On Listening as a Key Spiritual Instrument in Our Path, by David C. Lewis

  • 2013

On October 14, 2012 David Chrstopher Lewis gave this speech Monday, October 22, 2012


From the Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston .

About Listening as a Key Spiritual Instrument in Our Path

Today I would like to talk about listening, because listening is very important when we are dealing with music. I have been talking about music before and now I would like to share this topic from a totally different perspective.

I believe that listening is a component key in our spiritual path. Of course, we have an inner ear, which we can use to listen beyond our physical ears (which are also very important). Just as we have a third eye, we also have an inner ear that allows us to contact the divine world and hear the voice of God speaking to us within us, intuition flowing through It is from our mind and heart that are manifested through the rays of light and sound. We have heard of these rays and we have some understanding that leads us to a higher way of listening and allows us to recognize the frequency and vibration from the octaves of light.

Listening as a spiritual tool is key for all of us, because as we know, often by listening to others we prepare to speak instead of being fully present, very attentive to what the other person is saying. When we listen from a point of receptivity instead of trusting our reactive mind to what has been said, we truly understand and can understand. And I think we develop compassion through listening: a sensitivity that gives us a greater awareness of everything around us and that that person is a life stream, to which that person is emanating through his words, the emotions and even the memories of other patterns that move through your speech and your voice.

When we listen to nature we hear much more than the eye can see, because through the portal of listening, through our physical ears, we perceive the frequencies: vibrations, emanations that are different from the frequencies we receive through our eyes and other senses and these frequencies indicate certain things. And these are wave patterns, because all sounds create waves. When we understand the importance of interpreting what these wave patterns mean, we can more easily tune in to the message, receive it and understand it, and then, based on what we know, responding according to and hoping it is beautifully, with the Intuitive faculty that provides us with a great impetus to share it.

Many of the natives were able to interpret the different sounds and voices of the birds and know what they wanted to express and therefore understand what was happening around in the environment. The birds may be warning each other of winds or storms on the way or other creatures in the area that could be problematic for their lives. Birds can be talking about all kinds of things they have observed from their house about trees, because they can see beyond what we can see from where we live on earth. They have a wider field of vision. If you can interpret this in another way, birds, as symbolic of ascended masters in one sense, can share with us a higher perspective through their ear, their vision, which we can interpret.

So this is just the beginning. I advise you to listen carefully during these four weeks to others, to your own soul, to the Source of life for yourself: within your Divine Presence, within your heart, within the secret chamber of your heart, where the resonance and the beautiful foundations of being are always reverberating in that sacred space of light deep within us.

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"The Science of Harmony and the Science of Aquarian Music and Song."

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