Your world is experiencing a multiple time

  • 2018

Today, beloved children of the Earth, we wish to inform you that the Heavens open within a million undisclosed works, which are linked to the advanced nature of what is really to come on your earthly journey to evolution .

The Cielos are about Planes that act through the phases of Global vibration and a Multi-universe, composed of an Abundance of choices and forms. Each one of you usually appreciates you during your search when you take the time to observe what you find above, and you see that your lights are running around the Vault that makes up the sky. earthly.

The energy of each of you oscillates within one and another Plane

In this way, everyone is forced to put aside their old conception of “ Time on Earth, ” which, based properly on the trajectory of these lights, rests on works that are currently erasable, because they are completely useless. and they are outdated. However, the truth is that currently, his world is experiencing a multiple time, which is reflected not only inside their bodies, but also in their actions, their days and nights and even in their dreams, where They are transported to other completely new Temporary Beaches, which are ideal for those who sail with total safety and peace around the great seas of time.

This multiple time disarms them both in their actions and in their habits, because their reference points are not readable and are not in order; however, they give them the opportunity to give up on a daily basis what they "don't know" as real and / or as a "temporary object", which is completely valid at every moment that makes up that moment. Obviously, most of you are afraid of " dissolving " your benchmarks and failing to comply with your actions, which seem to be urgent.

Its presence is divided into numerous pieces within the so-called "multiple time"

This is something that can not be understood rationally, but it is only possible to experience and learn from it through "practice." In this there is an incessant search through the elevated Consciousness, of what is really essential, that is, of the harmonic alignment between the physical body and the thoughts, to achieve this relationship as an absolute and true guide on the actions that are just and those that are necessary.

For all this, we invite you to deeply love yourself and feel completely confident about the veracity of your fragmented Time, in which you will experience a sense of acceleration, which in certain cases can become frantic, since you maintains within the illusory reality and serves as a reflection of reality within their earthly lives, which are divided into different planes of realization, in which their mental and ordinary consciousness, fail to achieve their guides easily or fluidly .

Normally these are family plans that turn out to be an essential part of everyday life; However, there are certain cases in which their energy is between several planes at the same time and some of them are totally unknown, so there are problems, errors, falls, etc. However, this helps to synchronize the temporal perception that they have and better understand what multiple time refers to.

Remember that you are loved and that you are totally surrounded by the Love of the Source .

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