Sun in Pisces

(February 20 March 21)
New Moon: Tuesday, February 24. (Start time phase: 01:30)
Full Moon: Wednesday, March 11 (Exact time: 03:38)
Motto: I leave my Father's home and return, I save
Rays: Second and Sixth
Exoteric Regent: J piter (2 Lightning)
Esoteric Regent: Pluto (1st Ray)
Hierarchical Regent: Pluto (1st Ray)

Pisces is the 1st. and last sign of the zodiac. This fact is indicated by the symbol of the 2 fish that go in the opposite direction. If Capricorn is the Alfa and Omega of the entire creation, Pisces represents the Alpha in the Omega, or the Omega in Alpha . For the common man this sign ends at the spring equinox, but for the man on the reverse wheel, it begins at the equinox.

In the physical body this sign represents the feet, but for the disciple who is building the "Antakârana", these fish help produce the light that forms the Upper Bridge. This light is the fusion of two great yogic impulses (past and future run in opposite directions to meet in man). In the yogi there is only one light, the eternal present. The light that emerges as a fusion is called "The Fish" "The God-Fish." Mr. Of the renovations (renews the wisdom of the entire Creation, saving the worlds by means of it. In the astronomical plane there is a group of stars that unites the two fishes of the constellation of Pisces, this group of stars have the form of a light and govern the faculty of building the upper bridge in the disciple and this process is called “The Fishing.” When Jesus taught this wisdom, he gave the following command to his disciples “You will be fishers of men” Pisces indicates the culmination of man as the son of God in the same way that Aquarius indicates the culmination of the perfect man.This culmination is carried out through the grace of "The Mother of the World", for this reason Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs., the evolution of the body begins with the water beings that are ruled by Pisces and ends with the body of the man who is ruled by Aquarius. Spiritual evolution begins with Capricorn and ends with Pisces, following the reverse order of the wheel. The evolution of the personality begins with Libra and continues on the planetary path. The evolution of the soul begins at the same point and follows the path of the equinoxes, both are in Aries, where personality dissolves with the soul.

Pisces is the 3rd. water sign The 3 water signs indicate "the end of things", Cancer indicates the end of life after death, Scorpio the end of consciousness or the end of a physical life, Pisces the end of a spiritual cycle, what It means the beginning of another better cycle. In the fall of man, Cancer is the physical death, Scorpio the mental death and Pisces the spiritual escape from death. The secret of longevity is hidden in this sign and its two fish are described as "The eyes of the Mother who do not blink", The disciple who is influenced by this sign or who was born in it, can receive and transmit grace by the eyes and his gaze is one of the faculties that this Being inherits.

Pisces governs all the philanthropic activities of the world, in the same way Virgo its opposite governs the service to humanity that suffers as (hospitals).

Varuna governs this sign in his capacity as Neptune, whose ray is the cause of ecstasy. Losing the lower mind in the background of the soul is the faculty that Neptune grants, for this reason it guides the path of the disciples to higher initiations, through the path of devotion “Bhakti yoga” one of the 3 main paths of liberation, since takes most of his followers to the grace of "The Mother of the World" which is located in the opposite fate Virgo. Neptune is the exclusive Pisces Master and has a double function. It acts on the disciples in order to lose their lower consciousness (personality), in the higher or group consciousness and for those who follow the path of grace; Neptune reflects the mysterious rays of the upper Cosmic force "Indra" helping the evolution of the Chacras and expanding consciousness. For the beings that are at the individual level the ruler is Jupiter that helps to expand the consciousness of the personality through social, economic or political acts. Venus is the ruler of this sign for those who follow the path of love, this path is chaired by "Maitreya the Lord", although for certain reasons, it is currently performed by "Gautama Budda". The numerical power, like Virgo, is 7, these two signs express this power both positively and negatively. The synthesis of Pisces is the positive aspect and the Virgo analysis is the negative.

This sign deals mainly with the great mysteries of the temples of initiation, as well as with the secrets of the human framework and its relationship with the framework of the cosmic man that are preserved and hidden as “photographs” in this sign and are reflected in the depths of the disciple's conscience- The color of this sign goes through 2 phases, it seems blue but it is white, some call it light blue, others bright or transparent white, but everything is a play on words, because the true color is always given by the "Guru" at the time of initiation. The language of sound and color can only be learned at the soul level, because the colors and sounds known to the common man are only effects of the original colors and sounds. The PH sound acts on this sign for the common man, the "F" sound for the disciple.

Excerpts from the book "Spiritual Astrology." Ekkirala Krishnamacharya. Dhanishtha Editorial

The Work of the Savior ”

This 12th work of Hercules has to do with the Savior of the World, and as this work is completed the Savior goes to Higher planes, when the works get along, the Advanced Initiate moves to higher planes.

The Master told Hercules to go once again to the lower regions to free a red cattle that entered beyond the waters on the other side, under the control of a monster who was helped by a two-headed dog . The monster had three heads and six arms. Once the work was completed Hercules was insured for the upper circles ...
Hercules began the work and on the way to him, he worshiped Agni, the God of fire getting a gold vessel, in that vessel he sailed on the waters and reached the island where those red cows were in the custody of the monster. He killed the two-headed dog and also the monster, safeguarding that cattle inside the gold vessel and returned it to the Sacred City.

The work of returning a group of beings to their original place in the Sacred City, is the work of the Savior, it is about putting the race to the light (mass initiation), and this can only be done after experiencing "The self being the light". The vessel of gold is the golden light in which Hercules' body became and with this body floated on the waters of life that is in an involutive process.

Facing the three-headed monster and the dog of two, refers to undoing the bonds acquired in the involution process, bonds that we make through the three signs of fire that we turn into the fire of matter, by the three signs of air, by the three signs of water and by the three signs of land, are four triangles with triangular ties, which have to be undone in the process of evolution. There is also another triple descent that is understood as Soul, personality and individuality, and when the waters have reached the depths of matter, they are elevated again and when individuality and personality open up again, one can live as Soul, aspect reached by Hercules. Now its conversion is in “Super - Soul” or “Universal Soul”, to merge into the deposit of consciousness, so the process of involution and evolution no longer exists in what this cycle refers to and this is what the dog represents of two heads. The 1st distortion occurs in Aries, the 2nd in Gemini and the 3rd in Libra and with these three knots the Soul is tied to the body according to the operation of the zodiac, and we cannot free ourselves until the three knots are released.

The only quality that the Soul needs to solve the three conditions is the will, otherwise we live tied in this wheel.

Notes from the seminar held in Engelberg by Master KP Kumar in May 1994. "Hercules the man and the symbol". Dr. KP Kumar Editorial Dhanishtha

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