Healing series: Work, Money and Creativity. The flow of the natural and the flow of enough, by Pamela Kribbe

This channel was presented before a live audience on June 5, 2005, in Haaren, the Netherlands. The spoken word has been slightly corrected for easy reading.

Dear friends,

It is with joy and affection that I am among you today. I know them so well and it seems to me that I had met them yesterday. In the realms in which I reside time is not so important. I recognize you very well, although its manifestation, its physical appearance, is different from that of the time when I met you.

I am Jeshua. I have lived on earth in a human body, like Jesus. I have been a human being among people exactly like you. Nothing human is strange to me. It is from this experience with human existence that I come to help you with your own development, with your birth in the New Age. The New Age is on its way. These days a transformation is happening with which you all feel a strong bond.

I want to tell you something else about me. On earth, I was a human being of flesh and blood and I had formed a channel with the energy of Christ. The energy of Christ was flowing out through me and that was my essential contribution to the earth at that time. But the energy of Christ is not only mine; It belongs to all of you. You are all planting a seed, bringing a part of that energy here to earth today, and in that is your greatest realization.

However, this transformation from the Old to the New Age uproots and agitates many things. The area of ​​work and money is very involved in this 'uprooting', because it is precisely an area in which the old energies are particularly active. You could characterize this as the energies of power and ego.

The old energies have been so strongly active within this field that you may find that it is totally difficult to have a balanced attitude in matters of work and money. In your work, in the organization or company for which you work or with the people who are your colleagues, you face society. Many times you ask yourself: how do I manage with energies with which I have no affinity and yet are surrounding me every day? In this clash of the old and the new you would like to know how to deal with this friction.

Based on the energy centers in your body, I would like to elucidate this issue a bit more.

The aura, which belongs to each human being, contains seven chakras or energy centers. In the solar plexus, the third chakra (near the diaphragm or stomach), desire is located. It is in this center of personal desire that power and ambition are placed. In the era of the old energy, the human being of yesteryear, people have been living in excess from this center. This has had to do with an attitude of being very fond of winning, or of putting one's interests first and of fighting at the expense of others. An attitude like this often comes from fear and a feeling of being lost. It is not my purpose to establish judgments about these energies. I just want to mention that they are often active in the solar plexus, the third chakra.

A chakra above we find the center of the heart. The heart connects you with your highest origin, with spheres of energies in which you have ever resided and from which you bring ideals that contrast sharply with the energies of the power and ego

Now, what happens in the current transformation of consciousness is a passage from one place to another on the steering wheel from the solar plexus to the heart. This does not mean that the solar plexus should be abandoned or left aside. It is not true that you should free yourself from the ego. It is more a matter of moving from one side to the other the steering wheel towards another level of being, and in doing this, base your life on the energy of the heart. One way or another, all of you are looking to achieve this, either in your personal life or specifically in the field of work and creativity. You all feel a kinship with the shift towards the energy of the heart. You all intuit that in this way you can live your life with much more joy and tranquility.

Regarding the question: how do I deal with ego-based energies? (in you and in others), the essential step that you are asked to do is connect, from the heart, with the energies of the solar plexus (desire and ego) and guide them in a loving and affectionate. It is the connection between the heart and the solar plexus (in general terms between the chakras located at the top and the chakras located at the bottom) that provides you with abundance in the field of work, creativity and money.

Now, how do you know if you acted from your heart or from your fear or ego? I would like to give you some clues about how to recognize the energy of the heart in the middle of an environment in which this energy is not dominant.
You are used to fighting and fighting for the things you want. Especially in the area of ​​work, there is a lot of competition and selfish struggle. Often, you have to be someone you are not to get recognition, while your heart says it shouldn't be that way. The heart is a much more natural kind of presence. This desire is strongly present in all of you. Therefore, I would like to explain to you how the energy of the heart works and how you can recognize it.

The energy of the heart does not exert pressure and is very soft and tender by nature. She speaks to you through intuition. The heart gives soft elbows and suggestions and will never tell you something that is emotionally charged with fear or pressure.

Therefore, at the first energy flow of the heart I would like to call it the flow of the natural. In your daily life, you can clearly tell if things go smoothly and find their natural way or if you repeatedly encounter resistance to something you are trying to achieve. The last case means that you are not - or are not completely - in harmony with your heart energy. The secret of the heart's energy is that she performs miracles, not with force, but with serenity and tenderness.

Daring to follow your intuition is one of the most important ways to enter into harmony with the flow of energy of the heart, which I call 'the flow of the natural'. Following your intuition in the context of work and creativity, where this energy is not evident, creates possibilities and opportunities that you do not expect. This will bring you closer to home, meaning that you will bring them to places to which you belong with your energy.

When there are problems, for example a conflict at work, and you feel that you are not in the right place in that work environment, take a moment of silence. Go completely inside, make contact with your heart, the source of your greatest creativity, and ask your intuition to tell you what is right to do at that moment. Do not try to base your actions on external opinions, on social models of behavior that, especially in the field of work, can be overwhelming. The social or collective consciousness that dictates behaviors here is strongly based on fear: fear of being belittled, fear of failure, and fear of lack of money or material abundance. All those fears could overshadow your intuition and yet there is an inner voice that tells you what could be good for you at that time. The key is to dare to listen to this voice and you will see that it will arise with genuine answers.

In this situation, feelings of distrust in yourself can block you, and can prevent you from completely trusting in the spiritual path that is displayed for you. By spiritual path, I want to say the trajectory of experiences that puts you in touch with your highest creative source, the creative energies that want to flow out through you. These energies are already present. The key is to really listen to your own feelings and desires and follow the indications of your heart on how you can perform them in the best way.

