They are supported in wonderfully synchronous ways, "by Master Hilarion

  • 2011

Dear ones:

The focus of the following days is to continue to remain seated, alert and calm. Allow the energies to flow through you to the center of the Earth and then back to the great central sun, in a benevolent and continuous flow. Allow yourself to release any remaining energy to be cleared as it rises to the surface, remembering that no matter how they arise, it only means that they are out and moving away from you. Try not to be pulled back to the ellipse of these old energies, have the intention only that you have finished with them and that you have completed, and ask Mother Earth to absorb those energies. Then, transmute them and use them wherever they are most necessary.

Those who are waking up continue to gather in large numbers in every city, town and village throughout the world. There is a surge of momentum that has not reached its summit, and these meetings will continue until those in power are forced to begin making the changes to the system that are demanded. The days have passed when those in positions of power did not listen to the demands of their people. A new day of possibilities is coming on the horizon for new ways of governing the affairs of a country and a nation. Those who are waking up will not give in their demand for justice for everything that has kept the good people in each country chained to impossible control systems.

Now it is a time of grace for you, my dear ones, who have worked incessantly through many, many lives so that the actual events to achieve the ascension of the Earth and all in it will bear fruit. As you continue to experience the liberation of everything that no longer serves you on your ascension path, you will find yourself supported in your daily lives in wonderfully synchronous ways. Ask for anything you need, and then observe the response that comes in quick and wonderful ways. Your angels are anxiously waiting to serve you in any way that can help you move through this stage. Remember, they love you unconditionally and do not judge you about anything you are experiencing. She is simply an experience, one that you chose in order to learn specific lessons or acquire specific insights and talents before your incarnation.

As you move through these experiences, know that there are millions who are also experiencing their own tests and challenges in particular for their own learning and education, so you are not alone in your own kingdom, you are not truly alone. Do not be disappointed when everything seems dark, just keep trying. Putting one foot in front of the other is how miracles are achieved. Adhere to your daily disciplines as best you can, get plenty of rest and relax, and spend as much time as possible outside in nature among the family of trees so that they may offer your support and healing when possible.

Find the way within yourself to distance yourself from any apparent chaos that arises, and keep those powerful visions of a better world for everyone on this your beautiful planet. Focus daily on your heart chakra and feel the pulse of your love reach everyone's hearts on, in and around the planet.

Your united love in Unity is what will change this world. Let everything you think, say and reflect this.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion


© 2011 Marlene Swetlishoff -

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