Second wave of ascension, by Lord Kuthumi

I am KUTHUMI and I come in the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each one of you and bring you the blessings of new knowledge, divine clarity, the presence of God's sacred desire and unconditional love. My beloved greetings!

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we meet each of you on this day and hold you firmly in the heart of Christ and securely in the hands of God.

Dear lightworkers, as we stand in the presence of this powerful energy of the birth of a new era of enlightenment, we welcome you to the presence of the sacred order of divine love, of divine light, and to the sacred paths of the enlightenment that leads them to the depths of truth, to the inner dimensions of the heart and to the core of the inner world of divine wisdom.

We all stand together as one entity, one heart, one light, one love, one breath, and one expression of the voice of the Father / Mother God. Our presence and yours is one that combines in this particular moment to move through time and space as we walk in this new experience of the expression of our Creators.

The Second Wave of Ascension is a new lease of life, it is a step on the rung of the collective ladder and each of you is redefining your life purpose, your perspectives, and your understanding of yourself. This is where they experience the deepest dimensions of the broad world of their collective self, moving to higher dimensions of their higher intelligence, of the divine intellect that is expressed through the divinity of their soul.

The Second Wave of Ascension brings to your lives a more tangible experience of and expression of, of the Father God and the internal Mother Goddess. M Magdalena has prepared the energy for you on this day and it is so that we are gathered within the sacred chamber of the cosmic temples of the sixth universe of fluid love and we embrace each of you while you are present within the divine mansion of our Creator.

My beloved, now you are ready to observe the upper octave of the sacred sound of the voice of Father / Mother God. This is the time where the word of God is expressed on a higher level, which is why I mean that it is your inner voice that becomes more audible, where God's eyes become clearer, the body of God becomes stronger and while They experience the great understanding of what life is, they will realize that many of the destructive patterns they have experienced up to this point have been necessary to invoke the next step of this journey.

While we all move to higher expressions of the collective of ourselves, we face new challenges, and these challenges are new opportunities and are not debilitating experiences that take away energy, so they are positioned on a new level as the Ascended Masters, if we can call it that. This has nothing to do with feeding you the ego and everything has to do with empowering the spirit within you, taking the nature that is inherent in your Father God and Mother Goddess that is within you expressing that nature, merging with the nature of the external world, creating within that experience. While this nature collaborates with a new way of living, the expression comes to manifest itself in being. This is like starting over starting from the beginning once again. Anyway this beginning is not one where you are left without knowledge, without power, without wisdom, this is how you move after twelve basic years of education to a high understanding of education, this is where your Monad approaches you as never before and receive well-founded directives of aspects of you, this is what becomes your teacher, the part of you that is communicating directly with you, in some way, this is a way of speaking, are the descriptions that I would like to use and that there will be times when the Monad will annul the superior being and communicate directly with you as well as God will speak directly with you and not through the angels, angels, teachers etc. etc.

Anyway, it will take time to assimilate this concept, while they begin to understand the universes in this great experience, they will begin to understand that the aspects that have eluded up to this point are installed in this present, why? It is because they are ready to deal with these aspects and are ready to understand this more advanced language, this more advanced technology that your soul has imparted to you. Up to this point you did not have the ability to understand this technology, superior intelligence has been distanced for you until now and you are moving to the realms to have the conscious ability of this vast concept as well. As thousands of years ago where there was no existing vocabulary that exists at this present moment, in all that time there were no concepts that could be presented, there were no words to describe them It is exactly the same as now, you can understand this concept because you have the initiation that is required to open those dimensions to open the portals within your being, which will allow you to access those Akashic records of wisdom. And, beloved ones, now they walk through the Halls of Amenti undergoing a kind of death to be reborn in this new world of inner knowledge of being, a new concept to understand the intelligence of being, seeing it as an alignment directly with the high intelligence of Father Mother God, and while they understand this familiarity that is in fact installed in the heart and not in the intellect, they will witness the development of a complete and new world of knowledge, experience and interaction. n with its elevated aspects of being.

