About Mary Magdalene

  • 2012

Mary Magdalene was the beloved disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, the one who best understood his words, the one who was with him in his most important moments of his life among us, at his side in the crucifixion, and also next to the sepulcher was the first He saw him resurrected.

The apocryphal gospels, such as that of Philip, that of Thomas, or the one known as that of Mary Magdalene, of which only remains are found, tell us about a special relationship, to her Jesus talked about things that he did not tell rest of the disciples.

He spoke of the Essenian traditions, of the divine spark that every man and woman has inside him, that the place of joining God would not find him in great temples but would find him in the inner temple, in his own spiritual heart.

When Jesus left this world and the disciples felt helpless she was the one who spoke to them to give them the courage to continue preaching, which showed them a new gospel with words that only she had heard from her Master.

The first Christians witnessed the great importance of the women who accompanied Jesus, that Mary of Magdalene was an extension, the representation of the Gnostic knowledge that he imparted.

Until the year 90 of our era was undoubtedly his great work first in the dissemination and later in the influence on the first communities that heard the sacred words, then little by little the society of the time where the feminine was considered subordinate to the masculine It was blurring his figure.

From the beginning the man, who represented the stone, the immovable, Peter faced the flourishing power of the feminine aspect, which represented Mary Magdalene.

The institution with fewer followers at that time, supported by Pablo, gradually gained power and closed the doors in the new religion to women.

Around the year 400 of our era they closed the circle and only admitted the canonical gospels, burning and forgetting the role of women and their maximum representation considering it a prostitute and sinner without any text, even in the recognized gospels being said That was his life.

And I want to say about that that the important thing of each human being is his present, his now.

And even if that were the case, Jesus himself gives us an example, when a woman washed her feet with her tears and her hair and the owner of the house considered her a sinner and it seemed bad that she was close to Jesus, he said that when they had more sins but I would love him to forgive them, and he said woman I forgive you your sins. He cared about the now, not the past.

The Catholic Church in 1969 recognizes that the name of Mary Magdalene has been defamed and removes her name from the penitents of the Santoral.

I recognize the work of Mary Magdalene accompanying Jesus, being by his side, sharing his good and bad moments.

Everything from the smallest part of our matter has a ying principle and another yang, a feminine and a masculine aspect and the spirit is created with the balance of the two. Since both are sacred.

Solar Humanity- Emilio

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