Healing Series: The Power of Your Own Consciousness, by Sandra Gusella

Today I came to speak with all of you. I know you so well! You do not know how much I know you. Many times I am with you because my heart is connected with you. I see your sorrows; I witness their joys, their worries, their sufferings. And I would very much like to talk to you about the power that resides in you. The power of your own conscience. The power of your own being. The power of his own soul.

Very often you are still searching. Again and again, they are looking for solutions outside of you. But as soon as you carry these solutions within yourself, they already begin to fade away.
Understand that you are the center of your being, the sun of your own universe.
The direction of your conscience and what is in tune with desire decides how you feel; How they think, how they act. You direct these things from deep within, as a sun directs its rays outward.
If you believe that there are aspects of yourself about which this sun should not shine its light, places where it should not shine, that there are things that it should not warm with its rays, any and anything that you find around it They will confirm these beliefs.

Similarly, help or advice from someone else can only be received if you allow your own sun to shine its light on the sidewalk aspect of which you need help.
It is always your decision to bring these aspects to light, and open the door. There is no one else who can force them to do this. This is the reason why no one can help you if you do not allow yourself to be helped. (This counts for ground help as well as for help from our side).

The convictions are alive within you, and make you think that you lose the strength to find your own way, to feel your own destiny again. These convictions are linked to a past in which you have lost yourself for a very long time. Here I am talking in particular about a past here on earth, a past of many terrestrial lives in which you have experienced much darkness.
This story has not happened without meaning.
It is a story in which you have been confronted with much fear and in which fear has overshadowed your inner sun.
But now all of you are slowly waking up. Parts of you are already in the light again, but there are also many aspects that are still in the dark, overshadowed by fear and insecurity about yourself.

You can compare this inner darkness with a child who is lost. A part of his soul is a lost child. He has lost his way in a past of pain. But the past is not a static thing. As Gerrit has said (in his introduction this morning) time is in some ways an illusion. Nothing is irrevocably lost in time. There are no closed doors.
The lost child within you, who is fragmented in the past, can be called to return. You are his parents, you are the only ones who can love that child, who can shelter him and bring him back to life.
Because there is something that I also want to tell you, you have forgotten how to live. You are very good at surviving, but living really is much more exciting and inspiring and happy.

And it is just the part of you that is most likely to do this, which has been lost.
Lost in a maze class of the past. Lost in an accumulation of events that were traumatic for consciousness.
In all that time you have been incarnated here on earth, at the soul level you have been developing as children do towards adulthood. In that sense you came to earth as children, making many experiences of your own, and many experiences have not been fully understood. Now we are reaching the end of a certain period of time, a certain cycle in its development, and it is time to rise above the experiences that have not been understood: to become parents. If he is the father and mother of his inner child.
And about this, I want to talk to you: the power in you to rise above the wounded inner child.

Your inner child is the victim of many experiences that have not been understood.
I am telling you: the deepest internal wound is the wound of the abandoned child.
The child who does not know what is happening to him, the child who has been abandoned, who is scared, who does not have the frame of reference to be able to understand.
At some point, you will understand that this abandonment was your own deepest choice and an act of creation that was truly divine.

The deep pain that you have felt when you began your journey alone, your journey of experience, this deep pain was at the same time an act of creation.
Because by letting go of yourselves as souls of the great totality, of the Father-Mother-God, you are allowing yourself to discover a great many things, to experience and feel many things.
At the current stage of your trip, where there is still a lot of inner pain, it is difficult to see what the deepest meaning of this long journey home is.
But I want to assure you that you are beautiful beings of light, with great courage and great confidence in the creator, otherwise you would never have begun this journey.
What I want to remind you is that spark of courage and creativity and light in yourself. Feel that spark again in your heart, reconnect with it. Know that you have the power to allow the child within you to come back to life again. To allow him to sing and play.
This is a very strong symbol, the inner child.

