Star Seeds - Sanat Kumara

  • 2011

I am Sanat Kumara the white star of the central sun and I come to you in this time of divine intervention that is taking place on earth.

I greet you From the great central sun, where we contemplate the scenario of your current days and admire you for being present in your hearts and sustaining all this process of transformation and changes that your light bodies are going through.

Actually, they have come a long way!

Everything is happening as it should be, for you it may seem that the process is slow and the feeling of discouragement may appear, as you would like to be seeing your physical world transformed and harmonized.

Everything is advanced on a planetary and human level, we are working on all the necessary planes so that the human being is complete for the great arrival of energy that the divinity has planned to reach his plane of consciousness and ascend to a 4 dimension.

We are talking about the 2012 portal that so many channels are talking about it for 20 years ago.

The Earth is ascending to the fourth dimension, their consciences also have that ascension.

The dimensional change according to the calculation made by the Mayas- will take place on December 21, 2012. It is a theoretical, reference date. It can happen sooner or later. But considering the energy acceleration they experience, they can say that they are already in the fourth dimension.

The process of dimensional change is internal, no planetary catastrophe will occur, do not be influenced by fear!

What they have been experiencing in recent years is the approach of the light coming out of a shadow period of 24, 000 years, what they feel is a small apex of energy of what is to come.

Remember that you are the bridges, you are the instruments of higher dimensions located here, on Earth as bridges between the world of the Spirit to Matter, remember !!!

Everything is part of a planetary convergence for this universe and others that are directly focused on you and Gaia.

What you are living and what you will live from the third phase of energy for Gaia from 2013 to 2025 will have an impact on you and the rest of the universe and others, as well as other highly evolved consciousnesses committed to your ascension, will also be released. and projected to new planes of vibration, since many beings decided to wait until you were complete to travel together towards a greater perfection not yet known to men.

We decided to wait and support this earth since they are the most sophisticated energy project in the light and love carried out in this universe. They have everything in favor, they have in their bodies all the information and codes necessary to ascend to a greater reality, and they believe that this is so, because divinity so arranged.

Everything is in your DNA, your bodies are authentic channels of expression of the divinity on earth, you are part of the divinity, They are the stellar seeds placed with great delicacy, Love and Hope a long time ago in Gaia. And now they woke up from a long dream, welcome because we are seeing you.

You chose to be these channels of expression for this time of change, you chose to come here and channel the highest expression of consciousness to preserve and keep this earth. This is a fact.

You as channels are located in many places of Gaia radiating light in all existing areas, such as light workers.

The dimension of the light and love of your hearts is much greater than other times that this was tried before, now it is different, you have the support of all your star brothers committed to your ascension and each of you is part of a family of light and has the support and guidance of it, this is a fact. Everything is magnified and wide by having this luminous presence of love from his star family.

Your children and future children are the answer to this because the current critical mass of Gaia is ready for many volunteers from their families of light, come and be among you.

These new children are born with their DNA clean of residues of an old humanity, they are in a greater vibration. They do not know the genetic inheritance of suffering or the duality of the old human being, they are to advance by illuminating and transfiguring all the residues of a dual world, only they can do it and that is why they are here!

They are very advanced beings that have a very clear and clean objective, to transform everything, everything they know as duality, these beings will lead the new world in a way totally focused on harmony and balance with the earth and the Universe.

You, the beings of the first arrivals on earth, violet children, indigos, crystal and others, were the bridges, linkers and warriors that opened the gap in duality to reach this new energy, each and every one of you is very Valuable, everyone.

Look at being present in your hearts, it is there that you are really strong and untouchable.

Co-believe and do not stop doing it, do it from your hearts, co-create realities impregnated with this energy that emits your hearts, these creations will be perfect and indestructible realities, for it will be the same divinity on earth. Only then the change and transition to the 4 dimension will be possible.

You are the new brotherhood and the whole Universe is seeing you in this rise of the Sacred Human Beings.

May the Light guide you and Love be manifested in your lives.

I am Sanat Kumara

Channeled by Gerard Ribot


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