Distance Aromatherapy Workshop

  • 2012

Aromatherapy is an ancient art that is incorporated into this time of life of rapid changes and accelerated life.

This discipline provides a use of pure aromas for a natural treatment and an important complement to help restore our balance and harmony.

The associative memory of aromas and situations generate the use of oils for therapeutic use since consciousness registers the aroma.

Aromatherapy acts on subtle planes, for them it can be used as vibrational therapy, it also helps meditation, visualizations, concentration, accomplishments and all those techniques aimed at seeking balance and inner harmony.

Essential oils have many properties that cause stimuli in humans and become an invaluable element of well-being.

Through this workshop you will learn to use the essential oils applied in aromatherapy, being a wonderful tool to balance emotions, mind and body.

It has been shown to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, among other discomforts and stabilize the body through relaxing massages using essential oils.

Aromatherapy produces harmony at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and works in two ways, through the benefits of body massage and the inhalation of the aroma of essential oils, derived from flowers, roots. ces, leaves of plants and shrubs.

These oils are absorbed through the skin and their essences are inhaled through the nose, which maximizes the effect of their therapeutic properties.

Workshop content:

What is aromatherapy

How essential oils are obtained

Main methods of extracting essential oils

Massage oils

Aromatherapy for emotional problems

Aromatherapy for children

Aromatherapy to relieve stress

Oils to calm nervous tension

Carrier oils

Remedies with essential oils

Essential oils and physical and emotional effects

Aromatherapy for depression

The aromas and signs of the zodiac

Natural products to make cosmetics

Recipes for skin and body treatments

How to perform an Aromatherapy session

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