The journey began with a lost and abandoned child, left alone in the dark.
The trip ends with a child that shines full of happiness and light. The only thing you need to get there, is an adult who takes it by the hand and wants it and inspires it with confidence.
And that is what you are: guardians of the child within you. And know that that same child is the greatest fruit, the greatest gift of joy that you can give yourself.

The time has come. At this point in history it is time to gather the lost parts of yourself. It is time to be at the center of who you are.
You should realize that this center is not something old, to which you return, but something new.

You are your way into a new reality; a new level of being that was not there before. However, it has a return appearance, in the sense that recognizing your own divinity feels like returning home, stirring up a memory of the old sense of unity and harmony that you knew before.
But it is the first time that you will embody that sense of unity purely and only from your own consciousness. You will return to the Light without having to surrender your individuality.
They go together: be God and be individual, be One and be unique.

At this point I would like to invite you to ask your own questions.

Question 1
Isn't Jeshua's story at odds with the idea that time is an illusion? All the time there is talk here of a story and an evolution. Therefore there must be a movement, a forward march. (Explanation: Gerrit has spoken, in his introduction, about how all experiences are part of and remain in existence in a great moment of Now, and in that sense nothing is lost forever in time, see also his website Life and Consciousness)

We have talked about a past and a story, which is really an accumulation of experiences that you carry within your souls. What we are talking about in terms of a chronology is a tool; It is also a human way of speaking to make it clear that you are in a process. A process always has a timeline. At the same time it is true that consciousness, its deepest being, is not linked to time or space, just as its deepest being is not linked to a body on earth.
In the movement towards yourself, ex. When you find your divinity again, you, as you say, transcend time. At that time, it is no longer interesting if the traumatic experience happened yesterday a century ago or in what life. The energy of trauma is present within your being, in your aura or energy field. The moment you heal a trauma, that way you transform the past.

Therefore we would like to say: the past is present as an energy field.
Imagine that you are at the center of a field that is all around you, that vibrates and is influenced by what you do with your consciousness. You are interacting with the past: in that sense it is not fixed. In that sense there is no contradiction when talking about the past and when talking about the moment of Now in which everything is still present.
In another sense, you can talk about the past, in the sense of a number of experiences that you have accumulated. Still, that same past is an energy field that is still freely accessible, therefore you can say that everything is here, now.
I hope this clarifies it in some way.

Question 2
You are talking about our soul and our being and our body. I would like to have a little more clear the difference between these things.

It is very difficult to separate reality from consciousness into small parts and label them. But one could say that in the middle of everything is the sun. We use the sun here as a symbol of its deepest center. You can call it your being, but we don't have a preference for specific terms. This sun radiates outward and manifests itself in matter, in space and in time, within the limitation of form.
The forms can be named. You could say that the body is the form that has the highest density in which a soul can manifest itself, in which its being manifests itself.
You could say - but this is subject to definitions - that the soul is an entity that remains the same throughout different lives, but has new experiences in the process. This is also the part of you that reincarnates again and again. In this sense the soul is partly an entity or form that develops over time, regardless of the body. But there is also a Divine spark in the soul that is timeless and formless, pure consciousness. You could call this part loose your being. (My clarification (Pamela): the movement from being to soul to body is then the order in which the divine You manifest or flow into the dense, material reality.)
Remember the image of the sun that radiates its rays. The sun along with its rays are you. When the rays move farther from the sun they are prone to illusion and fear. In these rays you could draw divisions and name them: 'being', 'soul', 'body'.

Sometimes that serves a purpose, to clarify things for you.
But we are not so tied to specific definitions.

Question 3
I frequently try to spread the things that I know and feel inside of me but I find that I am not understood by the people around me. How should I deal with this?

