Leaving the Labyrinth

  • 2017

All initiatory cultures have somehow reflected in the labyrinths a test that should be resolved both inside and outside the initiate. A challenge that in our day also has its meaning both symbolic and a process that occurs in our psyche and in our physical / biological dimension, which we It allows access to a state of conscious evolution.

In the different trips I made in these years to different sacred places, I have been surprised to find ancient mazes (and sometimes not so old), I could also hear the different explanations of the locals on their origin and reason for construction, making references to ancient myths and in other places the objective of these constructions was forgotten, being in many cases simple tourist attractions.

The answer is simpler than it seems, it is not necessary to travel much ... Just as in our inner nature we have our own Temple we also have our own maze from which we have to leave, but first we must reach the center creating a space of convergence.

We do not get tangled up… let's go in parts, you will have already realized that our labyrinth is our own brain, in its morphology it represents it well, but more in its intricate synapse relationship with many times contradictory information. You will know that each cerebral hemisphere has different functions, the left is responsible for the logical aspects and the creative right. Through our education we tend to use the logical side of the labyrinth more, I say ... of the brain, taking space from the creative function as true unexplored potential. Being lost in the halls of our rational thoughts.

But what does a maze really represent?

Our labyrinth (brain) in which we are trapped, represents the challenge of finding the point of convergence or exit that allows us to access another type of expanded consciousness. It represents a map that we must literally "discover" (not discover) by developing and connecting both sides or hemispheres, until they are balanced, thus opening that Door ... that is not visible from reason or logic.
Surely for this reason Albert Einstein said: "We cannot solve problems using the same type of thinking we use when we create them." We will see that not only to solve problems we need to get out of the maze ...

Now, if we analyze the brain from a morphological aspect, we can find three levels that are repeated in our nature ... these three levels begin in the most "dense", in what is called " reptilian brain ", being that instinctive part that we must transcend, the middle level corresponds to the " limbic brain ", where our emotional memory is located, which conditions us in giving the same answers learned, this is the area that we must turn on, since there is our pineal gland, and the third zone, the external; It is known as NeoCortex , where creative thoughts are formed and everything related to the higher functions of Being, such as philosophy, spirituality, etc. It is the part that we must expand, creating new neural circuits thus sustaining what I define as “ Extended Present ”, a state experienced by those who left the labyrinth. I describe this same within an initiatory process, in the article the Map of initiation, You can read here.

Where do you get out of the maze?

That question contains the key to begin to outline a strategy to leave the labyrinth that keeps us trapped in duality and false promises of happiness. For this reason we must reach the center of our labyrinth (what I mentioned above as a reptilian brain) and achieve change of perspective based on instincts, stop seeing the labyrinth in 2 dimensions to see it in 3D, this happens when we manage to turn on our pineal gland, through certain exercises that allows us at the same time to balance our cerebral hemispheres. A whole battle won.

To achieve this complex step, it is necessary to see our situation from another angle, leave the scene and get on the monta a to understand where we are trapped and understand where to go from this. This was known to the shamans when they turned to the gift of the Visi n or as those of the physicians who came to the lighting managing to see the totality and not the fragments of a puzzle. We must reach that level today and Master. For this reason, the labyrinth is observed by observing it from a higher level. In other words, it goes up. For this we will have the signals that will appear and we must learn to recognize them.

And then what?

Once we manage to balance both cerebral hemispheres [logical / creative aspect], we can increase our neural circuits in the Neocortex (there are ways to achieve it in stages) this will allow us to sustain a flow of energy subtle and connect with the 4D experiencing what I call Present Extended where the Magic happens, there we will be able to cross the Bridge that leads us to the Heart, without interference, accessing a Spiral Ascending, this being a spiral or spiritual path that will allow us to climb a higher octave, towards an expanded state of consciousness, having integrated not only the cerebral hemispheres but we will have balanced our electric and magnetic energy, then we will feel that we are beginning to Walk our way back. Towards the Creative Source where we came from.

Author: Christian Franchini
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