in this life, maybe as adolescents or adults for good or bad studying or working. Someone necessarily took care of us with love at some stage of our life, like a mother.

For example, at birth, when we are really helpless, someone fed us, covered us from the cold, took us to the doctor in a simple or serious illness, someone taught us to walk, talk and be careful with things not to hit us, all these actions are of the nature of a mother, it may be that in his place was the father, or the grandmother but that unconditional affection, without expecting retribution is characteristic of a mother.

Now we can observe that in all the moments of our life, whether from one or several people we have received a care or affection of this kind. For example, some teachers or gurus from the east display this kind of love, equanimous and gentle towards their disciples.

But how can I see and treat all beings as if they were my mothers? ... then putting it into practice, when someone at work recognizes us we can understand that in the depth of that person flows a similar attention to that of a mother, make us feel confident and satisfied with what we do and if for example in the street Someone insults us, we can know that this person may have some affliction, but if he walks, talks and interacts with others, he had someone who gave him affection and attention.

In addition, it is important to highlight that we are not inherently good or bad, in reality we are a great variety of grays so to speak and that we have moments of anger and joy, there is no one who has only had sadness in his whole life, possibly we tend to give more weight to the mistakes of the people around us but that does not mean that they have no positive qualities towards others. May they act as good mothers with others.

It is common to see that someone has the label of the isolated and angry of the family or the colony in which we live, but if we observe carefully, sometimes they have pets that give them food, care, affection and dedication, possibly not with other human or with us, but if they provide love and attention of mother .. in some cases even with their garden flowers.

of the quality of a mother's love

The important thing here is to highlight that all the love we have received in our lives is the quality of a mother's love, lies within us and the challenge is to recognize and remember it. This type of love is part of our nature that by pride, resentment or anger we refuse to accept ... we just see only a part of people and not their multiple facets ... the problem is not in others but in us not allowing ourselves see the best of those around us, even in their worst moments ... nobody survives without love ... at some point we receive it ... only we no longer remember.

So let's embark on the journey of recognizing that all beings in the deep have loved as if they were a mother, have been loved and cared for with that quality of love ... sometimes we go through moments of anger, sadness and despair ... but what sustains us deep down it is to have received and to be receiving from someone that kind of love. Thus it is easy to see all beings as containers of mother's love.

Finally and from a point of view not so genuine but valid, how would our relationships with others change if we understand that deep down despite their conflicts they have within themselves the full potential to give and receive this kind of love? Even in the worst moments we observe beings like our mothers, the beneficiaries of our mental and emotional health in the greatest possible proportion are we within ourselves.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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