Saint Germain tells us the meaning of life

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 I am the divine clarity that manifests on Earth 2 The meaning of life is completely individual for each person on Earth 3 Discovering the meaning of their lives consists of feeling the truth internal of each one 4 Letting go of fear, drama and isolation caused by the ego will allow them to reach a space of peace within their Being

Dear brothers, I speak to you, Saint Germain, on this day I send you not only my light but also my energy, so that you can reach both the clarity and the purification offered by the Violet and Golden Flame that covers and penetrates all your fields. I ask you to please accept with all your being the Light that I send you and allow you to come into contact with each of your farms to achieve the harmony and unification of your spiritual being, stimulating a beautiful impulse and improving the Light that lives within of you

By accepting this light, purification and clarity will fill your being and radiate energy in all directions, giving you the opportunity for the inner clarity of each one of you to wake up and reach a higher level in your consciousness.

“I am the divine clarity that manifests on Earth”

You are beings of divine clarity and I, Saint Germain, invite you to recite the following while allowing yourself to experience the light that travels around your being: " I am the divine clarity manifested on Earth ." The moment you feel that you really embody that statement, sit calmly and allow yourself to consciously observe all that you really are, that is, a divine presence capable of emanating the greatest clarity. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the great feeling that will occur at that time, even if you fail to fully understand and / or explain what you are experiencing.

By starting with this message and talking about the presence awake and aware of the inner clarity of each one of you, we have begun to discuss a really very deep matter, which deals with nothing more and nothing less than the meaning of life, since that only through the presence of internal clarity, it is possible to begin to understand what this issue is about. However, it is essential that they understand that we are talking about the meaning of life on Earth and the missions that their souls have during their earthly incarnation.

The meaning of life is completely individual for each person on Earth

It is not possible to dictate what the meaning of life is for other human beings, as well as the value and purpose of their lives. Even having the deepest connection with the Great Source, the acceptance of the earthly consciousness and the knowledge of the divine plan elaborated by the Source, it is still not possible for us to fully understand what the purpose of their souls is within this world, by It won't be easy for you to try to do it either. However, and through the connection with the Source, the acceptance of the earthly conscience and the knowledge of the divine plan, they have the possibility of recognizing what is the meaning of their personal existence on Earth, since they are beings whose spiritual exploration It allows them to dive deep into their subconscious to achieve not only divine acceptance, but also forgiveness.

Discovering the meaning of their lives is to feel the inner truth of each one

They should know that the way they understand their existence in this world, will have a strong influence on the level of meaning they give to their lives, that is, depending on the truth with which they are connected, the meaning of Their lives will be different. This is because there is a specific version for the meaning of life in their mental bodies, their emotional bodies and of course, in their physical and spiritual bodies and even in their souls and each of these versions it is subtly different and guides them towards the realization and ascension of a different aspect of their being.

However, if any of these aspects of being fail to accomplish their purpose during their incarnation, there is not only disagreement but also imbalance of their Being and also of your experiences All the versions that make up the meaning of life can be defined as pieces of a great puzzle, so each one must be arranged correctly, to complete the true meaning of life on Earth, allowing to find a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual aspect .

In order to discover the meaning of their lives, they could begin by consciously asking their mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and also their souls: What is the greatest purpose? What do you have within the earthly existence that you are experiencing? What do you want to heal and / or overcome and what is it really that you want to embody? Take the time to connect with each of these 5 aspects that make up your Being, which will give you the possibility of creating an image of clarity in your consciences, allowing you to deepen and accept your individual truth .

While this image is enlarged, both understanding and vision and even knowledge will reach a greater awakening in the Self, which will allow them to understand what the divine plan is designed especially for its existence within this world. When this happens, they may have a greater understanding of how they can be useful on Earth, of how they could use the energies they possess to heal themselves. Themselves, and how they can experience greater spiritual realization, etc.

Letting go of fear, drama and isolation caused by the ego will allow you to reach a space of peace within your Being

The moment they manage to experience a great presence of peace in their Being, especially in their ego, it will be much easier to recognize the presence of the Source in each of the aspects that make up their earthly existence. Remember that the peace of the ego is presented at the moment when the ego ceases to focus on survival and instead, focuses solely on the presence of happiness and satisfaction during earthly existence. Whenever the ego focuses on survival, it exerts a great influence on the Self and the reality that they experience being incarnated on Earth, generating experiences of suffering, challenge and pain, as well as destructive and negative thoughts and feelings, since at perceive the ego from daily survival, neglect the truth and distract from the true meaning of their lives. This is the reason why they should understand the ego from happiness, especially if they want to discover the meaning of their lives.

Today, I, Saint Germain, invite you to focus on your happiness and not on your survival, so that you can achieve and recognize your presence of clarity and ego function is no longer accurate. Likewise, I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to receive this message and deciding to work alongside the beings of light that are around you, with the purpose of reaching the ascension of humanity and your world.

Come to me when you feel lost and wish to return to the path of spiritual ascension, I will be there to guide you with love and blessings.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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