Heal and heal oneself, how can we do it?

  • 2016


This is a channeling of the archangelical Shakiel consciousness, it deals with how to heal or heal oneself . We know that today the need to heal and be independent in self-healing is paramount, I hope this channel helps you.

Channel Heal Yourself

Greetings, my dear ones, Shakiel speaks, and I come to you to pierce these veils of oblivion, where you once plunged, and help you to remember your innate wisdom.

You ask for healing, you ask for health and we can often feel your pain. You feel how your body weakens, how it screams for help, and what do you do then ?, go outside, to the world of illusion in which you are immersed and asleep and looking for.

It is well dear friend, that there is the help you need, it is good that you receive that necessary push to return your health, however my dear, today I have come here to give you another path, which you can take every time you feel it necessary.

It may seem strange at the beginning, or even a waste of time, but if you try, if you insist, you will return to the path of return to the place you always belonged to, the place you deserve, and that is not limited by the usual margins of time, the place of immortality.

I perceive your confusion my dear, you have come here asking for health solutions and I tell you about immortality, about a place where there is no time ... what happens to Shakiel? Have you not heard our request well? (laughs)

Of course, but I do not come to offer you a technique, I will not wear a band aid, I will not stretch the list of chores in your spiritual life. No, that is not what I want to convey, it can be a bit difficult to assume, so pay your attention:

When you go in search of something, you are moving it away.

When you feel that something is missing, you do not have it anymore.

When you think a lot about something, then you will always be thinking.

Now do you see where I'm going? Indeed, you have a hidden power, which you may have heard of. Something that has to do with your ability to be, and that moves away from the "human" in the parameters that you fit. So to explain it better, I'm going to get a little technical.

Your biology is not only what you see and what you have been told, In fact we can say that you are less human than you think, and more a Son of the Stars. Your brothers are scattered throughout the universe, and you have many things in common with them, part of your biology, has been donated by them, in a time you can't remember, but if you can feel, if you set your mind to it.

This biology is not like what you see in the movies, (or maybe in some of them), it is not like the idea you had as a child when you heard the stories of the gods in mythology. Your biology is partly forgotten, because something you can't remember doesn't work and you don't know it's there.

My travel companion Nahisa, proposed a stamp, so you could start remembering. This can happen in many ways, for example reading information like this, in which you are informed of something that happened in the past, and that is latent, waiting.

Let us then take back the technical information, since now I can feel your enthusiasm and how you pay me full attention. And the question is how can I access that biology? Exactly dear, don't try to heal, let's go back to the Home, think about Being.

Let's make it easy, because the beginnings should always be simple. You know joy, it is a human emotion and yet it is also divine. Joy allows you to see the beauty around you and honor it, feel moved and happy at the same time. I speak to you of the emotion that is born a little above the heart, in the Thymus, it extends through the heart and the solar plexus, creating within you a sphere that makes you feel full and that literally radiates happiness around you, including your body.

Perfect, now you know the state of vibration that you must build in your body, do it every day, and always choose an elevated thought. At the same time remember my words: You are not only Human .

I summarize the process, because I know you enjoy it a lot, but I ask that when you doubt, you read the information again, since it contains the energy of the memory and just remember, so that the process activates on its own. It is not about understanding, nor about a task, it is about taking up your multidimensional nature, in which you are the maker of your vibration, and your body contains and converts into vibration.

Learn to sustain the divine vibration of joy in your body . He feels that he is born from the thymus and extends in heart and plexus. Feel the divinity, with an elevated thought about you and your nature. And then continue your day without more.

You can continue with all the other things that you do or take, for your health and well-being, but with this simple exercise every day, taken from the divine joy, your body will begin to change, it will be gradual, but in the end it will mutate into a new reality, where, finally, there will be no shortage of health, for that will be an empty word for you.

And finally, for the most intellectuals who wonder, but why is it born of the thymus and not of the heart, simple, right now you are saturating your body with thymus. I love you, not only the ones you eat, but the ones around you. Therefore the first mechanism that we must put into operation, of your stellar biology is your thymus, so that it is responsible for releasing toxics and activating health in perfect balance. That is why we need to help you with the joy, which breaks and can with everything, but not with the passing and mundane joy for something that has happened to you, but the divine joy of Being.

Connect with your stellar biology, simply remembering that you are a Son of the Stars

With all my love and support, at your service, Shakiel

Author: Cristina Acebr n Guirau

Writer, channeler

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