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There are some lighter energies in the air as we head towards mid-January. It always helps to know these trends to take advantage of them. Although we are still on the wild ride of ups and downs experienced in 2015 and that retrograde Mercury continues until January 25, other energy factors can help stimulate your mood and productivity. In this article I will describe how to take advantage of this.

Update your 2016 Vision

Sometimes, when a year begins with a retrograde Mercury and its inherent delays, there is a tendency to get entangled in details and forget the bigger picture. If this has happened to you or if you are simply not enjoying your joyful I of the new year, continue reading.

At this time they are likely to feel a mixture of feelings, stimulated by our energies in conflict. At one time they may feel optimistic and hopeful, the next moment they doubt themselves or doubt that their goals are feasible.

Relax - this dichotomy is the micro-level of things. Remember - The biggest picture.

Your Wise Me Divine Maker

As a Maker of divine change, your wise Self is certainly enthusiastic to be here now. That part of you has the hope of life, the world and your ability to be a powerful Maker of changes.

You know by the way that unlimited positive potentials are available, with more openness for you as you take the next steps. This part of you is confident that there is a divine plan and that it keeps you active in the orchestration of that plan, showing you the next appropriate steps and helping you take them in divine time.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with ideas that you have been contemplating. You have a great deal of help now to perfect those ideas and redo them in something very fruitful. Consider a key idea now and invite your inner wisdom to reveal adjustments that you could make, including perhaps connections with other things you had missed. Invite to meet individuals or groups that can be fundamental to your success with this idea. They can be known to you now, or totally new.

The Vital Role of Relationships

Remember other people and groups of people can be key factors in how you experience 2016. No matter how independent you are, others matter in your results. It's more than people of course, it's how you relate to people.

What is revealed in your life in 2016 depends largely on your interactions with others. Keep in mind then, how you can improve your social skills and your self-confidence by reaching others in a meaningful way.

Start at home with your classmates there or with regular visitors. Notice how they communicate with these people can they ask for what they need and feel comfortable setting limits to say no ? Are they in touch with what they feel when they feel it, helping them to express themselves adequately with others?

Be neutral to the World Madness

To prepare for your best year 2016, here is another tip that involves the outside world. Even if you don't watch the news, you capture the madness of this moment. Fear is the determining factor. Do what you can daily to see the rarity in a neutral way.

Refuse to get caught in hysteria and panic, talking about what to worry about later.

Understanding the Compasi n

Unless they can become neutral, they cannot be a sensible voice in the crowd. Without neutrality, they cannot be the effective change maker they are meant to be.

Try to know all sides of things and have compassion on both sides as well. Unilateral compassion is not true compassion.

Use Positive Moments to Energize and Engage Again

When we participate in moments of more positive energy, let us use those times to revitalize and compromise again. In doing so, this is aligned to the way nature works - in cycles, one paving the way for the next, in an ingenious way .

Last week I talked about the importance of commitment in 2016. Have you thought about what you are committed to? Have you also considered the way you are committed to yourself? What I want to say here is: how engaged are you in taking steps to fulfill your greatest purposes on Earth ? How committed are they to provide themselves with the tools and support they need to be everything they can be?

Trust that you deserve to be committed to yourself and also to goals that are bigger than you. You will be happier when you make and act on such commitments . That is what will give you the juice of positive energy and fuel for your next steps.

That is what will take them out of the mundane and into the quantum realms of infinite possibilities. It is where you can shine and be happy in your lives. This is not an external happiness - it is very deep and authentic, related to its core. Only you can create it - are you ready?

AUTHOR: Selacia

TRANSLATION: Alicia Virelli


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