Alternative therapies in Murcia

  • 2010

Daniel Jiménez • 3/17/10 • In the Healthy Life Category


"The purpose of the meeting is to support us from the group in our own healing process that we are all leading to achieve the reality that we are all healers, all in the same common purpose." This is the inspiring concept of the Healing Meeting that will begin tomorrow in the Murcia Ecovillage Los Jardines de Acuario, located in the natural park of Sierra Espuña, within the municipality of Totana.

All those interested in the world of natural therapies, either as experts or simply as interested in the subject, can participate in this event, which will take place between tomorrow Thursday and next Sunday. The objective is to gather as many assistants as possible to disseminate to the maximum all this type of medicine and healing. Therefore, the registration fee set by the organizers is only 10 euros.

Another purpose of the meeting is the creation of a directory of health and alternative therapies in the Region of Murcia. This initiative is part of a broader project to develop a digital guide of resources dedicated not only to natural medicine, but also to many other issues related to the promotion of ecologically and socially sustainable alternative ways of life.

"It will be like some virtual yellow pages of alternative themes in the southeast of Murcia, " explains Elías López Ros, member of Los Jardines de Acuario and manager in addition to the Murcia Alternative website, a space from which information is being collected for Positive News The future digital guide.

A very varied program

Whoever approaches The Aquarium Gardens can choose from a wide range of interesting activities and workshops. The best known alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki or aromatherapy will have their space, as well as other less widespread practices, such as shamanic dances, fire offering ceremonies or temazcal, a type of steam bath made in natural constructions that represent the womb of Mother Earth. "There will be a temazcal exclusively for women, which has been thought of taking into account the nature of female energy, " says López Ros.

Another interesting workshop will be the one aimed at teaching pregnant women to avoid transmitting their personal fears to their children through shiatsu. In addition, a novel concept of yoga will be shown, the so-called yo yoga of laughter, which consists in the integration of this Hindu doctrine and laughter therapy.

The celebration of a concert of Tibetan quartz bowls is also very striking. This is done in a room, where you lie down to listen to the music. The Tibetan bowl emits a vibration, vibration that you also feel inside of you, because we are composed mostly of water, and water is vibration. That's why it helps you heal, concludes Lopez Ros.


Photo: Aquarium Gardens logo, venue of the meeting. Courtesy of its promoters.

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