When the Monad interacts with you on such a direct level, you have to wait for changes. Some of you will say, OH my God, Kuthumi, how many more changes! but I have news, there are many more changes and these changes will never end, changes that reveal who they are, that they are made and it is through these creations that Father / Mother God expresses himself, and the form can be expanded, the form can integrate more of that without form, and intelligence, the word that comes from that word can also find the form and the word without form, is nothing! Because it is simply a formless presence, it must enter into some kind of form in order for it to be expressed and for it to be fully experienced in all its dimensions and in all its nature.

You know that the physical being is only one aspect of many aspects, you know that they are part of the elements seen and not seen. Now they move to a cycle where they are renewing and crystallizing their relationship with Father / Mother God in a complete and new way. This is a very deep personal reconnection process. The promise of a new life is not limited to the fantasy of experiencing Utopia, that is not to say it is an unreal fantasy, those ideals will come into being but before anyone can solve in a utopia class, one must be aligned with certain very important aspects of being, this first cycle of the New Age agenda this Wave of Ascension that is taking them to the depths of what they are. . This new world, this movement beyond the chaotic and destructive ego based on the world's motivational fear, is not what motivates them the most, they have moved through the spiral in the spiral, to a space of objectivity where they perceive life from another perspective, and now that they are in those high perspectives, they can see more of themselves and that is the most important part of the second wave of ascension.

At this time there are two hundred and twenty-two million smaller portals that are being activated throughout their world, half are being activated inside the body of Mother Earth and the other half on their body and while these vertices of energy are between Yes, it is that the waves of this new energy, explode but do not implode, and I am saying that they explode for a purpose in the etheric field of the body of Mother Earth, this penetrates the magnetic field of all human beings on the planet and in All other realms of life. This wave sweeps everything in its path to this new energy template. Once one is connected to this grid, and then it is the individual choice where to go with the flow of that wave, ride on the crest of this wave to this new world, to this new dimension of self-knowledge or stay in the old paradigm We have already described.

Those who choose to remain in that old paradigm will find that the challenges, obstacles and ego create intensities that at times become unbearable. This will become more unbearable because there are breaks happening in the body of Mother Earth, there is a scab on her body right now and this scab is like dirt in a wound. In this Second Wave of Ascension she releases this dirt to receive the healing balm so that she can open this wound to the Cosmos and receive the healing that she is ready to have, because she deserves it as any of you deserves. These wounds that are now opening to receive healing, recede one hundred and thirty-three million years in Earth time, which includes parallel and alternative realities. While these stocks come together they will find that many layers will rise to the surface; this does not necessarily mean that they will meet unresolved challenges of all this time, all that means is that the collective wound of this particular period of time can now be healed, and this particular wound is relative to the loss of power, through abuse of power through money, through sex, through the manipulation of the elements, through the manipulation of the abuse of nature (human nature and all other aspects of nature) that is why it will move through alternative and parallel realities. This means an accelerated displacement beyond the destructive consciousness that left people far from the Monad since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis going far beyond where the worlds end, worlds that have not even heard before.

Now the energy of the constellation Bootes and Cassiopeia and within the Andromeda galaxy, moves to surround the body of Mother Earth. These vibrations permeating the body of Mother Earth brings what we have always called "The Sacred Signatures." The signatures are unique vibrations of energy placed within the crystalline seal, which is held within a vertex. Within these vertices there are atoms of light, and as these energies reach your energy field, they begin to activate what is held within the darkness thus mobilizing everything again, the more light, the greater your chances to understand your own purpose and what motivates your purpose. When they know what motivates them, their actions, their decisions, their thoughts and their words, clarity empowers them, they make informed decisions as well as being in the position to be able to understand the motivations of others, and when they can see the motivations of others, they have power within the situation to make choices to support the highest welfare of the whole.

