Do you fear death? What is death?

  • 2017

Life and Life in abundance!

What is death?

(based on UCDM)

What is death?

The first question seems foolish, isn't it true? because who is not afraid of death and forgive for generalizing, because of course, there are those who are not afraid of them. The second, because it also seems foolish, will there be anyone who does not know what death is?

This is a topic we don't like, isn't it? Death is associated with pain, suffering, illness, accidents, war etc.

Would you like to stop being afraid of death? Would you like to know exactly what death is?

My brother, today I invite you to meet UCDM.

Here you will find the right answers, the fear of death will run away, we know that this world is based on fear, we are afraid of everything, to lose our job, to be left by our partner, to Something happens to us on the street and the list is endless, you would like to stop being afraid for all this, today is the right time. You just have to make a decision, that decision is to start UCDM, this is a course of re-education of the mind, of Re-disciplining the mind, here eye, UCDM, explains that this only it happens in a part of our mind that feels separated and that we call it ego, will be precisely the right mind or that does not recognize the separation, the one that will lead you on a safe path, you will discover with certainty who you are, what are you doing here and why.

An easy, current and deep method

A course of miracles is a method that will masterfully help you control your Mind, discern your thoughts and finally lead you to what is called the Holy Instance in it. And from moment to moment you will arrive at the supreme moment in which you will remember that you are Holy, Pure, Impeccable, that you never ceased to be, because God, who is our Father, Believes in the eternal.

Step by step you will leave your fears, you will no longer be afraid of death and you will know for sure that death does not exist.

Yes, it does not exist !, although in this world all witnesses say otherwise because it could not be otherwise, since we live from error to error. When you wake up, just as Jesus did, you will be the Lord and Lord of Life and death will disappear forever. If you think that only he could do it, you must remember his words, Better things that I will do, what remains to be done? Recognize who you are, and done.

Do not think twice, if you do not have a method or if you have it, but you want to speed up the process in hundreds of years, do it now, the Master will accompany you step by step, achievement after achievement and when you wake up He will be there ready to receive you from back home where you never left.

Everything that the Master taught us when he walked these roads, had a well-defined purpose, nothing was left to chance, you remember the death and resurrection of Lazarus, He knew with certainty at which moment each Miracle should happen, it was not enough that Lazarus he died, but he had also spent the necessary time for the body to begin his return to earth, but He arrives and knowing fully the illusion of death raises him. Lazarus says the Bible, he was 4 days deceased, I dare to think that it could have been three, it seems coincidence, not true, He did it on his own in three days.

It is time for my brothers to leave old paradigms and understand and understand the wise teachings of Jesus Christ. If you want to do it, come to UCDM, there you will find answers to all your questions, as long as they do not come from the ego.

I have come to have Life and Life in abundance, it does not seem to you that He wanted to say much more than we see and understand at first glance.

There is only LIFE and nothing else.

The Father is Life and Life in abundance, in Him there are no shortages, in the envelope Love abounds.

Recognize yourself today as your Beloved Son, travel leaf by leaf UCDM and your LIFE will change forever.

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Author. Carlos EFR, editor of the great family of


Channeled by: Helen Schucman

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