Angelic Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Empowered

  • 2015

You are powerful

It is time to realize your true power and that it is safe for you to feel empowered. You are born with a natural power that is often repressed or reduced, and now it is time to show this strength, nurture it, and watch it grow. Expand to fulfill your full potential and keep powerful visions of yourself. You are surrounded by energy and magical opportunities. Find the inner wisdom that allows you to heal, grow and let go of any unwanted patterns. Hold the intention to see and feel your inner Divine Light and feel your Divine Light and your goodness, and then consciously choose to see this light in everyone around you.

Your Angels can help you let go of any relentless thoughts, feelings and energy, which do not forgive, about you and your life, and can elevate you to greater compassion and peace. Ask your Angels for help and they will help you and inspire you to raise your consciousness and live on a higher level of being and understanding.

He states: “ I am powerful . I believe in myself and in my abilities more and more, and as I do I become a more powerful source of creativity, love, and inspiration. ”

And so it is

You are very loved and always supported, the Angels

AUTHOR: Sharon Taphorn


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