St. Germain: Crossing the Finish Line ... Second part

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 I offer you the expansion - because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded - therefore, I offer you the Violet Flame expanded and exploded! 2 We are free to choose. 3 You have free will. 4 Drink the energy of the violet flame. 5 You are already on, your free will is already on, but it is your decision. 6 You are tired of chaos. 7 You are tired of lies. 8 They are neglecting negativity. 9 My offering is the violet flame. 10 So please drink, jump, immerse yourself in the Violet Flame! This is the termination factor. Please do it. 11 So when I say to you: "Dear hearts of the entire planet, let us make a hurried retreat today, " join me!

Saint Germain: As each one of you plunges, enters, hugs, surrounds, is filled with the essence of the Violet Flame, you are creating for yourself not only the perfect sacred couple, but you are becoming the couple of his own being . And in that, they are able to truly engage in what we call sacred association and what their heart craves.

No, I am not suggesting that you are going to take the person you have been out of the house to the contrary. The point is that they transmute and transform and transcend into a new level of love.

I am not simply offering you coins or spiritual currency or diamonds or rubies out of nowhere ... lead in gold. I offer you for free, with love, with the generosity that comes from the heart of the Mother - I offer you the I AM .

I offer you the expansion - because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded - therefore, I offer you the Violet Flame expanded and exploded!

What do you say, dear Suzi?

Suzi : I say: “Thank you very much, I know that things of this nature can be challenging for people because they have no proof. I understand that our perceptions are opening, so it will be my prayer: that people's perceptions are opened so that they can receive this information and this beautiful and exquisite gift in a more complete way.

We are free to choose.

Saint Germain : Yes. You have this expression, and in fact I joked and said I invented this expression: "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?" Can you remind us sitting in a small meeting place, an inn on the edge of the road, where we played and laughed with these silly questions and then made jokes?

But we would understand it by the predominance - and I say it in very serious terms - of the supreme state of free will; this is - I would say it is "sacred" - but this is the rule that our Mother has made beyond any kind of manipulation. And you know that we love to avoid the rules, and particularly the unjust laws and rulers who are all conceited and believe they are holy, when in fact they are despots, but that is an aside.

You have free will.

The only thing with which we will not interfere or invalidate, although I can try vehemently to convince you in one way or another, is free will .

Now you say: Saint Germain, my prayer is that people listen and receive, and that is why I have spoken and spoken so vehemently today. I beg you, but I can't do it for you! I offer you this, not as an olive branch but as a fiery hell, or as a chalice filled with electric elixir, whatever works for you.

Where does free will come in? My dear ones, all of you have said: Well, I don't know if this is real. I don't know if this will work. I don't know how this is going to know, but what the hell, I'll take a sip. I can't force you to swallow it by the throat. And the test of passing the finish line does not come before, it comes later. That's why I beg you so urgently, but offering them in the greatest sense of celebration!

Drink the energy of the violet flame.

You know, along a marathon route there are stations - what I would call a road station - where they offer you several energy drinks, Gatorade or pure water, and it is before crossing the finish line. So I have positioned myself with you and for you - and by the way, the road station, that collection point, is loaded with all of us. And we are offering you, while running - the finish line is in sight but only to reinforce you; and we have reinforced you, by the way, the whole relay - we are offering you this bottle, cup, energy drink of the Violet Flame .

You are already on, your free will is already on, but it is your decision.

Now I want to address this, if I may, from a slightly different perspective, because I know them all! So yes, we have covered the: "Well, I'm not sure what he knows but what the hell, I'm going to take a sip . "

But then there are those of you who may be further back and feel that they are no longer running . They are crawling to the finish line and are exhausted.

You are tired of chaos.

And let me really tell you, what are you tired of. They are not exhausted. And they have been receiving perhaps the palest lavender, but they have been receiving gifts and many tunes, the Tsunami, the Porlana C along the way. They are exhausted, not even because of the uncertainty. They may be framing it that way, but I want to put it another way: they are exhausted by chaos; they are exhausted by lies; they are exhausted by the unpleasant behaviors in which human beings have been involved.

Now notice what I say. I do not say that human beings are disgusting, sinful, irreverent. They are behaviors, they are detours, they are diversions and distractions in which they have been involved, and everything has surfaced. That is why I say that this has been a marathon of chaos.

You are tired of lies.

When they are so exhausted, when they feel they are moving forward, crawling towards the finish line, it is not because you do not have this or that, because what you have is your knowledge and your faith and the firm determination that you are going to do this . And in this, your exhaustion comes from being tired of trying and feeling that those who are in the race - the human race - do not care about you, and would rather engage in the low side, the negative side of that vibration, “the old "

But beloveds, don't think you aren't being bathed in the Violet Flame too. They are moving from what you would call in terms of their spectrum from negative to neutral. They have jumped - they weren't even in neutral, but we're going to use that as a benchmark - they've jumped from neutral to spectacular, so don't worry about them!

They are neglecting negativity.

Suzi : [Laughs] I'm surprised how fast it has gone this time. Many tangible things are happening on the planet that indicate that great changes are taking place . I think what people are looking for is a change in the financial reality of all of us. Could you talk to that please?

Saint Germain : You know I can only talk about that in a limited way.

Suzi : Hmm, I imagined it.

Saint Germain : So this is not the time or place . And, in fact, I am quite horrified that there are those who in fact claim to speak for me or who claim to know my plan, which as you know is the Mother's Plan - it is the Divine Plan.

My offering is the violet flame.

Let me tell you this. There have been many final arrangements. Everything has been in place for a long time, and many of the expansions that you have been looking for - and the creation and co-creation of the Nova Earth - has depended on human beings ... their term would be to "arm their act together" ... And I would suggest that this is part of my Violet Flame offering to those of you who are at the turning point - who are at the finish line!

Therefore, it is imperative - essential! And they know that I have often spoken outrageously and vehemently, but when I say "imperative" and "immediate, " I mean exactly that.

So please drink, jump, dive into the Violet Flame! This is the termination factor. Please do it.

Suzi : Yes, relax and trust and ...

Saint Germain : Nothing, dance, play!

Suzi : Yes. I love that! Be happy. Get happy.

Saint Germain : You know, even when we were, say, making a quick exit from various unpleasant or dangerous situations - because there were many when I was fit who did not like; They were jealous and that's why we were going to make a hasty exit - but even in that, we were having fun !

And when we got enough away, we stopped and rested the horses and prepared them, and we sat down and had a cup of wine and some bread. And we laughed because we not only knew that we were doing what we wanted to do - which, even then, was transforming the planet - but we also did it to lay the foundations for today.

So when I say to you: "Dear hearts of the entire planet, let us make a hurried retreat today, " join me!

Suzi : Yes, yes, of course. And let me offer my sincere thanks to you and Sanat Kumara, and of course to all our friends who are working so hard with us in a beautiful partnership. Hurrah! Hooray for everyone! Many thanks.

Saint Germain : Oh, thank you, my beloved. Let's sit down and drink not only the presence of the I AM, but a glass of wine together.

Suzi : Yes, happily!

Saint Germain: Go with my love. Goodbye, goodbye

Suzi : Goodbye.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of a great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2017) St. Germaine Comes With An Invitation To Assist Us In This Final Birthing And Crossing Of The Finish Line 12/11/2017. Council of Love

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