Should children be prepared for the arrival of a little brother?

  • 2015

When you already have a child and discover that you are pregnant, you know very well what that represents in your life, but what most mothers do not realize is really what a brother will represent for the life of the firstborn of the family.

Maybe when you were little, you have experienced a similar situation but surely you will not remember. I, as a firstborn, do not remember, although I think it should not be very pleasant to have to 'give up the crown'.

Children should be prepared for everything

Children should be prepared for everything. I believe that dialogue can be done, apart from solving many difficult or complicated situations in life. Nothing like a good talk to explain to the firstborn that the family will have a new member . Prepare your child for the arrival of the brother:

Give joyfully the happy news and communicate to the child that, soon, he will have a little brother. The tone as well as the way to do it will depend a lot on how old your child is. If he is very small, it is best to tell him that your belly is going to grow because a little brother is growing there for him. For the older children, already able to understand many things, it is best to involve them and convince them of the many advantages of having a brother.

Encourage the child to collaborate . Ask him to sing or talk to his brother who is still inside your belly, so that the baby knows his voice and tastes. In addition, make him part of the growth of the fetus. Show him the photo (ultrasound) of his little brother, ask for his help in choosing the baby's name, to buy his clothes or decorate his room. It is also advisable to guide your child to buy a gift for his little brother.

Jealousy is inevitable, but it can be lightened by transmitting even more affection and security to the firstborn. He wants his life to follow the same as always Keep the habit of accompanying him to the park, telling him stories, and for no reason, you should recriminate him when he has an attack of jealousy. Don't forget that the arrival of a brother is a hard change for him and that the baby you expect will come to add and not subtract.

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Should children be prepared for the arrival of a little brother?

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