We are Masters of Light .. We are Love in full action "Message from Lord Kuthumi, through Marisa Ordonez

  • 2011

“Beloved brothers:

The Masters of Light in the Service of the Most High greet you by blessing your presence on Earth.

Know that this is a moment of profound change in forms, for their lives and for the entire Planet. Times are brighter even if your eyes only see, at the first glance, the thickness of what you are saying goodbye to never return to you.

Stand firm in your intentions to spread the Word of Truth and hold your hearts in Love because everything that is happening, inside and outside, is the direction you are. themselves as humanity have committed to experiment to finally understand that there is no outside and inside, good and bad, light and dark.

The time of contradictions is ending and with it the suffering of the glazes and the forgetting of one's essence.

The plot of Life is woven into the Unity of Being and their consciences are now fully understanding what this means.

Peace is coming to the Planet and you, the awake humans, are the facilitators of the great shift towards Unification in LOVE.

Their hearts are, now, ready to let anchor the graces and virtues that have always been there, since the beginning of all time because of those virtues the Being lives and from those graces they nourish themselves ceaselessly in the magical game of the Creator, All that is.

Look now at your hearts and listen to what your Divine Guide is proclaiming. Live with freedom those high radiations of Light that permeate everything, that heal everything, that all elevate you to the Eternal Harmony that is Peace, Joy and Power.

In their hearts is the Power that has never left.

In their minds is the Clarity that feeds Joy.

In the Unity of Being is the PEACE that they have always sought.

It is time to reign in the fullness of his gifts and bring the good news to each place in the Universe: We are the Creator God manifesting the richness of his Perfection.

We are all one.

The Universe is in us because we are the Divine Universe, the Light and the Perfection.


Love is permanence, omnipotence. Everything encompasses and consumes it in its Goodness.


We only ask you to remember these truths in every step, in every moment, in every brother.

A path of brilliance opens before you, today.

Bless the Service they have chosen for their lives and accompany each one from the most noble presence and sweet look.

Thus they will be predicting on Earth, the opulence of Heaven that has always belonged to them.

Remember that they are a reflection and manifestation of the Divine Substance and owners of the Great Universe of Light.

Praise the Most High in the Unity of our Burning Hearts.

We are your brothers of the White Fraternity in the Service of loving assistance to all workers in the Planetary Ascension movement.

Namaste! Amen. Hallelujah.

I am Kuthumi.

Marisa and Co.

May the Light be your Guide and your Heart the force in your action, every moment, every day.

May this be your mantra and enjoy your New Ascended Life !!!


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