Everything is Impermanent, by Message from Master Lanto, via Julie Miller

  • 2014

Dear Hearts, have you ever asked yourselves this: "who am I"? To ask that question is not to clarify who you are according to your name or your marital status or the history of your life. Asking such a question will take you from the outer layers to deeper ones of who you are. Its external appearance, its name, history, etc. It can easily be a reflection of who you really are, but when you take time and strive from the heart and Be to explore who you are at a deeper level, you not only discover a much greater meaning, but feel it. Knowing who you are from within and being able to accept what you find will help you in your current relationships, helping you forge new relationships because you are able to respect them for who you are, just as you learned to accept and respect yourself for those same reasons. .

When you ask yourself this, you are asking who you are as a person, a Child of God. Simply, what you seek to find is what lies under all the titles, labels, categories, and any other trap you may find yourself in to finally see what you are like in your very center. They discover their inner self, the self that is a part of their physical body, the silent part of their Self that is also doing their homework and helping them manage their lives. From here, Dear Hearts, can you honestly and honestly and without using colorful words that tend to be too descriptive describe your true self?

Does it matter to know who you are? What is observed is that there are still many people who are not in contact with their true selves. Instead of always focusing on what they want to be when they go out into the world, the focus should be WHO they want to become instead of what they want to be. Dear Hearts, the "what" is simply another role that you condition yourself to play, and this path takes you on a path that could very well have little to do with your true identity as a person and as a Child of God.

You cannot really align your life with your true and authentic self if you have not taken the time to know who you really are. This trajectory could take many months and years because learning about your self is a lifelong adventure. It is necessary to be able to harmonize your environment with your strongest ideals, values ​​and passions, and yet this cannot happen unless you have discovered your deepest authentic and true self.

Dear Hearts, it is necessary at some point to come to realize that your great ability to find meaning and purpose on this path of life is actually determined by how good your ability to truly know your whole self is. In truth, finding your true and authentic self will open a door to a way of life full of new and exciting routes that give you a feeling that you are fulfilling a sacred part of your Self.

Dear Hearts, there are a few things that need your merit and attention when you are discovering your true and authentic self. When you begin your self-discovery path, it is essential to find out what your values ​​are. Take some time to contemplate what is most important to you and question it from the heart. Are they clinging to values ​​and ways out of habit, out of selfish notions, or are those values ​​meaningful to your heart and Being? See what your priorities are, question your beliefs. Make a conscious effort to understand why everything you consider important is important to you. Are there any values ​​and beliefs that can be improved, changed or let go? This time is perfect to really think how faithful they want to be to their true and authentic selves.

Know your strengths. It is important to know your weaknesses too. Determine what your natural abilities are, those that do not require absolutely any effort or tension to apply, and which ones require further development and growth. Understand Dear Hearts that your strengths that you already have and those that you still need to develop are yours, are part of your personal belongings. Each one provides you with a unique place in life and it is up to you to be aware of them. And yes, Dear Hearts, this also means that you should know what your strong emotional and mental points are because they provide you with the ability to express Love, Compassion and Appreciation, not only for yourself but also for all other people with an equal intention. of affable.

If they don't know what drives them or what their passions are, the road to self-discovery will lead them to this crossing. Knowing what satisfies their passions, what excites them is what gives them the motivation and encouragement to feel alive, to do what they love most and persevere when life becomes difficult. Are your passions aligned with your values, beliefs and ideals? This is vital, my dear ones, when you aim to create an inner harmony with your true and authentic self.

If they have certain tendencies or habits, can they identify them? Do they often require others to define them? It is up to each of you to know your trends and determine if they are negative, positive or even neutral. Are they nervous, or too sensitive? Do they have a habit of being defensive when someone gives them advice, even if that advice is sensible? Do they have a tendency to criticize others? Are they an avid postponer / desidious? Dear Hearts, there are innumerable questions that you can ask, and the ones we have shared are merely examples of what you can begin to ask. Knowing their habits and trends helps them analyze certain critical areas that require your attention and improvement. Knowing these habits and ways will also help you identify which habits contribute most to your strengths and any or all of your triumphs that you have experienced to date in this life.

The path of self-discovery requires honesty and faithfulness, Dear Hearts, for it leads you through many aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten or choose to ignore. It is necessary to admit its limitations. Although they have the ability to try anything, to learn a new skill or to adopt a new thought or way of life, there will be things in which they will never be perfect. But at the same time, there are many things that you can do very well and successfully. Being honest about what they can do is realistic and is a prerequisite for knowing their true and authentic selves. If you have some skills and activities that you want to develop, you will find a way and a time when you are truly ready to invest your time and energy after you have put your focus and energy where you are most. effective. Every child of God has areas that can be improved. Dear Hearts, it is important not to see any current limitation as permanent because everything is impermanent .

Learn to set achievable goals and be realistic, with established established points that provide you with a way to go from one step to the next without feeling overwhelmed or without energy.

Determine what kind of person you honestly want to become. Understand that when you are creating personal goals, even if they are of a spiritual tone, they all have to be specific, achievable and realistic. Give yourself a space for sudden changes and allow yourself to be open to making mistakes because through mistakes is how you find knowledge and encouragement to try again. Where they might find confusion, that will eventually lead to clarity, which will lead them to action.

Do not let the confusion consume you, let it take its course, open your heart and let your fears go. Sometimes they may find it necessary to move away from their goals to allow the fog of confusion to leave them and clarity can enter. Commit to your goals, don't give up halfway. Your success may well be the next step or two. Persevering [through] self-doubt and self-criticism is something admirable. All the goals that have been completed and that have given you a feeling of deep satisfaction, all came because you were focused, committed and persevered.

Dear Hearts, it is vital and essential also to know in this life where you want to take your true and authentic self. As soon as you truly understand and appreciate your values, strengths, passions, habits, limitations and goals, then you will need to have an objective direction to achieve. We encourage you to choose a direction that is feasible, that brings you genuine happiness; then make the effort to move in that direction and allow everything to unfold before you. Every step of your career counts; Choosing is a part of your life and we know that you will discover many delights and wonders that will fill you with admiration, knowledge and wisdom.

Go ahead, Dear Hearts, knowing that you are from the inside out.

And so it is

I AM Master Lanto, Choj n of the 2nd. Light ray

via Julie Miller


EVERYTHING is Impermanent, by Message from Master Lanto, via Julie Miller

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