Saint Germain, Magic exists in your heart - Cristina Di Martino Channeling

  • 2013

Cristina: Why are you here? From the beginning you are here and you have not wanted me to introduce you at the beginning. He laughs

Saint Germain: I'm coming to tell you something. Actually everyone, or most of those who are here, knows the function of the Violet Flame.

But the Violet Flame now has a much higher function. The Violet Flame transforms into a Cosmic Violet Flame.

This Flame means that everything can be transformed so that the new Land of Love and Unity can be created.

And you know what? We are in the time of the Transformation, this Transformation that has to be done in you so that you can be a Divine Human, and this is not done from one day to another, it has to do with an internal work, the internal work from Love.

It has to do with forgiving, forgiving you, it has to do with observing you and observing what you do in each moment, it has to do with many things, many things from Love.

Everyone is here to transform.

Everyone is here to be reborn from a chrysalis, and transform into a beautiful butterfly, which is the Divine Human. That's why I'm here today and I bring this Violet Flame.

And I bring it to flood all those who are here with this Flame, so that this transformation can take place.

Lives after lives, many of those who are here, are waiting for that Transformation, and this is the moment.

I come because this moment is the moment of the Golden Age, of the Age of Christ within your heart, and I come to tell you: do not let this moment pass. It is a moment of internal transformation,

This is a moment of inner love.

If you miss this moment, you let the transformation cycle go by, and it will take many years for a new cycle to begin again.

That is why today I am here, and full of Happiness, with this beautiful Flame, passing them to all of you. ”

Cristina: He's like ... I can't explain, because it's like he presents himself multidimensionally.

He passes the Flame, and it is as if it multiplies, and passes them all together in the same place and at the same time. He is in one place, but he is in all.

Cristina: Saint Germain, I thank you ..

Saint Germain: “Girl, thank you from above, all the Hierarchy, to all who are here, because they dared that this could happen. They are here trying to transform themselves, into an internal work, some little by little and others very fast, but all trying to transform. That is why I bless you all. ”

Cristina: And he takes out a handkerchief, a handkerchief that is violet, a small handkerchief.

Open that handkerchief, and it is transformed as if it were magic, it is transformed and drops from it fall into each of us. And that handkerchief flies, and when flying upstairs a violet white dove appears, wearing that handkerchief from which droplets fall, I ask:

What are those drops? Tells me…

Saint Germain: “An elixir of transformation. Do not forget that I was also Merlin, and that Magic exists within each one. ”

Cristina: Beautiful ...

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Saint Germain, Magic exists in your heart - Cristina Di Martino Channeling

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