Health recognizes the First Therapist of Past Lives

  • 2010

His name is Juan José López Martínez, and he has the honor of being the first doctor in Spain who has obtained the authorization of a health administration - the Ministry of Health of the Region of Murcia in this case - to open, in Cartagena, the First consultation on Therapy of Past Lives (DVT). At this point (late 2009) he is giving appointments as of January of next year.

Phobias, fears, anguish, depression, blockages, feelings of guilt, affective or material failures, behavioral disturbances, sexual disturbances, suicidal tendencies and, in general, all those diseases labeled as psychosomatic include the scope of this technique.

From a formal and academic point of view, the TVP could be defined as “the procedure to bring to the habitual conscience, in order to be worked therapeutically, the hidden traumatic experiences of this life and of previous existences that, from the shadow of the subconscious can disturb current life, explains Lopez.

Naked Soul

Moreover, this emergency physician of the Hospital del Rosell adds, a direct disciple of the authentic world guru of the discipline, the Argentine Jos Luis Luis Cabouli, if the patient surrenders to the return with confidence and without self-censorship, who appears there working in his place is his own naked soul, expressing all his pain, his miseries and even his unspeakable desires. .

The defenders of this technique maintain that many of the difficulties and emotional conflicts of our present life have their origin in traumatic or painful experiences lived in previous existences, recorded in the soul, which when leaving the body is projected towards The following lives.

As TVP, according to Lopez, is the work of the soul, for the soul and for the soul, draws the conclusion that the cause of all pain ps Quico, of all behavior and of all wrong attitude lies in the soul. And when we meet the soul, he adds: `` Not only are the pains that disturb us in our lives resolved, but there is also an openness of consciousness that leads us to understand the meaning, why and importance of this life .

According to the theory of TVP, in the face of different everyday circumstances, we react, unknowingly, driven by the burden of the past: how much more unusual and out of place is a reaction Even more likely to be an emotion originated in an event from another life. For the soul, time does not exist, everything is here, at the same time, says Juan José Lopez.

As an example, the doctor cites a case of claustrophobia, in which a soul may be remembering a death by suffocation in a collapse of a mine, unaware of it, but experiencing all the physical and emotional sensations of the previous death .


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