We are the light of God, it is the spark that illuminates our hearts ~ messages from the angels

  • 2014


We really love you very much.

Dear ones, in your heart there is a spark of Light that is the very seed of your Being. It is the Light of God's Love, the most pure energy from which you come. It is the Light from which you were created and the Light to which you will return. She is the Light that guides you, heals you and continues to remind you who you really are.

Take a moment. Breathe Imagine that this Light is getting brighter every time. Imagine that you are expanding beyond the limits of your body to the outside, to the world, as they become more and more brilliant.

Imagine looking for areas of your body that are tense, dense or frozen in fear. Imagine you are heating these areas, these tiny dark spots, and melting them. Imagine that Light is fed now with every breath you breathe. Inhale and allow them to brighten. Exhale and allow anything less than this Light to be exhaled.

Now imagine a situation in your life that needs to heal, help or brighten. It could be a relationship, a financial situation, or something they dream of creating. Imagine it any way you want. Imagine now that you can take a spark of this energy from your heart and put it in that situation. If it's a relationship, imagine that you are putting this spark of energy between you two. If it's your finances, imagine that you are putting this spark of energy in your bank account or in your accounts. If it is a desired situation or creation, place this spark there.

And then, my dear ones, while you inhale and increase your Light, imagine that the Light of this spark also increases, the desired area of ​​your life is brightened and filled with more Light, for certainly by increasing your own Light, your own Love, his own Peace, and his own Joy will fill the areas of his life with that Light.

Keep breathing for as long as you wish and allow this Light to be the fuel that burns any darkness in your body, mind, heart, Being or life. As you are filled with this Light you will also fill every aspect of your life. Do this frequently and watch your life transform as everything in life is more easily changed from inside to outside.

God bless you! We love you very much.

- The Angels



Hello everyone:

I spend some time daily allowing energy and Light to flow through me. I usually do it for at least ten minutes every morning and fifteen minutes at night. I don't always want to do it; Sometimes I would rather watch TV or sleep a little more, but I know from years of experience that if I allow this Light to flood my Being, I feel suddenly awake. I feel satisfied and my life flows with greater grace and ease.

When I need more money, I don't work anymore. . . I am already working as much as I can without feeling drained, or without sacrificing the quality of my work. Instead, I take time daily to slow down, focus on the abundance of life around me, thank and express my gratitude for my life. In that vibration the honest response of the Universe to me is one that echoes my feelings of abundance.

When something happens that I don't like, instead of doing a mini tantrum like I used to when I was younger, I take a deep breath and I remind myself of this: “It's okay that this is in front of me; handle it with kindness and affection. ”In this energy everything is resolved very quickly. Recently I had a great test of my ability to stay inwardly balanced. In my online calendar this past December - the one I make as a gift for all of you - I used a Facebook photo that was not marked with copyright or digital watermark. “Ignorance is not happiness, ” as I discovered when I received a letter from the legal department of a photo site, saying that photo was copyrighted and although I had no way of knowing, I was responsible for paying a high fine. I was informed that if I did not do so, I would be the subject of a lawsuit. Ouch

I wasn't happy, if it had been I would have handled it differently. In fact, once I found the name of a woman whose site had a text copied from mine word by word, I also had rights but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and simply asked her to remove it before she considered legal action. I had faith that we could solve this as adults. She removed the copied material immediately, apologized and closed the matter. However, they showed me no mercy in the other recent case. Was that fair? I could see both sides of that argument, and just or not, this company had legal rights. I left useless discussions in my head and decided that it had been a hard lesson, and put the bill / bill on my credit card. I stopped, breathed, and gave thanks for everything I had in my life, and returned to the frequency of abundance. Within a week, people who owed me suddenly paid me, money came from unexpected sources and I continued with my life, wiser in these things and without bad effects. I could have wasted a lot of time on this, but I know after many years working with the Angels that no outside situation was more important than keeping my Inner Being positive and grateful.

It is a waste of time fighting trying to change things from the outside. If we are not willing to align our energy with the desired intensities first, if we try to find a loving relationship but do not love ourselves, we will find a lesson. If you try to increase your finances when you are fearful, you will be constantly working hard to counteract your lack mentality. If they stick to their feeling of being victimized after someone has attacked them, they will probably perpetuate their bad feelings and postpone their healing. If they are involved in activism, they cannot create peace with warrior attitudes or lovingly educate people while they are immersed in anger.

Always, always, we must align our body, mind and Being with the Love and Light of which we are made, and from there our actions will be more effective and graceful. Even the hard situations of life are handled more easily if you find the loving energy inside.

Have a wonderful week ... starting from inside to outside!
Love and hugs,


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We are the light of God, it is the spark that illuminates our hearts ~ messages from the angels

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