Sagittarius: I see, I reach that goal and then I see another

  • 2011

Best regards!!

Both independently, and humanity itself, we are experiencing an accelerated process that keeps our attention alert.

In the Equinox of Aries, from that Zero of Aries, in which the fighting energies that he always manifests in his first Mars stage, as Exotic Regent and Mercury as Esoteric Regent through of the marked action of Harmony and Conflict, a cycle of reactions began, the result of which is almost dizzying if we observe the movements of the African Spring, the movement of awakening of young people from all over the world in their sense of indignation above all of how obsolete and castrating the future presents them, as well as the fall of leaders who seemed untouchable.

They are really new goals that open to millions of beings!

It represents an awakening of the sleeping mass and a search for one's identity. This process is totally necessary, so that the following developments can be formed that will lead to a different awakening, this time towards inner evolution.

Scorpio has motivated, has ignited with even more energy, what started in Aries. Scorpio always kills to be reborn and in such a deep Sign where Uranus, the liberator of all oppression is exalted, a change of the values ​​that are part of the axis of Taurus-Scorpio is demanded by mankind.

Economy, politics, education ... all the columns that contribute to the birth of a new consciousness are being questioned !!

All these processes have possibly lightened our luggage more than we believe in everything that is not necessary for us and, in the event that we do not understand it, Pluto from the fortress of Capricorn will make the determination, both globally and individually, preparing to receive the message and energy of one of the most beautiful and free Signs of the Zodiac; Sagittarius.

Jupiter, its Exoteric Regent is in Taurus, influencing the protection of values, in all the broad sense that these values ​​represent.

Press with force to one of the ruling estates; to the Bank, to the new way of treating and understanding one of the most powerful energies in the world; the money.

Undoubtedly, within the chaos that we are living in that aspect, there are disciples with a new magnetism and a new way of understanding that tremendous power.

There is an Earth Plan. Let us not forget, however, that the time within that Plan is not as fast as human beings we would like.

There are two important meanings that move and although in different dimensions, they offer the same opportunity and responsibility, when we talk about Sagittarius, since the entire Mutable Cross moves and in this case, Gemini especially for its power in the word.

The importance and quality of the word, of the language we use when speaking and especially when thinking, since that is the way in which we intimately allow the soul to communicate with us.

If we continually express our contempt towards politicians, towards those who commit scams that practically hurt, towards those who manipulate, unfortunately we are giving an indescribable force to that negative power or way of acting.

It does not mean that we have no opinion, but trying to make them from that difficult, but necessary "indifference."

The gift of the mind is one of the greatest gifts that only the Human kingdom possesses, being also one of its greatest responsibilities.

It may seem childish, but if for every time we emit our disagreement, two more, we send light and help so that clarity and light could reach the centers where decisions are made that affect us, so that that force of our thinking acts on the minds of those who lead, wouldn't it be possible that all this had an effect?

From the Works of Hercules, tremendous importance is attached to the unbearable noise with which certain birds tormented the people of the village to madness.

That same torment is the one that uncontrolled thinking, doubts, criticisms, fears and emotions, are emitted from the personality and move away to our authentic Being.

The intensity of the times we are living, are increased with the aforementioned energies received from Scorpio and collected by Sagittarius, to revitalize the unstoppable awakening of Humanity.

6th - Mars emanating its Sixth Ray as Hierarchical Regent in Sagittarius,

You can achieve devotion and balanced idealism.

5th - Lightning. Mind controlled in projects valid for the whole.

4th - Lightning. Need, strength provided by fire to get the much needed

right relationships.

2nd ray. Exoteric ruler of Jupiter emanating Love-Wisdom.

3rd ray. Esoteric Regent Earth and the challenge of an increasingly more mind


They are really times, experiences and energies so that everyone as Humanity can move forward, be helped and get help. These are moments of joining in prayer, in an intimate and shared feeling of love and altruism.

Jupiter represents all the humanistic and philosophical background that we have achieved cycle after cycle, expressing itself through the need for communication with other beings.

Anyone who understands the importance of communication feels joy when the month of Sagittarius arrives.

With more or less, you are all on the path of spiritual search and this is a month not to miss a single day.

Each of the Twelve Houses have a special interest in our life, all of them are essential parts of our interior and of our external experiences, they are Mansions of the Soul, but perhaps House Nine can show us, the wide avenue through which the messages of the Soul.

Sagittarius is especially the House of the Soul; In it we find our desires for authenticity, for the joy of living both everyday life, and what we consider as special.

That is one of the reasons that this month is so special. In all of us a Nine House is vibrant under the Sign, but with the underlying energy of Sagittarius. On everyone's subject, Jupiter is located and from the House where it emits its strong energy, it is talking about House Nine and Sagittarius.

Can we in the total silence of the soul, visualize those three aspects that are in Sagittarius?

-Centauro ... duality adhered and fused

-Archer ... not attached.

-The Bow and the Arrow… Liberation and centralization

The beauty between the Centaur and the White Horse, indicates that the latter has become a wise, obedient and receptive vehicle to the Soul. He should no longer make the Centaur go back again to collect and understand the arrows emitted with enthusiasm but without the necessary maturity. How many and how beautiful meanings it is to visualize the image of a brilliant White Horse. The feeling of purity and light accompanies that vision, motivated by different meanings. The slow evolution of the human being in the search and longing for these two qualities mentioned, can be intuited in the experiences as Centaur, later as Archer and in the understanding of the divine energy of Sagittarius, such as Bow and Arrow.

The Fire of Sagittarius and the Air of Gemini, are a kind gesture for a greater opportunity for communication in all areas of our lives.

Readings, books, editorials, projects to capture in a book, the concerns that the Soul emits ... all this takes on greater power this month.

The Moons in Sagittarius, not yet the Fire, its ideal Element, usually have a great depth, a strong love for teaching and ease in transferring what you feel inside.

Shamballa, The Hierarchy, The Masters and His blessed activity can reach more than at other times those who transit or wish to do so, along the Path.

From the heart.


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