Quantum Healing: Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Interview with Quantum Healer Juan Esteban Marulanda

  • 2017

Do you know what quantum healing is? Have you ever wondered why quantum healing includes the whole person: body, mind and spirit ? Have the mysteries that quantum healing hides told you? These and other questions will be resolved by our guest, Quantum Healer Juan Esteban Marulanda, whom we greatly appreciate for sharing his experience and essence of life with our Community. Welcome everyone!

Quantum Healing:

Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Interview with Quantum Healer Juan Esteban Marulanda

… Quantum healing method arises from the need to enable the human being with the natural condition of evolution.
(Great White Brotherhood Editor)

Interviewer :

William Hernán Estrada Pérez

Photo Courtesy Juan Esteban Marulanda (Quantum Healer)

Interviewed :

Quantum Healer Juan Esteban Marulanda

William : Dear Juan, thank you for sharing with our Community of the Virtual City of the Great White Brotherhood, for us your stay among us is very important. Tell us, what does it consist of and how does the Healing Method you practice of Quantum Healing work?

Juan Esteban : It consists in transforming the reality of people, modifying their vibrational state, that is, vibrating low (shame, apathy, fear, anger) generates physical results or experiences of great resistance, which means ultimately not to flow . Therefore, raising our vibrational frequency will transform our reality, achieving states of better fluidity and natural harmony.

What we do is channel large amounts of energy to build energy structures, and from these structures, under an intuitive connection that is transmitted to the students, they can connect with their teachers to assist in the quantum healing process.

This method of quantum healing arises from the need to enable the human being with the natural condition of evolution, synchronizing this process with the natural ability of self-healing and the electromagnetic forces of the earth, to make a leap in the opening to the new planetary consciousness

We work ten (10) modules:

Module 1 : The Origin of Chaos (where we come from)

Module 2 : Dimensional Traps (time, duality, soulmates)

Module 3 : Energy Concepts (energy blockages and configurations)

Module 4 : Dense Energies Level 1 (entities and collective energies)

Module 5 : Practice Experiences (experiential process)

Module 6 : Holographic Healing (the power to heal from a distance)

Module 7 : Energy Structures and Polarities Female, male polarity.

Module 8 : Metatron's Cube (activating the heart)

Module 9 : Dense Energies Level 2 (implants, vortices and others)

Module 10 : Experiences of Practice (experiential process)

William : What a practical and experiential agenda! I am very surprised that the quantum sanction arises from the same need of ours, from the capacity that you and I support in our natural condition of evolution ; and that precisely there, the human being is able to synchronize with the natural forces of his own and the earth, ultimately achieving self-healing . It is extraordinary !, also because it is an integral healing, body, mind and spirit .

Juan, so that we continue along the same lines, tell us, what kind of diseases can be cured through quantum healing ?

Juan Esteban : In the process of quantum healing we believe that the disease is only the effect of the emotional, psychological and energetic decompensation of the person. What do we mean by the above? What interests us primarily is that individual consciousness is integrated, that, when connected with its natural fluidity and harmony, physical diseases or pathologies disappear.

We have had people with cancer, depression, pneumonia, multiple bipolarity, but it is worth emphasizing that our focus is not on the pathology but on the individual connecting to the source of everything that is.

William : As you have seen, Juan, our Quantum Healer, has left us a task, "integrate our individual consciousness, connect with one's own fluidity and natural harmony ." The invitation is for all of us to heal our body, mind and spirit .

Juan, you initially told us that quantum healing "consists in transforming people's reality, modifying their vibrational state ", tell us, what is meant by "high vibrational frequencies"?

Juan Esteban : We understand as vibrational frequency the level of consciousness of the totality, that is, the higher the consciousness or awakening the greater the frequency of the person. For example: The vibratory consciousness of a person who is permanently in shame states, would mean living, but lifeless. Given the above, the fluency and harmony of a person who vibrates in peace or love can understand that he is one with the whole, while individuals who vibrate in apathy, shame, fear (where it is in my opinion the vast majority of humanity) managing to disconnect the person from the reason of being in this world.

William : So, the idea is that we constantly vibrate at high frequencies ; Your commitment and mine must grow on the level of consciousness .

Traditional chemical medicine focuses on the body, while quantum healing focuses on the unity of the person: body, mind and spirit . What do you think of conventional medicine?

Juan Esteban : From certain points of view it is vital, it has its positive points as it also has its negative points. From the positive to allowed to advance humanity, from the negative it has been able to remove autonomy and awareness that many of our pathologies are the product of emotional, mental and spiritual distortion. I have had medical students in our courses, such as doctors and dentists, and we came to the conclusion that more than to put ourselves before, the key is to complement.

William : Yes, the key is definitely to unite and pull to the same side. Precisely, here an exclusive call is made to Health Professionals, to treat the Human Being in an integral essence, endowed with body, mind and spirit .

We understand that you are Colombian, you have told us that you are from the Antioquia Region, exactly from the City of Medellà © n . Globally, we know that Colombia has made efforts to create a nation of peace, prosperous and full of opportunities. In keeping with the current peace process, how to heal our hearts to achieve stable and lasting peace?

Juan Esteban : I will only leave the following reflection: Everything we see in the news of crimes, violence, is only a reflection of the small crimes, violence we do against ourselves, our partner, Our home.

What I want to mean here is, the energy should not focus on changing the world but rather on transforming our observer, and this distends the collective. By increasing individual consciousness, the collective increases, therefore, the planet. Stable and lasting peace begins in me, then as a couple and then at home. The rest is surplus value. It is to focus on healing our resistance .

William : What a beautiful message! Hopefully all of us can practice what our Quantum Healer has told us today. Juan, finally, what message do you want to give us?

Juan Esteban : Remember that feeling is prayer . The quality of our thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and actions will depend on the quality of our material experience.

William : Dear Juan, we greatly appreciate your work for the good of humanity, we appreciate your words, and the fact that you have shared your life experience with us.

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End of Interview

How did you like the interview? It is really extraordinary to be able to talk with people who print to their daily lives the gifts and qualities they have received since birth. I invite you to ask yourself, what are my gifts and qualities ? Do I use my gifts and qualities for the good of other people?

Remember, quantum healing includes the whole person: body, mind and spirit, it is the integrality of the Human Being .

Photo Courtesy Juan Esteban Marulanda (Quantum Healer)

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor in the Great Family of http://hermandadblanca.org/

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