Summer Solstice: Tips to receive the change of seasons in the best way.

  • 2018
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"Live every season of the year as it passes, breathe the air, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influences of each season."

Henry David Thoreau

The summer solstice, also known as the summer solstice, occurs when one of the Earth's poles reaches its greatest inclination towards the Sun. It occurs between June 20 and 22 in the northern hemisphere, and between December 20 and 23 in the southern hemisphere

The summer solstice day is the longest of the year, and since prehistory it has been a significant moment for many cultures, a reason for festivals and rituals throughout the world.

Either way, you don't need to hold a pagan festival to celebrate this change of seasons in a special way. Many consider this a good time to establish a deep connection with their feelings, the elements and the Sun Father of all life . And it is an invitation to do less and be more.

While everyone can find their own way to achieve this sense of connection with others and channel this energy productively, we will review some tips to keep in mind.

Look for the connection with nature

The summer solstice is a special time to work on your connection with your surroundings . This is because the abundance of solar energy has a great influence on the way you relate to the environment.

Get out of your house, perform any activity that involves movement, breathe deeply the energy around you. Take off your clothes and let the sunlight bathe your whole being . Nothing, dance, celebrate your body. Give thanks for the day, for our great star, the Sun, and for the life that emanates.

Find a time for self-reflection

This moment of the summer solstice is good to take advantage of to observe yourself . Nothing gives you more benefit in this sense than understanding and understanding where you are in your life, what you have learned over time and what you think you still need to learn. Check yourself, and make peace with everything that has happened to you . You will see that it is like lightening the load you are carrying. Excellent time to spend time with you and get to know you in depth.

Practice Meditation

Hand in hand with the previous recommendation, this is a very powerful time to enter a more spiritual frequency . During the summer solstice, meditative activities can help you open your heart and reach a state of harmony and happiness.

One of the most recommended is the meditation to the Sun, which helps you conserve the energies that this day radiates in the environment. Imagine you feel a radiant sun in your solar plexus and watch the rays shine evenly to all sides. Breathe deeply under the influence of these rays that surround you.

Share in community

The summer solstice is also a great opportunity to make contact with others . Energy and abundance of light fill hearts and awaken community consciousness in people. It's a great time to smile at those around you.

This awakening of your relationship with all the other things around you can become more interesting if you choose to exchange moments with other people who are living the same moment as you. The heart will bloom and expand.

Have fun

Beyond any astrological meaning, the beginning of summer has always been a time of recreation . The energy in the environment is powerful and also causes an excitement of emotions. I know like a child going on vacation .

The summer solstice is a very special event to make fun a priority . Play, jump, and seek to learn something new. Stop needing a plan for everything and let the events surprise you. Allow yourself to enjoy spontaneity .

Celebrate, spend time with people who enjoy taking the inner child out for a walk, and let yours flow without shame.

Energize your home

This is also an excellent time for those fans of energy stones . Take your crystals out, spray them with salt and let the moonlight charge them again.

The best stones for this moment are the citrine for warmth and joy, the garnet for love and energy, the carnelian to transfer the energy of the sun to the body and the eye of the tiger to attract the strength and motivation.

Take advantage of the summer solstice to transform them into talismans, and let this powerful energy extend for a long time. Set your intentions for the times to come.

Free your creativity

This time of the year the spirit connects with the creative capacity. This makes the summer solstice a magical stage that invites us to expand the limits of our thinking and creativity. Visit museums, new places. Encourage new adventures and try unknown experiences during the summer. Allow yourself to feel and translate your feelings the way your spirit desires . Dare to paint or draw, dance to the beat of the music, write entries in your diary expressing your feelings.

Let people around you know that you care.

Start writing a dream diary

If you are not a person touched with the wand of creativity, try to write every morning those memories that you have left of what you dreamed. Dreams are mental processes loaded with a symbology that can tell you about your deepest emotions . Write in detail everything you can remember as soon as you wake up. This is a trigger to boost your conscious levels of creativity .

Writing a diary is also a very effective way to set goals and intentions for the months to come. Reflect on the past seasons of the year and take note of what you have achieved in those moments. Take the opportunity to think about the steps to follow in your path.

End the summer solstice with a ritual of respect for the sun

Because the summer solstice is one of the most energetic moments of the year, many people take the opportunity to express respect for nature and its life force. If you are one of those people who like to express their connection with the events of life, there are simple rituals to celebrate this change of season.

A very simple one to attract power and energy in this new season consists of 7 steps:

- Draw a circle with a point in the center representing the sun

- Place four candles on the four cardinal points

- Stand facing south, and place behind you a paper where you write down everything you want to get away from your life.

- In front of you, place another paper with what you want to achieve.

- On the left, the east, place a paper with what you want to learn and manifest in your life.

- Then, light the candles in the following sense: North, South, West, East.

- Finally, repeat the words “Power of the sun, now we are one. It shines for what will come, releases everything that has happened and brings happiness to all. ”

This can be done alone or in a group.

Let the energy of the summer solstice fill your days.

Get ready to receive the season and make the most of it.

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