This is the greatest news for those who have chosen to take the greatest responsibility for the creation of their lives; those who have taken the greatest responsibility to choose what motivates them even in the face of their most challenging moments. It is important that all of you realize that the energy with which you will be working since December 22 has a totally different signature with respect to what you have been working up to this point. The energy of the Goddess Serra amplified, this does not mean that it is the feminine energy per se, it is the voice of the sacred wisdom of the soul, it is where the subconscious undergoes the great transformation of all times so that the subconscious is the that has moved to this higher level. This means that these beings of high intelligence that vibrate to levels that your subconscious have never vibrated before can now be reached. This means that they have a great chance of transforming the debilitating self-sabotaging program anchored within the subconscious that constantly manifests itself as obstacles and counterproductively.

Now these self-defeating ways will be left in the old paradigm. There will be times when the bosses will re-emerge, but this does not prevent them from moving forward, because this always comes to the fore to remind them where they have come from, what they have filed and where they are going. It is also very important for you to understand the issue of why you are moving into high realms of yourself, and not because you are moving to high realms of experience, it means that you adopt an attitude of self-critical saints, this is absolutely not this Wave. Ascension The Wave is all that it is, and it is absolutely the direction you are facing, in terms of how you will interact with the rest of humanity. This is a place of humility and the more you move into these kingdoms of humility, the less open space for those self-critical saints and you will find that those people adopting this kind of attitude will see their lower regions very quickly. I trust you have captured the picture. Yes?

So while you understand this movement to the high realms, it has nothing to do with elitist attitudes and everything to do with merging with the community of the highest order of wisdom and light, then you are understanding the true essence of what this new kingdom gives you. Is bringing. While I Kuthumi, Saint Germain and Master Jesus move to this faster expression of divine light, they will benefit from this because our magnetic energies automatically push them into that kingdom. It means once again that they have a more direct line with the Spirit, to the high wisdom of your being, as well as to your collective soul, the voice of the authentic being becomes more audible, that voice of God, the word of God of the one that speaks before, will become more audible, this means less space for excuses and you know that we have been working on this with you for a few years, more than the previous 18 or 24 months.

This is truly an incredible time for celebration to get out of the realm of ego-based motivations and enter the kingdom of your Monad because they are not only closer to God but closer to themselves and even though they are functioning in the World. of the Third Dimension of human beings trying to find themselves, celebrate the fact that they have found many aspects of you and what you are about to find reveals the deepest dimensions of the Spirit that resides within you and encourages you, and it takes them beyond human personality and to the understanding of who they are, in other words, showing them the deep dimensions of being that they are, not the identity they have adopted in this incarnation, the identity that gave them the name or their position or their gender or your financial status, none of that, this is a wealth beyond your greatest imaginations, this is an investment for your soul that you have never experienced do before and this is something that remains in you for all eternity.

So beloved, let's gather our energies as we guide you through the dimensional portals, through the energy and towards the center of this Ascension Wave, please close your eyes if you have not already done so. Straighten the spine, release your shoulders back opening the heart chakra. Take an inspiration through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. Take another inspiration and exhale through your mouth. Relax your body.

Imagine a powerful golden and red flame of energy that runs up and down the spine, this is your life force, this is the empowerment energy that has always existed within you. This energy now becomes more tangible, they become more aware of this because many veils have fallen, many outdated beliefs, attitudes and perceptions have been released. They have already become aware of aspects of themselves that they have never known existed, and this has not been long ago.

I want you to thank for every challenge they have experienced, for every tear they have shed, for every moment of pain, sadness, give thanks for every dark night of the soul they have suffered, because it is all these experiences that have made the cracks in the defense walls that have been burned through the veils of illusion and broken the constructions of ignorance, and have revealed to you the inner wisdom, have revealed to you the inner guardian, has shown you the superior intelligence of advanced aspects of your divine being who has guided, protected and rewarded them.

