Maitreya and Lanto planetary solar healing

  • 2016

Beloved to be of light I am Maitreya

Master Lanto and I, we are working on the elevation of light frequencies, in the core of Gaia

The golden ray of manifestation and divine wisdom gains strength in you.

It's time for demonstration, toads and snakes leave ... (he told me as a metaphor)

It is not a metaphor, all consciences in disharmony that do not love your creations will go away, and all physical creations that do not arise from love will be sustained, the greatest alchemical transformation to which you have been exposed begins.

The threshold, of the next full moon, and the number of the next day 18, 9-4-9, are great doors to divine love in you.

The incoming waves of love are so intense that they will open the need to feel it, to enjoy receiving it, in a new positioning career that brings you closer to your life purpose and truth, beloved beings of light leave your whims behind and assume their responsibility for themselves, it is time to gather souls, groups and unity

And everything is separated, if they do not vibrate in their inner clarity. And they erode with the sharp vortices of their egoic postures, which are really fears and pain to transform.

Therefore, the internal waves and light are born from the crystalline nucleus of Gaia, and they will fragment by resonance the realities, minor, that are not part of your solar being.

The sun or crystalline core of Gaia comes to unite with your solar plexus and open the inner resonance of your being in you, so that you can be raised to the purpose of your soul in the star chakra of the soul and to open your consciences even more to the Harmonics from the universe.

They are days of many adjustments, in their early hours, in their hours of greatest sleep, they will open new codes of light, new frequencies, new realities, which will help them restore filaments of their subtle bodies.

Nothing that causes fear, anguish or polarity will be sustained, in the coming times, because Gaia does vibrate in unity, and she sustains and bathes them with her restored resonance.

So release your anger with yourself for sustaining the unsustainable, because it is a time of transmutation of light, peace of success and harmonic principles that will fill you with joy and processes of new and immense openings, brothers, you are the light of the world, don't deny yourself

New corridors of reality open in you, new physical paths also open, so it is advisable to consume salt and fruit these days, to sustain all the changes of DNA in your bodies that agitate you in being able to make them while still carrying a human life

Beloved beings of light, you are the great opening, from your heart chakra the universal energy is anchored and from your star chaia of Gaia your physical life is manifested, rising to your consciousness

The law of reprocisity, the law of cause and effect and the law of manifestation are accelerated and opened in an infinite number of new awareness of reality, so that they can improve their choices, so that they can assume their human challenges and can release a Karmic linear time that falls again, new timelines fall from the planet in the next few hours.

Manifestating spherical time to a greater degree, it is now more than ever when you will feel its effects and your blessing, thousands of things to heal and thousands of things to discover in a unique opportunity these days, beloved beings of light, we are all at your side holding the incoming energy, but we need your work of conscious co-creation, so that the point of union between heaven and earth, between the universe and Gaia is activated, that is, you, all of you are the point of union between the dimensions, you are living spiritual matter, experiencing, healed and loving, those are you, live, love, decide and believe in yourself, only in this way can you make the world change from the inner pillar, which many of you have so hidden in your heart and should be vibrant, expanding and filling with light all the spaces of their lives and where they pass

The solar plexus chakra again receives another expansion adjustment, specifically adrenal glands and liver, so respect the sleep, love your body, nurture without toxic and hydrate, in a 7-day cycle of assuming such transformation.

The center of Putuo, the mountain of the city of light of the golden ray (China), and the golden lake of mount kailas (between tibet etc) and the eternal temples of light of the golden ray, distributed by Gaia begin the emission n of the crystalline frequencies, to be manifesting your being, in every instant, in bringing you back to your authentic life, thank you beloved beings of light for so much effort, and this intense transformation : For every inner acceptance of your being, you heal many members of your lineage, breaking chains of submission and crying that thousands of years ago imprisoned the members of your lineages and that energy The restored nourishes you in other planes and fills you with deep love, to develop in your lives and parallel planes, so assume your commitments to yourself and release infinite memories of your DNA, so that this ascension, be a great wave of planetary light, from him to mor, piety and master r unconditional, for you don't even know who heals with every gesture of love for yourself, with every gift you grant and with every moment of joy and light.

And really stay away, your self-criticisms and your forgetfulness of yourself because every gesture of self-denial closes the bridge of union with your solar being, in full planetary merger with him. He, thank you beloved beings of light, Lord Lanto and Lord Maitreya.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus


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