You have reached the end of fear in the area of ​​the solar plexus. You are determined to give up this way of being and you are all highly motivated to drive your creativity from the heart. I ask you to trust yourself at this stage and continue along this path, because you already bring a new energy to this world, which is of great value. This energy often makes changes without your knowledge: you do more than you realize. You help the birth of the new era, by trusting in the flow of your heart and daring to follow the flow of the natural. Therefore, have no doubts and continue on your way.

The energy of the heart is much calmer and more tender than the totally brutal or turbulent energies that often dominate the field of work. For this reason, courage and strength are required to remain centered in the heart, when you are surrounded by those ego-based energies. But I tell you: following the flow of the heart will eventually lead you to creative possibilities that are totally real and practical, and will bring you abundance on the material level. Entrusting yourself to this flow is an act of struggle and courage.

Now I would like to say some things about money. In their society, spiritual or idealistic people make money a problem. Money is sinful, an inferior energy. This is the result of the fact that you have come to associate money with power and wealth at the expense of others. Money has practically become synonymous with power. This association is one of the reasons why the flow of material abundance has been blocked in your energy field.

But money is innocent. Money is a flow of energy that really holds in itself pure potentiality. Money offers opportunities, money is potentiality; There is nothing wrong with this. Nor is it the case that upon receiving money you act at the expense of others. With money they are able to create things that benefit others. Under this respect, receiving money is creating more. This creative spiral always also generates a flow of giving, so that giving and receiving are balanced. This is the way of the heart. Therefore, they are not afraid to receive money.

You may not be aware of the fact that you are blocking the flow of money, that you have an unspoken dislike for money. Take some time to examine your thoughts and emotions regarding money and you can easily see how they are obstructing the flow of abundance in your life. There is often the aspect of not allowing yourself to have it. In addition, they have negative ideas about what money is and what it represents. Especially the Lightworkers, souls with a great spiritual flavor, associate money with the low, with the trivial, which has to be transcended. Here many convictions belonging to times of lives of austerity and abstinence in the material world are active. Lives that have often been passed in solitude, aimed only at spiritual liberation. The energy of these lives still resonates throughout their energy field. This results in a kind of 'rigor' that is limiting them.

Material abundance is something natural: you are destined to enjoy life on earth! It is a natural thing to love the earth and all that is offered, to be pleased with the precious and charming things. Loving the earth and material reality creates a flow of abundance. The earth wants to provide you with everything you need, not only to grow and evolve as a spiritual being, but also to simply enjoy life as a human being.

Therefore, please consider your attitude towards material abundance at the deepest level, and feel how this flow offers you the possibility of building a new earth, of fulfilling your dreams on the densest plane of reality. This is not the time to depart from society, to meditate alone on the top of a mountain. It is time to participate. It is time to allow your energy to flow in this world and to freely receive everything that comes back to you as a reward. Do not be afraid to receive abundance. Honoring your own entrance, receiving enough in exchange for your efforts, is part of being a well-balanced spiritual human being.

I would like to say something else about the word 'enough'.
I told them that the energy of the heart is characterized by 'the flow of the natural'. When things go well and appear spontaneously in your path, that is the signal that you move with the flow of your heart. Another flow of energy that belongs to the heart is the flow of enough. 'Enough' means: everything I need here and now is available to me and I enjoy it. Living in the flow of enough means that you often feel satisfied and grateful for everything you have. You feel fed by what surrounds you on the material, emotional, mental and spiritual level. That is abundance. That is having enough.

The issue with material abundance is that the amount (how much or how little you have) is not necessarily related to the amount of pleasure you experience. The key point is to discover the kind of material abundance that makes them feel satisfied and complete. For some people, this could mean living independently in a secluded cabin where they can enjoy nature to the fullest. For others, this implies a luxurious apartment in a town where they can enjoy the activity and bustle of the city. There is no judgment on this from our side, from God or from the Spirit.

The key is to find the flow that makes you happy, which gives you the feeling that you live life to the fullest. That is the flow of enough. The 'Enough' is a feeling, it is not a thing.

When you sit outside this flow, take a look at all the things that surround you now and interpret this as an energetic message for yourself. 'This is how I create reality now.' Do not judge yourself. Then feel the energy of your current environment - be it your home, your social life or your work - and compare this with the desires you feel in your heart. By doing this you become aware of the 'lack', of what is not there. Do not delay in dissatisfaction. This is not an exercise to make them feel bad. The purpose is that you allow yourself to feel deeply inside that there are things that you would like to bring into your life. This silent understanding is the biggest imam for change. You do not have to act on this. The knowledge of what you want is enough. It is not necessary to push for change in the material level. The key is to feel deeply (but not emotionally) what you crave and then leave this in the hands of your heart. Just release it and trust. Things will begin to change in their lives. Maybe the old models, the jobs, the relationships will disappear first. You can trust that what you are losing will then spontaneously appear in your path. You will enter your life with softness and elegance. It is your honesty and courage, your staying loyal to the desires of your heart, which will bring you the reality of enough .

There is enough for all of you. Enough is the natural state of being. You are all here to experience enough; Enough flow is available to all of you. It makes no sense to settle for less. It is not true that you will become better (mentally or spiritually) through abstinence or self-imposed poverty. They may even develop feelings of bitterness or hostility because of this. Please do not try to find some kind of spiritual justification for your lack of abundance. You are all here to enjoy life to the fullest, to allow your creative energy to flow in the world and to receive wealth in return.

Pamela Kribbe 2006

Translation: Sandra Gusella

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