The walk on Earth is one of the most challenging that a soul can choose to undertake. It is the strictest school of learning, it is a place where the soul is stripped, left without anything but with the potential to win everything, Your journey to reclaim the treasures that exist within the love and wisdom that empowers them as spirit, as a being of light, it is now before you., and it is not that you are not doing it, but now is the time to swim with the big fish come out of the prey, have moved through The rivers, the streams, the lakes and now is the time to enter the vast ocean of life, of the Spirit, and sink deep into the essence of the Father / Mother God.

Feel the energy as it moves from the dam through streams and rivers and lakes and feel its energy moving to the great oceans. Leaving one with the vast body of love and divine wisdom represented by the seas and oceans of his Planet.

There are worlds that exist beneath the waters that no one has yet discovered. There are things that lie in the depths of Mother Earth's body hidden in the water, protected by water, that could blow your mind and for this reason they cannot even be discovered, but they exist. You loved ones are moving now to those depths.

I want you to now imagine that you move to the depths of the ocean, keep in mind that your body can withstand pressure, that you will not be subject to the effects of the depths that will now be introduced . Do it gently and pause if you need it.

As you move to these depths, there are two hundred and twenty-two Orcas whales that join you, three hundred and thirty three bottlenose dolphins, four hundred and forty-four humpback whales, five hundred and fifty-five beluga whales, six hundred and sixty-six rays.

Breathe deeply while these beings connect their energy to yours. These sea creatures hold within their energy signatures of very pure vibration, so pristine, that it is capable of penetrating the most dense of the human ego motivated and based on ignorance and dark part of the be. Feel these energies penetrating this part of you and see that you are now suspended in the water surrounded by these energies that amplify the presence of the light within you.

These pulsations of energy penetrates all parallel and alternative aspects of your being, the darkest part of your being, the most diabolical feat you have ever committed in any of your life experiences. It is now penetrated by this pristine energy of pure unconditional love, light, wisdom intelligence.

The Lord Possession enters your energy field and stands in front of you, twelve Sirens accompany you. These beings also begin to emanate sound vibrations that can only be perceived through the body of water, this opens the emotional body within you and allows those dark aspects of you to be touched and penetrated by this love. .

One hundred and eleven Seahorses begin to dance around you, their dance creates another beautiful pattern of energy and this pattern is a communication system that has been delivered to them by your Monad. This is the first time that this pattern has been codified in your energy field and this allows your emotional body to move beyond the paradigms of the old world, specifically of the Piscean Age and this is how this fluid body takes its steps towards this safe place of knowledge that you are being motivated by this part of you that is one with God and the wall of defense falls. While this wall falls, you are not left vulnerable or fragile, you are left strong, empowered, re-vitalized, re-energized and reconnected with this powerful part of you - your Monad.

Take a deep breath exhaling fully.

Now I want you to notice that deep in the depths of this water a being of light begins to emerge, one of golden light, and all these sea creatures around you begin to push you energetically to the depths of water, Lord Poseidon and Mermaids follow them, and the Seahorses still move around them. While they are taken to the depths, they are moved deeper and deeper into the realms of your most intelligent being, to the depths of love that exists beyond the human ego, beyond the personality and identity of the human, beyond nature. human to your sacred energy that exists beyond the human form. Beloved, you enter a world of exquisite light, a world so full of the deepest love and wisdom you have ever experienced and that the conscious mind cannot compute everything in its entirety. Just imagine that you are left firmly, empowered by this great fantastic world under the sea, and there standing, in this world, there are beings like you have never seen before, energies that you have never felt before, crystals, lights, colors and sounds that your Being never experienced before, even your imagination cannot experience the full extent of where you are currently energetically.

This energy has already been absorbed into your emotional body and in the next forty-eight hours it will be injected very gently into the code of the energy templates of the store of higher intelligence within your DNA. These worlds have opened for you now to move beyond the limitations of the world that you have known up to this point.

Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Just as this Second Wave of Ascension brings to your emotional body the deepest healing experience of your life time and many other life times; Mother Earth will undergo the same deep healing of her emotional body and this wave washes the dark realms of each living being.

