Lightworkers Series: From the Ego to the Heart IV

We have highlighted four stages in the transition from ego-based awareness to heart-based awareness:

1. Be dissatisfied with what the ego-based consciousness has to offer you, yearn for 'something else': the beginning of the end.

2. Begin to be aware of your ties to ego-based awareness, recognize and release the emotions and thoughts that go with it: half of the end.

3. Allow the old energies based on the ego to die within you, eliminating the cocoon, being your new being: the end of the end.

4. The awakening within you of the heart-based consciousness, motivated by love and freedom; Help others make the transition.

Now we will talk about the last stage, which is stage four: opening to the Spirit.

When you have entered stage four, you have found a place of peace and tranquility within you. You often come into contact with a silence in your heart that you know is the eternal. Everything they experience is relative compared to this unlimited Being that encompasses everything.

This place of peace and silence within you is also called Spirit.

In their (esoteric) traditions, a distinction is made between spirit, soul and body. The body is the physical abode of the soul for a limited amount of time. The soul is the non-physical, psychological anchor of experience. This leads the experience of many times of life. The soul develops over time and slowly becomes a beauty stone with many faces, each face reflecting a different kind of experience and knowledge based on it.

The spirit does not change or grow over time.

The spirit is out of space and time. The spirit in you is the eternal part of you, without time being One with the God who created you. It is the divine consciousness that is the basis of its expression in space and time. You were born from a realm of pure consciousness, and you took part of that consciousness for you through all its manifestations in material form.

The soul is part of the duality. She is affected and transformed by her experience in duality. The spirit is out of duality. It is the background on which everything develops and evolves. It is the Alpha and Omega, which you can simply call Being, or Source.

Silence, external but essentially internal, is the best entrance to experience this ever-present energy, which is you in your deepest nuclei. In silence, you can come into contact with the most miraculous and manifest thing that exists: Spirit, God, Source, Being.

The soul carries the memories of many incarnations. She knows and understands much more than her earthly personality. The soul is connected to extra sensory sources of knowledge, such as their personalities from past lives and guides or knowledge on the astral plane. Despite this connection, the soul may be in a state of confusion, ignorant of its true nature. The soul may be traumatized by certain experiences and therefore may remain in a place of darkness for some time. The soul is continually evolving and gaining knowledge of the duality inherent in life on earth.

The spirit is the immovable point within this development. The soul can be in a state of darkness or illumination. Not so the spirit. The spirit is pure Being, pure consciousness. It is in both Darkness and Light. It is Unity holding all duality. When you have reached stage four of the transformation of the ego to the heart, you connect with the Spirit. You connect with your Divinity.

To be connected with God within you is like being out of duality while being fully present and centered. In this state, your consciousness is full of a deep but calm ecstasy; A mixture of peace and joy.

You realize that you are not dependent on anything outside of you. You are free. They are completely in the world but they are not of the world.

Being connected with the spirit within you is not something that definitely happens. It is a slow and gradual process, in which you connect, disconnect, reconnect ……. . Gradually, the focus of your consciousness moves from duality to unity. She reorients herself, discovering that eventually, she is led to silence rather than thoughts and emotions. By silence we mean: to be completely focused and present, in a non-judicious state of consciousness.

There are no established methods or ways to get there. The key to connecting with your Spirit is not following any discipline (such as meditation, or fasting), but really understanding. Understand that it is silence that takes you home, not your thoughts or emotions.

This understanding grows slowly, as they become increasingly aware of the mechanism of their thoughts and feelings. You release old habits and open yourself to the new reality of heart-based consciousness.

The ego-based consciousness within you withers and slowly dies.

Dying is not something you do; It is something that you allow to happen. You give yourself to the process of dying. Death is another word for change, transformation. This is always the case. Death is always a liberation from the old and an opening to the new. Within this process, there is no single moment in which you are not, for example, in which you are dead considering your definition. Death as you define it is an illusion. It is only your fear of change that causes your fear of death.

