Meaning of the violet aura

  • 2016

Meaning of the violet aura Before beginning to discuss the subject of the violet aura, the meaning of the aura must be known. The aura is like a field of luminous energy that surrounds living beings, this forms an interval of about 30 cm around the body shining with different colors. The aura is connected to the physical , bodily and spiritual part of each person, so that if we are exposed to a disease or emotional problems they will be reflected in the aura's coloration.

The Violet Aura

There are things that we feel on the skin, others that we see with our eyes, others that just beat us in the heart. Carlos Fuentes.

The meaning of the violet aura?

The violet color is obtained by the union of dark blue and deep red colors. This violet aura is the aura of knowledge and spirituality, so that person who has this color has a very marked spiritual activity, containing knowledge without limitations. The aura of violet color is not common to be present in any group of people, it is more frequent in beings who are in higher spiritual planes.

Presenting a violet aura is a sign of being a person with great love for others without any personal interest, is to have an altruistic feeling and reflect in him the desire and actions of knowledge with an energy that is only achieved spiritually. Another characteristic of these people is that they consider that forecasts are never enough, they do not consider material things as something of importance, in their life the moments of inner retreat and a spiritual journey are something of unattainable value. They are people who do not like to waste time in small things, they are fond of reading and especially the topics that refer to the spiritual of life.

"Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ”Mahatma Gandhi.
Meaning of the violet aura

A negative aspect of the character of these individuals with violet aura is that they can tend to develop a very damaging spiritual pride, they come to think that they are over other people and stop their spiritual growth when they are already considered on the cusp. They become introverted beings who seek to be alone at all times, to be able to enter their interior, thus losing contact with the outside world to their close family nucleus, generating an alteration in the balance of the material, spiritual and family . Care must be taken not to fall into this type of action, feeling that you are very good and understanding, can be a wrong assessment of reality.

Violet combinations.

The violet aura is associated with the indigo color, which is a blue with purple and which has in its qualities great similarity with the violet. Violet coloration in an aura can be presented as the primary or secondary color .

Violet as primary color.

When the individual has an aura that the violet is present in the highest proportion, it is possible that he is young since they nest in them the desire to explore the world and carry out adventure activities .

Violet as secondary color.

It is a demonstration that you are in a stage of tranquility, where the person is happy and has the tools to face the problems of his life. He seeks to be with more people and interact with them to get his advice and wisdom that he has accumulated during his life.

The violet aura is related to the third or third chakra . To improve the bioenergetic field or aura, it is convenient to stimulate with colors equal to the color of the aura that is had, the violet helps with headache, mental disorders and eye ailments. The chromia pia is one of the ways in which you can increase the vibrations of the color necessary to stimulate each of the chakras of the human body and that are synchronized with the aura.

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