Third and last message on Women's Energy, by Sanat Kumara

  • 2010

A lot of sweetness, a lot of feeling of compassion, of hope, of tranquility, is reaching our hearts, of eradicating pain.

It is that we no longer suffer for things that no longer have life, and it is our past. Because everything positive is already archived, and from there, it is where we have to nurture, of the achievement we have achieved in our awakening.

The lunar energies are already very eradicating the entire constitution of the feminine part of pain, over the son. Of pain on the mother, giving birth with pain. Not going to continue broadcasting at all.

The Divine Mother will soon withdraw those swords stuck in her heart. It was like a configuration - on a plane - of delivery performance. Now, for now, starting in 2009, and it already takes a little further back, it will never be rescheduled for a mother to suffer so much for a child, for the tear of losing a child. Fourth, you can't spoil that.

That's why there is a lot of pain. It is as you can understand, those painful periods, your births, your creation; I have already programmed to eradicate it absolutely. Of course there will be a time, in space, and in what remains of your time; and I'm talking about the energy of third that goes up to fourth, fifth. I am talking about the sevenfold, along with the nine, along with the divinity of the "I AM"

Breathe deeply, feel your abdomen, your stomach, your insides. Women of my world, of the feminine world that I created and created. SANAT KUMARA, will eradicate pregnancy through pain. There may be discomfort, there may be some necessary configurations, but the tearing of the soul is completely abolished and erased.

The woman has to reaffirm herself in being free from the pain of that part of menstruation, of that painful part of having had to give birth with pain. Schedule everything you can heal in deliveries. The woman has to work psychically.

But in itself, the woman herself will eradicate in her gut, having to lose her life, for giving another life. Never, -in the new theorem that is being implemented-, a mother will die from negligence, or from mistakes, or from things that are not correct of a death, of a birth. No one will die.

From the staff of power, it is fully reaffirmed, recorded as you can understand in your part of human logic, "There will be no more pain." Yes there may still be a series of small difficulties; it is necessary to understand that a body needs time for transformation, but, look at the animals, in their good form they give birth to their children, and they stand perfectly upright.

I will summarize it. The code will be the most perfect, so that there is hardly any pain, or erroneous contingencies, of what has previously had to be, of what can be called negative karma, that they somaticize or paralyze, that the woman suffers from giving birth or Give life to a child.

You will never consent to that anymore, in all the stadiums that you climb to fourth. Every woman has to bring this genetic code deprogrammed. It is being done a long time ago and is already eradicated in planes.

I hope this is clear. There will be no pain for giving birth to a child, for giving life, in a very, very large degree already.

Not at all we agree with the in-vitro, no. Yes we respect it. Yes, in all this, some agreements will be reached in genetics, in a very different way, but not for money, not for manipulation, and not for sterilization.

It is also abolished of all planes, that the woman is manipulated the genital part. Above all, the most part of that magma of the countries, that their own mothers, their own families, make them violate the right, to that pleasure, to have everything that is their part of their clitoris, all perfect. It will never be, as castrated this feminine part.

No one will reincarnate in fourth, with the awareness that is third, so that he can continue doing these "atrocities", in quotes.

I'm not going to judge - as you can understand on Earth - your decisions. But it will no longer be allowed on the scale of this more feminine psychoidal wave of pain. Do not.

So the same thing that man will not be - this is difficult to understand, but it does not matter - internalized, in some parts, in some planes, for not having a large capacity, such as sperm, or a weaker part, not well created and manifested of his feminine energy, along with the masculine one.

These topics are already a lot of science, and here some channels, they can't take it. But there are some glands, the pituitary and in the sacros, and in quite a few channels, some of the confusion, feminine and masculine, will also be removed; Another thing is androgens.

"Great, beings, mothers"

The Divine Mother, and the coming moonings are very powerful reaffirmation. Just as they are also very powerful of death, of renunciation. When I speak of death, it is renunciation. Many of your bodies will be very worn out. New cancers will come out, new epidemics, problems, many skin problems. Because you have to clear what is left of your karma or your essences there of denial.

They are getting, and I am moving, many statements so that they reach your minds, your flat lenses, so that your pentagrams and your DNA can pick it up.

The moons are very powerful, there will be about 10 or 12 very powerful, but they will also bring catastrophes. Some of your children will still have to die to clean, to regenerate your DNA. Hopefully they are the least possible. But there are beings who are giving themselves, so that women's nuclei can come to understand, that love never ends, even if they are not there by their side.

There will be discussions. The parable of the Divine Master who said "Fathers and children will turn against, husbands and wives" is being fulfilled.

He smiles again and says, I don't want to be dramatic. I don't like all this, I just feel like talking about it, but I have to. I want a happy world, a world of smiles, a world of innocence, a world of love and joy. Sometimes one can get angry or have different views.

It is hard to understand on planes, on another level of consciousness, that you don't love yourself, that you hurt yourself, that you make fun of each other. How can you be one skinnier, thinner, another thicker, another half thick? from your eyes that you don't like, from your hands that you don't like. What atrocities!

Believe it with your mind. Create slender, cute bodies. But, everything is cute with love. The main reason is that you don't love each other. I say this in quotes, because, I know how much love there is in you, why don't you recognize it anymore?

Remember who you are. No more submission, no more denial of "I AM."

My peace I leave you, my joy of living, the innocence that arises in you from the "I AM" and all its strength that contains the divine grace with which it was created. The divine power for which it has been granted and the joy of living.

See you later.

Sanat Kumara

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