During your lifetime, you are afraid not only of your physical death, but also of dying emotionally and mentally. But without death, things would become fixed and rigid. You will become captive in old ways: a worn body, outdated ways of thinking, limited emotional reactions. Isn't this suffocating? Death is a liberator. Death is a waterfall of fresh water that forcibly opens old and rusted gates and drives you to new areas of experience.

They are not afraid of death. There is no death, only change.

The passage from ego consciousness to a heart-centered life is in a way an experience of death. The more you identify yourself with the Spirit, with the god within you, release more things that you used to worry about or put in so much energy You realize, at deeper levels, that there is really nothing to do, except being. When you identify with your being, instead of identifying with ephemeral thoughts and emotions that pass through you, your life is immediately affected. The Spirit is not something abstract. It is a reality that you can really bring into your life. Being in touch with the purest source will eventually change everything in your life. God or the Source or the Spirit is creative by nature, but in ways that are almost incomprehensible to you.

The Spirit is silent and perennial and creative. The reality of the Divine really could not be grasped by the mind. It can only be felt. If you accept it in your life, and recognize it as the whispers of your heart, slowly everything starts to get in place. When you are in tune with the reality of the spirit, with the silent consciousness that is behind all your experiences, you stop pushing or forcing your desires on reality. You allow things to go back to their natural state of being. You become your true, natural Being. All this happens in a harmonious, meaningful way. You experience that things come together in a way that has a natural rhythm, a natural flow. All you have to do is be in tune with this divine rhythm, and let go of the fear and misinterpretations that make you want to intervene.

Helping others from the Spirit level

When you have made the transition from ego-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness, you are more or less continuously in contact with the divine flow of the inner being. In this state, there is no need or desire to help others, but it naturally comes to you. You direct it towards you, but not through desire. Energetically, now you are emitting certain vibrations. Something is present in your energy field that leads people to you. It is not something that you do, but something that you are. There is a vibration available in their energy, which can help them to come into contact with their own divine Being.
You can be a mirror to them, in which they can see that a difficult problem or condition is really released and transformed into the energy of the solution.

They can feel the energy of the solution (which is always based on contact with the divinity itself) in their being.

You are able to teach them something, and the teaching takes place by being yourself. It is not by transmitting knowledge or using certain methods that you teach and heal. It is allowing yourself to be exactly who you are and expressing yourself in the way you find most cheerful, as your presence becomes truly useful. It is by sharing yourself with others, as you create an available healing space for them, which they can choose to enter or not. This is their task.

As healers or therapists, you really just have to keep in touch with the inner divine flow, with the silent consciousness that is the Spirit. It is really this connection that moves people and elevates them to a higher, freer state of consciousness, if they choose. If they do, it will happen with their own rhythm and flow.

Being there for others in this way has a very neutral feeling tone. It represents a level of objectivity, in which you release your personal desire to change or 'cure' others.

This desire, developed by all lightworkers at some stage, does not arise from a true understanding of the inner path that people want to travel to find their own inner truth. Most people need to get to the bottom of certain problems before they are truly ready to release them. When they do so, they really 'own' the solution of the problem and this gives them deep satisfaction. Perhaps you recognize this in your own lives and in the problems with which you struggled. Please be aware of this and do not fight to keep people out of 'getting to the bottom'. If they are determined to go there, they will go in spite of everything you do or say.

It is better not to get emotionally involved with the people you help. Emotional involvement urges the personal desire to heal or transform others.

This personal desire does not help others, in reality it can cause blockages in the healing process. Whenever they want people to change, they are not in a space of love and tolerance. They feel this. You may think that you are (psychologically) reading them to them, but they are also insightful readers of you!

Stage four of the transition from the ego to the heart consists in transcending the soul level and rising to the spirit level. We do not mean in any way that the soul is 'less than the spirit', of course. The truth is that: you are bigger and wider than your soul. The soul is a vehicle for experience. By identifying with the Spirit in you, with your own divinity, all the things that you have experienced in many, many times of life, are put in their place. You rise above experiences by not identifying yourself with any of them. This has a healing effect on the soul.

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