Water glass technique for meditation

  • 2014

This technique serves to obtain the necessary information from our unconscious when our mental body is dominant in our lower bodies. This will allow us to solve problems of which we don't know the precise solution.

The process takes advantage of the waking state in which our dominant mental body lowers its barriers of defense and self-judgment that blocks instinctive and unconscious perception in a lucid state.

Before going to sleep, prepare a glass of water (medium, full) with a few drops of lemon (an electrolytic solution is formed) .

Perform a relaxation and stillness exercise for your mind. Take a comfortable position, well relaxed and start. As an example I give you this quieting technique:

I close my eyes and I will imagine that a white-silver light widens and expands in my heart, as the air slowly enters and exits my nose. To form an aura of white-silver light as large as I want. When everything is light inside and out, I will think about inspiring:

I am light and when I exhale I will affirm (whispering and letting the air out) I am light .

I will repeat this seven times. Then I will think to inspire: I am peace and when I exhale I will affirm (whispering and letting the air out) I am peace . This I will also repeat seven times.

Once this relaxation exercise is finished, start with the technique.

Before going to bed, drink a glass of water with both hands without your fingers touching each other.

Place your eyes closed as if looking up. This will cause a special psychic state (without forcing you, if you can't just focus on the light of the heart). Call your angel or your Higher Self as you usually do. If you wish, you can say:

From my Presence I Am and my Holy Inner Christ I ask God Father / Mother to tell me during the dream what to do to solve X problem or to tell me what I can do in such circumstance (not giving a lot of explanation, very brief and simple) and if I don't remember when I wake up, I acted as if I knew. I give thanks because it is already done.

You should take half the glass of water and leave it on the light table. When you wake up, you will take the glass of water again with both hands with your fingers apart, and you will drink the rest of the water and tell yourself inwardly:

I thank my angels and my guides for their help. I know this is the only thing to do to find the solution to the problem I have. I give thanks because it's done. ”

Be certain that you will have the answer on this day. You may have the answer during sleep. If so, thanks for the Grace obtained. But if you don't remember the dream –which was always my case–, the door you left open when you said “and if I don't remember when I wake up, I acted as if I knew”, I would urge you to act with the decision of the internal impulse, guided by Everything superior in you.

You can only ask one question at a time per night, if it is your wish. There will come a time when you will have an answer without doing the technique, just by thinking about what you want to know.

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Water glass technique for meditation

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