Dreaming of death, by Edna Wend-Erdel

  • 2012

- Do dreams of death announce death to you? Because last night I dreamed that my mom was dying! Tell me, Elena, is the dream giving me notice of my mother's next death? Victoria's voice is altered.

The elevator opens its doors in front of them on the fifth floor of the building where they both work. It is one o'clock in the afternoon and it is Thursday, day that both reserve for lunch together. There is no one else in the elevator, so Elena is encouraged to respond.

It depends, Victoria. All dreams may be literal or they may not be. You know: you always have to interpret. But don't worry so fast. Tell me your dream.

When leaving the building, Elena brings her hand to her neck, raising her scarf a little. Winter is especially cold today.

In my dream my mom is lying in my bed, just operated. I know it's not very good anymore, it doesn't look good. Call Consuelo, my babysitter, and strangely asks her to see the soles of her feet. For some reason she knows that the soles of the feet change when a person is about to die. Did they change? He asks. My babysitter says yes, that they have already changed, so my mother knows that she will die from one moment to another. I am in his room and I come to see his feet. I realize that he has a bruise on the sole of his right foot and loose skin. What did you dream more strangely?

Ah ends? Elena asks, while they wait for the green light of the traffic light.

No, wait, there's still a need, Victoria continued, now crossing the street. Well, I'm still. Now I know that I must say goodbye to my mother and I am very sorry. I approach her and tell her repeatedly I love you so much, mom; I love you so much, so much. She hugs me and tells me that she also loves me very much. Then I tell her that we are not going to separate, for she will always be with me; I ask you to help me from the other side when I ask. I wake up feeling very sad.

Elena and Victoria enter the usual restaurant, the one they call of the old ladies, because their owner and the cooks are all older women. They prepare a homemade meal that they love. They settle on a table in the corner and, after ordering that day's menu, begin with the interpretation.

-What is death? - Elena asks.

- The end of a life to move to a better one. It sounds cliché, but that's really what I think - Victoria laughs.

-It's okay. Now, first tell me what a mother is and then tell me about your mother, how she is.

- A mother is the being who gives you life, that protects and sustains you. My mom is a very strong person, she took care of the whole family when my dad walked away. I've always seen her very controlled in her feelings, maybe not very sensitive, I don't know ... But I understood that it was out of necessity, she had to put too many responsibilities on her.

–Ok, Victoria. And tell me, is there an aspect of you that is very strong, that has had great responsibilities to take care of, and that from there is sometimes not very sensitive or very controlled in your emotions? The "Great Victory" maybe?

Victoria puts her elbows on the table and lets her face rest in her hands with a deep sigh.

- Hmm ... So it's me, no ... Yes, well, Elena. You know so Since I separated I have had to take care of my children and the house alone, with all that that implies.

- And do you feel today that this "Great Victory", the strong one, which has controlled your emotions, is somehow losing life to move to a better one? –Elena takes a sip from the glass of wine she dared to ask for that day.

- Well ... Lately I've felt the need to lock myself in the bathroom to cry, you know. I am very tired, Elena! - Victoria's eyes become watery. –There are too many responsibilities. And I don't complain about that, I just want to have time for myself. One or two days a week with an activity only mine. I think that would greatly relieve me.

"That's what you have to do then, Victoria." You're going to "move on to a better life" if you do that - Elena laughs. –Now you have to get closer to what your heart wants and let yourself feel whatever is inside you. But don't forget that your "Great Victory", that strong Victory, capable of everything, does not abandon you. She will always be with you when you need her.

- So my mother is not going to die?

"Well, no, I think not, " Elena affirms, with her smiling face when she sees in front of her the "snowy milk" dish, her favorite dessert, which has just been brought to her.

Dreaming of death, by Edna Wend-Erdel

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