Mrs. Portia, an Ascended Master who gives you a message

  • 2016

Mrs. Portia, is Chohan of the Golden Ray. True service is produced through the application of Divine Love to Divine Wisdom using our unique gift of free will. Mrs. Portia has previously served in the sixth and seventh rays with her twin flame to Saint Germain, and now works to manage the changes that occurred through the high rays.

Together they will serve as directors of the Age of Aquarius. Ascended Master Portia embodies divine justice through divine opportunity and is therefore also known as the goddess of justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. She is one of the lords of Karma with a seat on the karmic council, where the sixth ray is represented .

She is also the guardian of the Holy Flame of the Heart, also called the sacred heart of the flame, which is a feminine aspect of the energy of the Violet Flame. She is the one that characterizes the celebration of the scales of justice above the buildings, and is at the point of thinking and feeling the balance, and thus, next to the hierarchy of Libra, her role is to teach humanity to achieve the balance of physics, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements: earth, wind, air and fire.

Portia has had many incarnations on earth since very early and in important civilizations, but one of her last accomplishments was as the daughter of Queen Boadicca, Tasca. Tasca in his practice of the Druidic priesthood assured that the traditional ways and beliefs were not lost.

Mrs. Portia maintains the balance of polarity for humanity, while waiting for the sense of justice in humanity to be merciful and balanced. She answers each prayer and calls for balance and teaches us to reach our own balance between the polarities that exist in the world, whether Yin / Yang, Male / Female Ray, Good / Bad Ray, etc.

She is incredibly strong and focused on her work, with the intention of balancing love and wisdom, justice and mercy in everyone's hearts to help anchor the violet flame of transformation within the hearts and minds of all The humanity.

The message that Mrs. Portia has for you

Judgment and justice come from God, but they also come from his being, from his interior united to Christ recognizing the truth and justice in each and every event that shapes their lives and in each and every decision.

True justice is not man-made, it does not conform to the custom-made rules and regulations devised by man in order to exercise control and dispense punishment, not tempered as regards the circumstance or situation. Because when God sees, everything is seen.

He knows exactly what is in each person's heart and mind and in collaboration with his Higher Self dispenses His Justice. It is not to punish, but to shape and form on his journey for compassion, wisdom and mercy.

It is through this gift of balancing what he teaches, from what he learns, and through this he has the opportunity to pay the karmic debts made by himself or others, so the learning takes place and can be Advance your life path.

You are not alone in your journey, although it is possible not to instruct, your decisions can be guided with the support of your guides and helpers in Spirit, of the Realms of Light and Ascended Masters, and if the decisions bring karmic consequences to you., we can intercede to temper justice out with mercy so that reparation can be done in a timely manner that is right for you.

May the light that is completely impregnated with Mercy fill your heart, since it is possible to recognize the true benefit of your acquittal.

AUTHOR: JoT333, editor of the great family of

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