I want you to move through this sacred world under the ocean, I Kuthumi accompany you as well as Saint Germain and Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Guinevierre and Goddess Jezebel are present. We take you now to a place at the center of this world. In the center of this world there is a vortex of golden energy and it is a vortex that is able to stand in the center without falling, we accompany them to the center of this vortex. All marine beings are still present as are the twelve Mermaids, Lord Poseidon and the Seahorses.

While you are held suspended above this vortex, close your eyes and begin to feel a powerful increase in energy coming to you from the center of this vortex penetrating the soles of the soles of your feet, climbing up your legs and exploding in your farm. base, quickly rising to all other farms and exploding outside their crown farm.

Take a deep breath, exhaling fully while another flow of energy rises again. This will happen twice more.

Emerging from this vortex is an almighty being of wisdom. This being is full of power of wisdom and light that cuts your breath. I want you to feel the power of this being, try to use the imagination to create some kind of imagination to feel how powerful this being is and allow you to surrender completely to that love and wisdom. The energy of this being moves through your body, around your body, inside your body and envelops them in its essence.

They have earned the right to merge with this powerful, more advanced and deeper essence of wisdom and love, because it is the wisdom and love that becomes the theme of your life as they pass through this Second Wave of Ascension. And it is through love and wisdom, wisdom and love, that you will dominate the plan that lies before you. It is through these two energies that integrate more of the qualities of the alchemist master and free themselves from the prison of ignorance.

Take another breath exhaling while your body relaxes and quiets down. While they are still on this vortex, dolphins and various species of whales begin to sing with their unique voice. While the sound of their vibrations are emitted, a massive rupture begins to take place, this beloved rupture, is the rupture of the matrix that has kept them bound for millennia, this rupture of this particular matrix could only occur now, they had to be totally Ready for this.

The voices of the mammals send a message to all the worlds within the marine world and the worlds that exist beyond the marine world that have chosen to walk through the portal of the Second Wave of Ascension. As the sounds of your exquisite voices increase and amplify, I want you to become aware of a light that is coming down upon you, as if the Firmament was opening to welcome you. As the light becomes brighter it connects with your crown chakra and moves to your heart chakra creating twelve exquisite spirals in your heart chakra before descending to the base and all the way down to the depths of the vortex of which they are suspended

Breathe deeply exhaling fully.

Beloved, now this light begins to raise you, elevates you higher and higher. The sound of the sea creatures accompanies them, the Father / Mother God sustains them within the sacred essence of where they are going and where they have come from. Feel your energy moving higher and higher as your spirit returns to the stars, the place where you come from.

The light absorbs them completely until they are in a cocoon, in a golden golden egg, this is the container that transports them through the dimensions of time and space and places them inside the new world on the other side of the ascension portal. They will be incubated inside the golden egg for forty-eight hours and then they will give way to this new world, an inner world, which will be reflected back to your outer world.

Take a deep breath and then exhale. I want them to be installed within the warmth of this comfortable golden egg and surrender to the power of wisdom and love that now surrounds them, and for these forty-eight hours, we will all be subject to initiations of the Golden Temples that the Lord Maitreya Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek have been preparing for us. The Elohim of All That Is watch over this process and your Monad celebrates his return, another level of return to innocence, the inner sense of the omniscient almighty Presence I Am.

As I continue with this transmission I ask you to remain within this golden liquid. The creatures of the ocean continue with their sounds. This sound embodies sacred codes, keys, writings of sacred languages ​​that have never before been delivered to the Earth's energy field. This has been brought first to your body where they will learn about them. Where they will be handled in your earthly experience and then and only then, will they be delivered to the physical world. These will come through you, these unique codes, these divine writings, sacred names and keys to free the soul from the prison of ignorance. You have earned this right, your perseverance and your right has paid it, you are the ones who have now brought the Golden Age to this level of manifestation. You are those holding these keys and it is through your walk on Earth, the journey through the glove, your walk through the fire, through the density, through the darkness, even that which is usually considered diabolical, they will leave the mark, the imprint of light will consume the darkness by transmuting it, absorbing it when it can be healed and the kingdoms of darkness that have their right to exist, will no longer be part of their existence in this, beloved ones, is the beginning of what is considered the two Lands; the separation of these existences in terms of consciousness that motivates you, the directives that you receive from this intelligence that substitutes human nature, earthly identity and the perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and ideas that you have had as human beings identified by name, his status, his gender and his life experiences.

