New Year Greetings Maestro Saint Germain

Mirtha Verde-Ramo, Activity Saint Germain.

Santiago, Chile, January 2, 2010.

My parabiene are addressed to you, greeting you at the beginning of this New Year 2010.

The cyclical evolution of this so-called planet Earth Light is driving the so-called Quantum of projected Light, this refers to the whole material and organic structure that forms the creation of the four kingdoms, namely: mineral, plant, animal and human, It is being molecularly restructured by increasing vibration, which we could also say energy, thus raising the spiral of DNA that sustains all living and breathing forms. This does not occur spontaneously in any way, EVERYTHING SEVERELY FULFILLS THE ORIGINAL DIVINE PLAN, therefore every year is given to the life of the Earth a greater concentration of the primordial Light, of course at levels adequate and in fair proportion.

If we follow the order established by the laws that govern, we will realize that the greatest beneficiaries of this higher voltage, by pointing them out in some way, will be those students or persons of good will who are seeking mediation, balance and a frank disposition. not to be overwhelmed or disturbed by I do not know what or where of blind forces and reluctant to the exalted renewal changes of the New Age in progress.

The path of indecision is getting narrower, the Earth is definitely going to meet the heart of the Great Central Sun and the orbit it must assume in the coming times, therefore all stagnation, spiritual blindness and lack of internal vision and those more nefarious and entrenched errors, such as anger, selfishness and fear, must definitely yield to conform to the new structures of cosmic DNA, emitting the keynote that characterizes Earth at that time.

Understand, my armed ones, that there is no possible recoil, today more than ever the Earth is releasing all the scaffolding or reluctant charges to definitively direct the encounter with its own atmic star, or body of light, similarly the human being is definitely channeling also towards his own I AM Presence and this in turn insistently claims him to take the corresponding guidance and command.

We have witnessed the greatest and most solemn ceremony that you can imagine, because when the radiation of the Holy Spirit becomes visible and tangibly manifested as in what happened on the eve of December 31 at the Royal Teton, in which we were meeting the Masters and Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that you know most, the beloved ruler of the Earth Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World Gautama Buddha, the cosmic Holy Spirit the Beloved Aeolus and ten thousand guests from distant evolutions, the most exalted radiation was felt, impossible to describe with words, because it can only be explained how God Himself emanates the most perfect embrace of pure love and shelter, amplifying the fullness and joy that can be experienced to infinite levels.

We witnessed how beloved Paul the Venetian received the bouquet of pink roses that Lady Rowena gave him and the magnificent band of similar color that Mr. Gautama Buddha granted him, next to a power center whose rounded shape at the tip was made of a single stone, which was a perfect ruby.

The beloved Saint Aeolus next to Him and accompanying him at all times with his regal bearing of two and a half meters, bearing a similar scepter, but much larger, addressed the beloved Paul once He was invested by the Lord Buddha, showing him that they would be at all times closely united to bring this year that begins all the magnificent effusion the Pink Ray of Divine Love towards the whole Earth and especially towards the human race. At that precise moment, songs of the cherubs were felt, while thousands of pink and red rose petals scattered throughout the immense hall of the Royal Teton and when they touched the white marble floor with gold trim they turned into splendid stars that lit their light and that were deposited in each of the countries that make up the world.

We jointly yearn for all the great leaders who are your elder brothers a full New Year in the noblest virtues that characterize the human being as a superior being within the developing kingdoms!

He embraces you closely, your mentor and holy brother,

Saint Germain

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