Everything is balanced in the Self.

  • 2012

Everything is balanced. What, from my human, I consider "I" and "the other", is nothing other than my Being distributed in a certain way. Everything is "What I Am." Everything is my Being.

From this point of view, Reality is made up of waves in which, by exerting more "pressure" on one aspect of reality than on the opposite, the latter will manifest itself outside. It will be something that brings to my life another human or situation. Because it is what I (human) do not “deposit” in me, but, by belonging to my Being, who in the last instance I am, is relegated to being part of the outside of what I consider yo .

Nothing ceases to exist because it is not assumed, if I assume the other extreme in duality. Everything is a Everything; therefore, to the extent that I accept that I am not Everything, I generate a duality from which I take a part, leaving the other at the expense of being represented outside of my consciousness, of my domain.

Those are the things we feel victims of. It is what, being outside, affects, because it rubs with what we have decided is our identity, but it is what completes the Being from the human that does not represent it in its entirety.

There is no yo and ajeno, more than from human perception. Everything, yo and other, is One. And that One is Yo .

The role of the harmful couple may be favorable to free themselves, and approach the soulmate, True Love.

If you have a partner that you feel is treating you improperly, that makes you suffer, look to see what causes your behavior. It is not that you judge their attitude, but that you investigate what it is that moves in you.

This person is a projection of your processes that you have hidden. And the incidence of their behavior on you urges you to unveil them to solve them, to work them and integrate them.

Once this is achieved, you will have met with that part of yourself that, having hidden, you perceived that it was expressed from the outside, at will. Then, you will complete.

When this happens, their presence in your life will no longer be right, nor that of any person or situation that is harmful to you. Then, you will be free to finally get in touch with your soulmate. Then, you can definitely carry out the long-standing relationship of love, and only Love.

To achieve this, the work proposal is as follows:

In private: Find a space-time to analyze “what causes you” each of its harmful attitudes, and find a way to carry out “that” on your own, not for him, but for yourself.

- In his presence: Before each painful impact by his behavior, ask yourself: “What attitude of mine, with respect to myself, would free me from this? What do I have to do with this specific situation?

And complete yourself, so that unpleasant treatment disappears, and suffering (which is nothing other than the friction between what you must integrate to complete yourself and your refusal to do so) no longer makes sense in your human life.

Then, everything will be corrected, and only what brings Love, fusion will come into your life. Then, you will be prepared to re-join with your Soulmate.

Graciela Bárbulo


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