Alternative therapies, heal emotional wounds

  • 2015

It is surprising to realize how every day there are more sick people and how diseases and discomforts increase. There are more and more people diagnosed with cancer, it is even more and more frequent to find tumors and cancer in places that were not previously diagnosed. The saddest thing about this is when they lose the battle and end their time in this life. It is also incredible how a disease such as diabetes, can deteriorate the body of the person who suffers, until amputation of any limb.

Not only are these diseases that can end the lives of people, there are also conditions that, although they have treatment and do not cause serious diseases in the body, are very symptomatic and prevent having a "normal" life. Among these are gastritis, dermatitis, allergies, arthritis, asthma, among many others.

There are alternative therapies such as oriental medicine, naturopathic products, aromatherapy, etc. But the great therapy to cure our diseases and prevent them is to heal the emotional wounds that we keep inside .

It is well known by many that some diseases, others believe that all, are provoked emotions . Even doctors accept that gastritis is caused, among other things, by high levels of stress. Patch Adams, was recognized for being the creator of laughter as a therapy for children suffering from cancer, thus demonstrating that the mood of the person strongly influences both the condition and the response to the medication.

On the other hand, the same doctors say that some people are psychosomatic, that is, people who, without having a physical illness, their body has symptoms . This is due to the fact that this person thinks he has that disease, therefore, his brain creates physical discomfort without really suffering from it.

That is why, within alternative therapies, diseases are considered to have an emotional origin . Hence the great importance of considering healing emotional wounds in order to heal the body of diseases. When viewed from this perspective, diseases are only symptoms, ways in which the body speaks to be able to inform the person that something is happening in the soul .

Each disease has an emotional meaning, so it is important to know these meanings in order to detect what our body intends to communicate to us before a symptom . In this way we will know what to solve, what emotion we have to work to heal our body and especially the soul .

Fear, rage, anger, guilt, and hate, and resentment; It manifests with pain, cancer, allergies, among other conditions.

To heal it is necessary to release the body, release those bonds, those feelings that prevent progress, that make our body sick and damaged. This therapy is achieved since we sit down to recognize and face our grudges, hatreds, fears, uncertainties, among many more feelings that we keep in the soul, causing the body to become so dark . The symptoms we have, are not diseases, are alerts of our body that something is not right, that something blocks us and prevents us from being happy and healthy.

Healing must come from the soul, because no matter how long you go to the doctor, how much treatment you take or the amount of various specialists you consult, if you fail to accept, forgive and heal your emotional wounds; the symptoms will continue with you.

To start healing emotional wounds, the main thing is to detect, what are the symptoms you present, what alert calls your organism makes you; locate the place of discomfort; Well, all this will guide you about what you need to cure.

It can be from forgiving, to changing negative emotions for positive and healing emotions, for example, instead of fear, feeling emotion ; instead of sadness, joy

It is easy to read, although applying it in life is very difficult, it is a process, which we may not be used to doing. Forgive from the soul those who hurt us a lot; make fear an ally to move forward, be free, love, do you think all this is worth it for your health and well-being ? The great alternative therapy to cure our diseases and prevent them is to heal the emotional wounds that we keep inside.

Healing emotional wounds is an alternative therapy available to everyone, you just need to choose it in your life.


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