Without Humans there are no Robots

  • 2017
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It is interesting to note how in recent years there have been a lot of inventions in terms of technology and specifically robots, creations are incredible.

without vital or organic functions ..

For example, in the United States a robot was invented that simulates the movements of that feline, it is worth saying that the cost of its design and execution was considerably high, and also They somehow lack the vital or organic functions of that precious animal.

Somehow there are technological developments that are surprising ... however the ultimate goal of them is the one that is probably questionable, for the objective they pursue in their implementation.

In many of the technological creations the ultimate goal is to make an improvement ... but in the midst of all this we have to ask ourselves if we are not really losing the compass in the point of view.

creations of the human mind…

In some sectors it is affirmed that the future of the world will be in the hands of the robots, that although they reduce the margins of error and also times of production we are forgetting, perhaps, that in the same way even the most impressive technological advances come from creative minds totally human

In countries of avant-garde or high level of development are pointing to technological progress accompanied by education in values ​​and emotions, in the human.

It is investing in children's games that are in the line of technology, social coexistence and inner or spiritual development.

Like everything else, it is not suggested that we stay behind and do not aim at progress for the benefit of society, which if education must be complemented with another important part of every human being that is their intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

mental and emotional ecology ...

There is a new concept that emphasizes mental and emotional ecology, that is, we should not grow in a single sense like the intellectual, we must aim at an integral development that allows us to have an open and inclusive and non-limiting behavior.

Remember that what we give is what will come back to us, in the same sense, if we perceive others as robots devoid of emotions and feelings we will be treated in the same way… .the worrisome thing is to have a technologically developed society lacking sensitivity and generosity.

Some opinion leaders affirm that future generations will tend to recover the good of our ancestors, that it has been lost and that in general it rescued the fundamental values ​​based on respect and strengthening of the family environment.

a healthy balance ...

We know very well that nothing has intrinsic identity, this is how neither robots nor humans are totally bad or good. In fact, we must place ourselves in balance and healthy division in all areas of our life… ..this is now important we must allow it to become urgent.

Some futuristic films point out that our destiny is in the hands of computer programs, this is risky, in the movie Chappie the collapse of a society is shown illustratively that stopped feeding the human and migratory only and exclusively to the technological.

At some point the scientific community affirmed that we should not forget that technology will always be at the service of human beings and not in the opposite direction.

As always, the recommendation is to point to our personal growth in the direction of ethical and human values to apply them to technological development, without leaving our destiny in the hands of pre-designed programs that promote the preservation of our mind without flexibility and attention. So is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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