Each person has their own reality of consciousness. You could imagine that reality, if we use the image of the sun once more, being at a certain point or step in the sun's ray.
If you feel within you the spark of God's consciousness and the unity of all things, your energy, your energy radiation, may be confronting others.
Specifically to people who get their safety from the 'laws of limitation': community regulations that say what may or may not be, or what is allowed or possible. These laws (models of collective thinking) are based on fear.
When you break those laws with the light of your consciousness, your energy radiation tells people that you can transcend the laws of limitation, and this could arouse resentment and misunderstanding, because you are talking and radiating from a source that is unknown. for the others
Also, there may be fear in the people around you, because they don't understand how you choose your paths in life. When you are really living through your intuition, through your own source of truth, the decisions you make in your path could be seen as impulsive, chaotic, incredible. The voice of your soul is not tied to systems or rules. This could have a contradictory effect on your environment.
It is important that you do not be disturbed by this, and keep returning to the silence of this inner source, because there lies your own power.
It is also important, when you are receiving messages from that silent, intuitive inner source, to really root those messages; connect them to the earth. You get this by allowing the energy you feel at that moment (the energy of: 'this is my truth') to flow all through your body and imagine yourself really firmly connected to the earth. This gives you the strength to really live from those intuitions and not be baffled by the opinions of others.
The field of collective energy, or what I call 'the laws of restraint and fear', may be present in a pervasive way in your environment. It is a collective field of consciousness that is sustained by a mass of people who have not yet chosen to live from their own light and from their own truth.
Due to the presence of this influence, it is really important to empower your own truth by rooting it deep within your body and the earth.

Question 4
Is it really possible that I have seen the image of Jesus? What radiation from your heart has captured me so much? Or was it just a dream?

You are so loved by me and I am so close to you. You have always seen me and felt me, even if you were not aware of that all the time. We are strongly connected.
You can always tune in to me, my energy, being in good spirits. Just trust your intuition, your perception.
The moment you had that experience, and now while you are having it, you are at the center of your power. As soon as you start to doubt, you lose it and it becomes darker, and you start to doubt everything.
Do not question yourself. You are the source of power in your own life.
Of course it was me who was with you. You should not pretend that it is strange for me to be with you, because I am deeply connected with the path of your life, with your path to the light, to the truth. And wherever possible, I will be with you and be at your service.
I am an energy field. I have been a human being, but I am also of a reality that is not linked to the body, time and space. Therefore I can always be there for you. You can always tune me in.
It is not something you have to learn, it is not something you have to be enlightened to do so; It is simply there. Like love is always there. You don't have to work for that. You do not have to do anything. Just allow yourself to receive.

Question 5
How can we contact that new form of consciousness that you are talking about?

You are already in touch with that form of consciousness and you are feeling it too.
You are all like bees, swarmed around a honeycomb, and your hearts are bubbling. Something is muttering and buzzing, that you feel you are saying: let us go there, we have to be there.
Therefore the recognition is already there.
You can only recognize something that in a way you already know.

Only you are like a being split in half. On the one hand they know the truth and reality of light, of the real being that is not veiled by fear and insecurity. But the other part of you is still in the cold, it is still in the dark.
What is it about? It is about having the courage to identify, to be one, with that part of the light of that new reality; the part of you that is already aware of that new reality.
If you still identify with the part that is still behind, which still needs to be healed, you will feel like a victim; Small and inconsolable and always looking for something outside of yourself.
While what you are looking for is already there, within you. It's just a matter of trusting that what they are feeling is fine.

The most important guideline is: trust that which feels like light within yourself. And with light we do not want to say sagrada, but rejoicing and joyful inspiration. So they feel enthusiastic. Feeling that your energy rises.
You feel obligated to many things, and that feeling of obligation is not a good guide to find the light within you.
That new reality we are talking about is one of being free and being yourself. The fact that you are saying it indicates that you already have knowledge of it. That part of you that knows about this, that rises and reaches that new reality, that part is ahead. Try to identify with her. Try to be guided by it, even if it seems strange or supernatural. If you do this, the rest of you will follow.

Question 6
People are often classified, according to the months as in astrology, or according to the years as in Chinese astrology. Sometimes people talk about children of light. In other words, a whole generation of people. How does this fit the whole?

