You can only be happy expressing your true Nature, by Saul

  • 2014

Only by loving will you bring lasting satisfaction, and if you are honest with yourself you know it.

Ascension is the event you should concentrate on, since it is an important part of your awakening process, and you are very close to it.

Yes, you still hear this from numerous channels, but it is true, and you are bringing it into existence for your collective intention, so do not allow your disappointment for apparent but unreal delays to cloud your vision, instead strengthen your intention and desire to arrive, and make it happen, as they are doing.

If you could see and feel the Love we have for you, all your anxieties and doubts would fall, so do not forget to ask for a hug of Love every time you go inside to listen to us, and then relax in it, and you will feel it because you have the intention

Very often skepticism and doubt block this feeling, this feeling, the awareness of our Love for you that you could be experiencing if they just opened their hearts to receive it and bathe in the balm in which we have wrapped them.

We will keep reminding you of our Love for you because we want to make it clear, as we have said so many times, that Love is the answer to all problems, in every situation, Love is always the answer, period.

There is nothing else. Love is all that exists because our divine source is Love.

It is true that it has many forms, but each one of them is unconditional Love, acceptance, compassion and healing.

Everything else, everything that is not of Love, is illusory, and that is why everything else continually fails to offer you what you expect and desire.

To express your true desires and desires always be affectionate. Your true desires and desires are loving.

Those who are not affectionate are dreams of the ego, selfish judgments of condemnation and punishment, which they would like to impose on those with whom they disagree or that they find unacceptable, and thus destroy them.

Crazy fantasies in fact, which should make it very clear that you do not come from Love, and therefore you are looking for something that is unreal, unattainable and in every aspect totally unsatisfactory.

Love is your nature, your true nature, that without Love that tries to compromise or use any purpose will always lead to dismay and disappointment, since it is unreal.

Anything that is presented through unloving thoughts, words or activities will become ashes, dust, because being unreal those things cannot last, and all satisfaction obtained from their acquisition will be short-lived.

Those who live without Love are always looking for new joys, new experiences, new forms of satisfaction or happiness simply because those who have previously acquired have failed to provide lasting satisfaction in fact, could not last and have become serious disappointments.

Only by loving will you bring lasting satisfaction, and if you are honest with yourself you know it.

By being loving in every situation in which you participate, mentally, emotionally or physically, you release everything that is unreal, allowing yourself to see the Source in each one, instead of the damaged selfish aspect that is used as a mask to hide what that is real.

They have done a good job convincing themselves that loving is dangerous and that doing so makes you dangerously vulnerable.

But you also know from personal experience that when you act or participate in their nature, Love and compassion, they are immediately rewarded for feelings of satisfaction and joy.

The nature of Love is giving and not giving is very unnatural and leads to an experience of meaninglessness of existence, which then they have to hide from themselves with denial or some other form of subterfuge, because it is a very perspective frightening

You can only be happy if you express your true nature through thoughts of Love, words and actions, but your ego keeps trying to persuade you that following that path will lead to betrayal, because being loving implies being open to being taken advantage of and abused, and that poverty will surely occur both in relationships and in material well-being.

In this way, when they let their egos guide them, they will find little or no satisfaction because they are always waiting to be delivered or taken for fools and therefore must be extremely prudent in all situations.

Thus, following the guidance their egos to avoid betrayal have themselves waiting and fearing almost constantly, and taking the necessary precautions to avoid being trapped or deceived.

It is a vicious circle, an endless spiral of fearful caution that inhibits Love, and never works.

You have to be Love, which is what you are, and offer it constantly.

Waiting to receive it from another person does not work, since it is inside and by itself the lack of Love behavior always leads to disappointment.

To receive Love offer it, nothing else works. And deep down, you know this, but the experience of human life in which you are involved constantly shows you the unreal - anger, resentment, bitterness - your defenses against everything you fear, and that are truly unreal

You can only get out from under the heavy blanket of fear through Love - to others, and to you - there is no other way, and it is the path that all spiritual teachers have pointed out to you for eons.

God, source of all that exists, is the field of divine energy from which and in which everything arises, and it is pure and infinite Unconditional Love.

When they accept fear (whether recognized or denied) as part of their lives they are choosing to leave out Love, which is what you are, your divine and eternal nature granted by God at the time of your creation. .

Fear is unreal, a product of your imagination, an aspect of the illusion that you have embraced with enthusiasm because it seemed exciting, which, no doubt, is crazy.

However, they continue to cling to it as if it were the only reality, and against which protection measures must be taken.

You are all a part, an individualized aspect of the Source, God, your heavenly Father and the divine Mother, because everything is unique.

However, they have allowed themselves to become so indebted to the illusion and all its mysterious characteristics that it seems that they are enslaved by her, trapped inside her.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You have chosen, each of you chose to experience the fear and confusion of illusion, the lessons you chose to learn quickly so that you can move forward with your spiritual evolution as much as possible. Quickly possible.

The disadvantage of these elections was the unwavering reality that the apparent illusion seems to present once they are within it.

It seems to you that you are weak, helpless, and insignificant beings in a huge and threatening environment in which you have to protect yourself from the elements of extreme heat and cold, in order to survive.

And they are becoming more and more aware, since their science extends their vision and understanding of the universe, of the narrow band of essential conditions that are required to allow for continued survival in This huge and inhospitable environment.

You were created in Love, as you know very well, by the loving Source whose will for you is eternal joy and happiness.

Only by denying your awareness of your infinite Love towards you can you continue to convince yourself that the illusion, with all the pain, suffering and fear in which, apparently, it envelops you, can To be real.

Deep down you know that it is not real, but until the choice is made to express and share Love at every moment, and really do it, you will continue to find the illusion seems very real.

As incarnated human beings on the Earth plane, it is very difficult to recognize this and live it constantly.

Doubts and skepticism are very powerful aspects of the illusion that hold it together and confirm its fears, and are the pillars of the illusion that it is necessary to set aside.

That is faith in God, and the power of the various aspects of illusion that tempt and threaten only dissolve in your face.

Go inside every day, three or four times if possible and confirm the faith in the Love of God for you so that the illusion is shown as what it is, an unreal environment in which confusion and chaos hide the reality, but for as long as you decide to accept it as real.

You are all aspects of the Divine, eternally secure and lovingly embraced in the Presence of God.

Open yourself to the awareness of this and let the illusion collapse, crumble and dissolve.

With so much love, Saul.

You can only be happy if you express your true nature

Translator: Rossana Carmona

You can only be happy expressing your true Nature, by Saul

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