Lord Maitreya - Awakening your original consciousness

  • 2017

I honor the Golden Christ Light of the interior of your Being

The energy of the active Pure Love of the Creator that exists within and within each Soul. I am Lord Maitreya, the superior aspect of Master Sananda . On the inner planes I am known as the Christ because my purpose and my mission is to ensure the continuous flow of Christ Consciousness from the heart of the Creator through all dimensions of the Creator Universe, to support the continuous connection with all Souls. I supervise and protect the Christ Consciousness to ensure that the purest vibration is available to all, that energy is constantly present on Earth; and that all the expansions of this Sacred Energy be synthesized with the entire Universe of the Creator.

Christ Consciousness is a name for the purest vibration of Love that flows from the Creator's Heart Chakra ; It has nothing to do with any religious form or with any experience on Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the purest vibration of Love in action. It means that Love has a consciousness, that it is always evolving, that it is active, that it flows and becomes larger sources of Love.

The Christ Consciousness creates a bridge that connects Humanity and all aspects of the Creator, with the Essence of the Creator. It is a consciousness, a state of mind, a state of being that is aligned with the Creator. When you accept, remember and incorporate the Christ Consciousness, you see, perceive, feel, talk, listen and experience yourself, you experience your reality and the World as if it were through the Creator. Christ Consciousness creates liberation, remembrance and empowerment in your Being. When you accept in your Being the Christ Consciousness, you experience a unique state of being in which you perceive from a space of Love within you, while you exist in harmony with the Love that the Creator shares with you, just as you experience the manifestations of Love before you . In this unique moment, you are in the Divine Flow, vibrating as One with the Creator, allowing the truth to arise; and also giving up all forms of illusion that you may still be holding on to. In this space it is very difficult to connect with the drama, pain and suffering of the ego; instead, you see all your aspects with Compassion. You begin to realize that you don't want to reject or separate yourself from any aspect of your Being, either through thoughts, emotions, or because of old energy patterns; instead you want to experience unity and harmony with all aspects of your Being, which means that with courage, Compassion and confidence in your own healing power, you can observe all aspects of your Being, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual., with the focus of creating Love; the Love that is a memory of your unity with the Creator.

The Christ Consciousness is not only an energy to incorporate it and thus help your Ascension process; It is a consciousness of Love, a way of thinking, feeling, seeing and speaking that is natural to you, more natural than your current existence. However, many fear Love, fear remembering their truth, because they fear being hurt; many fear the Christ Consciousness because they feel they will be controlled or that they are accepting a consciousness in which they do not believe, such as a religion or an imposed or obsolete faith. In truth, the Christ Consciousness of which I speak, Lord Maitreya cannot be defined with a name, its energy cannot be described, nor can it demand anything from you. Instead, it is an inner energy of yours that is your Essence, which you feel similar to you right now. This energy is a natural part of your Being; it is your most kind, compassionate, life-giving, generous aspect; It is your most deeply loving and magnificent aspect. You may feel unable to contemplate this aspect of yourself; However you know that it exists inside. When you allow this aspect of yours to be present even if only for a moment, like a ray of Light that arises from within you, then you will grant yourself freedom and Free Will to surrender to this natural aspect of yours and expand and accept it in your daily life .

“Mr. Maitreya: I invite you to surround me with your energy that loves, accepts, forgives, heals and inspires deeply. Lord Maitreya, please work with my Soul and with my whole Being to connect me, with conscious knowledge, with the Essence of my Being where the Christ Consciousness of my interior resides . Please help me connect with the aspect of my most kind, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply loving and magnificent Essence, bringing these beautiful energies to the manifestation in my mind, my emotions, my physical body, my energy bodies and my reality. Lord Maitreya, please help me to easily release all the blockages, limitations, ideas and false conceptions connected with my Essence, with Christ Consciousness and Love, so that I can surrender to the inner truth of my Being and experience it in every moment of my reality. May there be a healing so deep that I erase all the resistances and fears connected with me and I return to my original consciousness of Love and accept it. I am present now with the Love that is within me. Thank you, Mr. Maitreya. ”

Meditation to Awaken the Inner Christ Consciousness

I, Mr. Maitreya, invite you to do a meditative practice with me to help you connect with this natural Essence / Love / Consciousness within you.

Start by repeating my name, Lord Maitreya, 3 times silently focusing your 3rd Eye Chakra on your Heart Chakra. Imagine in your Heart Chakra a soft pink Light, feel that your Heart Chakra relaxes, softens and expands, while you focus for a few moments in this area, while breathing deeply.

Imagine a golden sphere that turns gently over your head

Perceive, feel or recognize a golden Light that radiates from that sphere in all directions.

Imagine that golden drops fall one by one towards the Crown Chakra, which is at the top of your head. The golden drops are immersed in your mind, in your brain and in your consciousness, filling your head with golden light that awakens a space and a state of Love in this area.

When you feel that your head is full of golden Light, allow the drops to start flowing into your Heart Chakra. One by one they begin to fill your Heart Chakra with golden Light, to awaken within you your true consciousness, which is a state of Love.

While your heart expands with Golden Light, allow the drops of Golden Light to flow through your lower chakras to your Earth Star Chakra under your feet, anchoring and awakening your true consciousness, your consciousness of Creator Love, bringing them to true manifestation in the inside of your Being and in your reality.

Then meditate on yourself as a Complete Being of Golden Light, connected with all the memories and truths whose understanding and incorporation are essential now; and existing in unison with the entire Creator Universe. Encourage yourself to merge with this space of pure consciousness, energy and truth, which give new perspectives, feelings and experiences about yourself and your reality, which arise from within your Being.

When you connect with consciousness and with the well of Love that is inside your Being, you are transforming your cells, the way you perceive and perceive your reality, you are expanding beyond your limitations; and consequently you are expanding your abilities to make a positive and loving difference on Earth. You are allowing yourself to enter a space of empowerment, having access to the power within your Being. This is a positive transformation that will sustain your experience of your reality on Earth; and it will also allow you to help others in ways you never imagined before.

When we think from the limitations of the mind, the reality of the Earth may seem hard, painful and challenging. When we think from a state of inner Love, everything opens; and we can see solutions that previously seemed out of reach; and yet we can now access them, experience them and create positive transformations for everyone on Earth, not just for ourselves and our Beloved Ones .

Your Ascension has the purpose of helping everyone on Earth to enter a space of Love that means healing, memory, experience of freedom and happiness. I, Lord Maitreya and all your guides are present to support you; we cannot do your Ascension for you, however when you open yourself to receive the abundance of Love that we have to share with you, you will recognize that your Inner Power is synthesized with our Light, creating everything necessary for your healing, fulfillment and happiness. and of all.

An awakening is happening on Earth; It is an awakening of Love from the Essence of the Soul of each person. Many people are not willing to recognize the power of the Love of the original consciousness that is now emerging; and yet it is an immeasurable power that can create transformations for the Earth and for Humanity, which surpass your imagination. This gentle energy will rise within many who will be ridiculed by others; and yet gradually it will be recognized as a profound power; everyone will be inspired to access it and manifest it on Earth. Christ Consciousness describes Love in action; It is a Love in action that will empower all people, creating millions of actions born of Love that will help everyone's transformation and their alignment with the Creator.

With Blessings of Christ Consciousness,

Mr. Maitreya.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson

SEEN AT: http://www.jairorodriguezr.com/

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