You are really in a dilemma. You want to understand the reality of light from a reality that is still in the shadow, and you are trying to use the tools of your current reality to understand another reality.
That is fine. I always help you.
If you use tools that elevate you, they will always be correct. Either astrology or psychology, or whatever you use.
The characterizations of those systems are perfectly fine.
If a system helps you gain insight, to contact in your heart the reality of your higher self or your own light, then that system is perfect for you.
Therefore there is nothing wrong with those kinds of systems by themselves.
They begin to be a problem when they begin to limit you, when they are propagated as the last truth and are placed on reality, limiting it.
When you begin to experience a certain knowledge system as restrictive, it is very important that you be able to get away from it. It is just a matter of finding your own power.
It is the power to see that these instruments can be very useful for a certain time, for a given problem, and have the ability to abandon them again, without feeling the need to judge them.
Many psychological systems, including some spiritual ones, are a combination of intuition and rational thinking. There is always a mixture of (that is the human aspect of all systems) on the one hand, the true impulse spark from the reality of inner light and on the other hand, the mind that needs to sort and categorize. And from within the mind, the less enlightened aspects can enter cautiously (because the mind frequently wants to have the reality submitted to it instead of being able to let it be).
It is always very important to be aware of the subjectivity of a doctrine and be in touch with your own intuition.

Today there is much talk about children of light or children of indigo. And indeed, with the arrival of these children, a wave of light runs into your world. From your minds, you are inclined to all kinds of ideas or theories, to understand this and qualify it. But the light simply runs through them!
This light can also be an overwhelming force. These children can, with their presence, tear down many ideas engraved in stone. They can upset many ideas, of which you (collective consciousness) thought you were very safe.
The arrival of these children is a reality.
You can discuss how to name them or also about various psychological interpretations.

But his arrival is really the announcement of a new kind of consciousness, and they are here to bring it.

Question 7
The search to find one's own being is very lonely. My family is not big and I often feel lonely. What can inner power do against this loneliness?

Pamela: I feel a response from Jeshua that seems to be a lot about you. It's okay like that? It is really more a personal response than a general one.

It's okay

As soon as you take the path of looking for yourself and turning inside, you find a very difficult part: an inner solitude that can be paralyzing.
Your path at this time, the path that your soul has chosen, is really to intensify things from the bottom up into yourself. I mean your own power, your own foundation. And to do this you have to go through the inner solitude, in which you will be totally thrown back towards yourself. But in this way, you will find the power within you.
This process is connected with allowing anger and rage to express themselves within you. This concerns anger in relation to your environment and in relation to your past.

In general, we could say that, in the moments in which you turn inward to really draw strength from within yourself, and not from outside the ideas or opinions of others, your consciousness makes a 180 degree turn. Because of this, you immediately find within yourself the parts with which you are having problems. These can be a deep loneliness or separation anxiety. But they can also consist of feelings of restlessness, anger or sadness.
Therefore it is not unusual that just when you are surrendering to the path of growth towards a greater consciousness, you initially become very aware of unpleasant aspects within yourself. At that time it is very important, not to depart, but to be with that. Accompany and guide yourself, as a father does with a child. That is the part of which I spoke at the beginning.

You may have heard of people who work with those who agonize. They tell us that they help someone mainly just by being there. Sitting next to someone, saying nothing.
What you can do for yourself in the moments you feel the deepest need, your greatest loneliness, is to be there with yourself.

Being present without having to do anything. That is true comfort, that is true value.
That is also the power of your conscience.
The moment you are able to be truly present with yourself in your greatest need, in your greatest loneliness, something happens within you. You transform something within yourself, and consequently the loneliness becomes smaller and you become larger than your loneliness. That is the power of the conscious being.

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On April 4, 2004 we presented a channeling in the spiritual center The Circle of the Moon in Belgium. Below you will find the text, followed by Jeshua's answers to questions from the audience. The text has been corrected in some way to make it easier to read.

This message was translated from Dutch to English by Dr. Wendy Gillissen (website www.reincarnatietherapie.com), and then from English to Spanish by Sandra Gusella.

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