Mientras esta ola se expande mas allá de todas estas cosas terrenales, conceptos e ideas, descubren este nuevo mundo del que hemos estado hablando y los mundos se separan y nuevos mundos colapsan (de un modo positivo) verán como el abismo entre vuestra antigua vida y vuestra nueva vida crece mejor y mejor y no es sobre la negación, no tiene nada que ver con huir de eso, todo lo que es, amados, es la distancia entre lo viejo y lo nuevo, creciendo mas y mas.

Este es un gran momento para la historia espiritual de la Tierra, es un tiempo maravillo para el despertar del alma humana y esta es una de las mas grandes caminatas hacia la libertad porque ahora han llegado a un punto donde verdaderamente pueden entender del poder que existe dentro de la aplicación del amor y la sabiduría, sabiduría y amor, de cualquier modo que elijan verlo. También comenzaran a entender que todo lo que es, todo lo que alguna vez fue y todo lo que será, es amor y las muchas facetas de su esencia.

En los meses que están por delante, tendrán grandes revelaciones contemplando vuestro mundo interno y como funciona en vuestro mundo externo. Se moverán más y más lejos de los dramas del viejo paradigma. A veces se pueden sentir desconectados del viejo mundo como si estuvieran sentados en el Firmamento por así decirlo, mirando hacia abajo al mundo, observando el caos, la histeria y la locura del drama humano de aquellas almas trabadas en el juego, prisioneras de su ignorancia y entonces verán lo poderoso que se han vuelto. Estarán agradecidos, verdaderamente agradecidos, por vuestra nueva posición por decirlo de algún modo. Siempre recuerden que esta posición es de humildad y no una facultad para ejercer la autoridad en aquellos que en este estado no saben lo que ustedes saben y no entienden como ustedes el juego de la vida. Así como estos códigos llegan, verán que esta nueva posición los coloca en una postura para servir con amor y sabiduría y siempre, con corazón humilde.

Amados, este es un tiempo extraordinario, el mundo donde han entrado les revelara cuan extraordinario es y cuan extraordinarios son mas all de la forma humana y aprender n porque es tan importante traer la energ a de la Monada a la forma, al mundo de la forma a trav s de la forma humana. M s que eso no puedo decir, el concepto no podr a ser entendido pero lo captaran cuando lo vean desarrollarse.

Y as es, amados, que terminamos la transmisi n en este punto. Las energ as donde est n encapsulados son de elevad sima frecuencia. Vuestros sue os pueden ser extremadamente energ ticos, quiz s muy lucidos, algunos de ustedes puede que no recuerden nada no importa, lo importante s que han hecho esto y que est n listos para el pr ximo paso del viaje.

Mi amor y mi protecci n esta con ustedes, tambi n vamos con Saint Germain y el Maestro Jes sa caminar ahora a los reinos de nuestro pr ximo nivel y tambi n nos sometemos al capullo que actualmente est n ustedes experimentando. Permaneceremos conectados con ustedes como siempre y les damos la bienvenida a nuestro mundo, un nuevo mundo y nos regocijamos con ustedes.

Yo soy Kuthumi, Chohan del Rayo Dorado del Amor y la Sabidur ay los saludo y bendigo en amor.



Lord Kuthumi Canalizado a trav s de Michelle Eloff

Johannesburg, South Africa 3 December 2008

Traducci n: Magaly Gonzalez Vigouroroux

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